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Switching to Bulk SMS Service in order Reach larger Mobile Audiences

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

More people around the world may be ditching their feature phones and upgrading to smartphones. However, most people are still using basic feature phones.

In the past month, many companies have started using text messages to reach the larger percentage of the global population that has access to text message technology.

A marketing company has polled a group of people in the suburban community and realized that only 5% of the community had access to the internet.

Therefore emails were not getting to their audience fast enough. By switching to text messages they are now able to reach 98% members in the community.

Another association made the switched to text messages in order to make communication easier, according to the company; texting is easier for people to voice their thoughts instead of speaking over the phone. More than 75% of the entire population in the world has access to a mobile phone.

For these companies and many others, the easiest way to reach a larger global audience was by using an accessible mobile technology.

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Bulk SMS Service can be Use for Various Purposes

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

SMS Service is a platform where you can send customised messages to several group or single recipient. Addressing your customer personally with an SMS is a good marketing strategy but the question that is asked is how to do it in a large scale, the answer is Bulk SMS Service. The technology is already there to address more than 1000 mobile phones at one instance.

The most important aspect from a company point of view these days of economic down turn the costs, are minimal. Not even 1% of what you spend on a TV commercial but the effect is very much more than that of a TV advertisement.

Bulk SMS Service can be used for various purposes

1. For invitation: Such as Wedding ceremonies, Birthdays, Social clubs, Seminars, Church or Business meetings and a lot more.

2. Advertising/Marketing: Most of the people use mobile phones. With bulk sms you can be able to reach a large audience with your goods and services.

To set about the task of sending bulk SMS is a very simple one. You need only a computer with an internet connection. Anyone who has little knowledge of computers could use it.
Next thing you need is the list of your customers’ telephone numbers on an excel sheet.

Using the Bulk SMS Service, you have the possibility to send a message to all those telephone numbers with just a few clicks and all of them will receive the message within in a minute most probably.

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