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Bulk Business SMS

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The world of marketing has changed. It is now imperative to maintain constant and convenient contact with your target audience and market to be successful and competitive. An easy an inexpensive way to do this is by using bulk SMS messages to keep in contact with your subscription base of customers, work force, patrons, colleagues or even school children.

There are many expensive ways to send out bulk SMS messages, such as POS (point of sale) integrations, or you could pay as little as $0.062 AUD / sms (compared to about 40 cents from regular sms providers) from .

Now you can check out more of the business benefits of using this sms service by going to /business-sms . However, the main benefit is speed! All you have to do is sign up, which literally takes 3 minutes, search your contacts, type your message, and you can be done in under 10 minutes.

Think about this. If you were to place an ad in the paper, or send out a mailing list, there is no guarantee that the person would actually read the advertisement. However, research has shown that 99% of people in the Western World regularly check and completely read their SMS messages! That means you are guaranteed that your ad will be seen.

The other great thing about the bulk SMS service is that if the client decides to opt out, they can by sending a short SMS “stop” back. That simple. Because they have subscribed to the services however, they are likely to want to know what is going on, and appreciate a personal way of keeping contact. This is particularly the case with club and pub patrons.

We have had a great deal of positive feedback from small businesses, schools and even governments from our system. It is one of the only forms of marketing that guarantees eyes on the ads, and once that is accomplished, ROI is easily observed. Try bulk SMS services for yourself.