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The Powerful Resource of Marketing

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 services have allowed businesses, entrepreneurs and advertisers of all sizes to equally capitalize on this powerful resource.

With the average person looking at their phone 150 times a day, SMS messages are read within five seconds of being received.

This means marketers can be very specific about targeting individuals at the right place and time. can help you get started. All you need is a simple message of 160 characters or less and a database of numbers to send it to.

The fact that it’s short makes you focus solely on the main point.

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Effective Ideas to Boost your Business during Christmas

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

1. Set up a Christmas SMS Instant Win

Everyone loves gifts. Why not making your customers happy for Christmas with an Instant Win game? All you need to do is to place a QR Code on your end of year wishes, and link it to your Instant Win game.

2. Send a coupon via SMS

SMS is the best channel for you: 98% of SMS messages are read! And coupons are always efficient to catch the consumer’s attention. A great idea to boost your business for Christmas is to mix SMS and coupons.

3. Help your customers in their choices

Your customers may need some advice for their Christmas shopping. Give them some good tips with conveniently located QR Codes or NFC tags. For example: “In this section, find the perfect Christmas gift for women age 18 to 30. Enjoy!”

4. Thank your customers after their purchase

Show your customers some gratitude. After a purchase, why don’t you send them a message to say thank you, and give them fresh news (VIP sales for example)?

5. Collect customer feedbacks

It is crucial to know what your clients think about your brand. You can easily collect their feedback with a mobile survey. y analysing the content of their answers, you will find solutions for improvement. Christmas is the perfect time to pick your New Year’s resolutions!


SMS Marketing is the Best Way to Engage Consumers

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Businesses around the world this day uses “SMS Marketing” incentivize consumer to further engage with the brand and become more connected across multiple channels.

SMS becomes a truly interactive medium of push and pull to deliver information, tips, coupons, alerts and rewards, or engross consumers with karaoke, contests, surveys, and trivia

A savvy marketer will go even further and insist that customer experiences be scaled up or down depending on a user’s device type, communicating with feature phone operators more simplistically and to smartphone shoppers with added layers of complexity that capitalize on their operating system’s capabilities.

Moreover, with each exchange, a brand can collect additional nuggets of valuable customer data, permitting greater understanding of the individual to increasingly offer enhanced targeting.

SMS offers marketers a channel to not only start a conversation with customers, but to gain additional insights from a connected and engaged audience.

Schools embrace bulk SMS

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Schools have been one of the most proactive bodies to embrace and effectively implement mass SMS services as part of their means of communicating with school children, alumni and staff. The UK education system has been a particular innovator in this field. They have embraced the mobile phone technology instead of trying to fight it.

It is clear that every student has a mobile phone. It is also clear that pretty much all students keep their mobile phones switched on throughout the day at school, despite being told otherwise. So, clever professors in the UK decided to implement this technology as a formal tool.

Fire drills, assembly, gatherings and general announcements are no longer simply printed in the school newspaper, but rather are disseminated in short burst (with referring web addresses) to parents, teachers and students.

But what has been the cost to the school?

Schools have found that for simple fee of 6.2 cents / minute with they can send out and reach over 1 000 school children (who subscribed to the program) and ALL of their parents instantly. All confirmed receipt of the message and confirmed having read it also. Impressive.

An account set up with allows you to easily customise your message, add and search contacts and send the SMS for extraordinarily cheap prices. Carnivals, emergencies, interviews and schedules are now easily conveyed to staff and parents for next to nothing.

Future of bulk SMS in schools

It is clear from the recent success in the United Kingdom, that this sort of technology will be invaluable to the success, respect and mutual cooperation within all spheres of education. But the best part of the story is that public and private schools alike can afford to take advantage of this technology. All that is needed is some bravery, a PC and 5 minutes of your time.