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Bulk SMS advantages

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

What are the most common ways to keep in touch with a client?

Phone calls – which are deathly annoying and are met with hostility,

Emails – that are deleted within seconds or automatically transitioned into the SPAM folder, and

Snail Mail – which is discarded as soon as it is evident that the mail is not addressed or specific.

Short of door knocking or abducting a person off the street, chances are, you ate not likely to grab their attention for long enough to see you ad, and what you have to offer. But what if they were already interested enough to hand you over a business card, or sign up to a mailing list. In that case, you could easily and legally send them personalised SMS updates from a bulk SMS service such as

SMS is considered to be a spam free mode of communication as compared to email. The delivery of a SMS is more certain than an email which may land up as a junk mail.

Advantages of Targeted Bulk SMS

  • Issue critical safety or precautionary alerts to company personelle, school children and staff. In the 2009 Australian Bush Fires, the NSW and VIC state governments effectively used this bulk SMS service to save lives and warn people of imminent dangers.
  • Send vital information to key customers or suppliers. No need to worry about SPAM filters or junk mail folders. Very labor un-intensive.
  • Send annual or seasonal greetings and wishes to you clients to establish a personal relationship and bond with them.
  • Effective way to deliver offers. People who subscribe WANT to get your offers. They will keep and remember your SMS offers.

SMS can be used to send a message to a large number of people at a time (say over 1000) from a list of contacts or to all the users within a particular area. This service is called broadcasting and is used by companies to contact groups of employees or by online services to distribute news and other information to subscribers.


  1. Send multiple text messages to multiple mailing lists from your PC.
  2. Recipient mobile number can be entered manually or bulk uploaded using excel/csv.
  3. Bulk messaging software is secure. No data will be shared.
  4. No technical training or skills are required to understand the software.
  5. Instant delivery of messages
  6. Get the marketing edge on those competitors of yours who are not using this type of advertising yet.
  7. Track your returns easily.
  8. Cost effective mode of communication