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Effective Ideas to Boost your Business during Christmas

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

1. Set up a Christmas SMS Instant Win

Everyone loves gifts. Why not making your customers happy for Christmas with an Instant Win game? All you need to do is to place a QR Code on your end of year wishes, and link it to your Instant Win game.

2. Send a coupon via SMS

SMS is the best channel for you: 98% of SMS messages are read! And coupons are always efficient to catch the consumer’s attention. A great idea to boost your business for Christmas is to mix SMS and coupons.

3. Help your customers in their choices

Your customers may need some advice for their Christmas shopping. Give them some good tips with conveniently located QR Codes or NFC tags. For example: “In this section, find the perfect Christmas gift for women age 18 to 30. Enjoy!”

4. Thank your customers after their purchase

Show your customers some gratitude. After a purchase, why don’t you send them a message to say thank you, and give them fresh news (VIP sales for example)?

5. Collect customer feedbacks

It is crucial to know what your clients think about your brand. You can easily collect their feedback with a mobile survey. y analysing the content of their answers, you will find solutions for improvement. Christmas is the perfect time to pick your New Year’s resolutions!


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

SMS lists can be built in the same way as email lists. Online merchants will want to include opt-in offers on-site and encourage shoppers to join by offering discounts, special offers, or even rewards.

For example, when a shopper is checking out, a store may offer a $1 off coupon code for joining an SMS list. The customer enters a valid mobile phone number, and the coupon code is sent via text messages for use on the current purchase.

In general, SMS marketing will likely take one of three common forms: coupons, discounts, surveys or reminders.

Coupons or discounts: Text message coupons are simply offers that shoppers receive on their mobile phones as SMS messages. The coupon may be a reward for joining the SMS list by texting something like “join” to a specific number or as a motivation to get shoppers to visit the site. The message should include the coupon code and a link to a landing page.

Surveys: Surveys are a direct way to get feedback from shoppers.

Reminders: Reminders come in many forms. For example, a merchant that sells gift baskets could offer a texting reminder service that notified customers of upcoming birthday, anniversaries, or similar.

SMS marketing is relatively unproven for ecommerce but the size of the potential audience, the ease of clicking on a link in a text message, and the various way to engage shoppers, seems to make SMS an intriguing channel for ecommerce marketers. SMS for Business

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

The world today is interconnected within the World Wide Web. From traditional mass media, the business sphere has in fact evolved into being almost fully dependent on the Internet. Whether simply connecting with people via email, hosting a company website or selling products, almost every business venture has indeed benefited from the wonders of the Internet. And just when you think all avenues have been exhausted, 160 flags a set of web services that will definitely be useful to entrepreneurs the world over. And it all starts with one simple SMS.

A Simple, Marvelous Technology

The SMS without a doubt is one of the greatest inventions of the century. Sent from mobile phones at a cheap cost, it helped us make business communications much more convenient and much faster. And bringing SMS into the web platform is just plain ingenious. It’s basically combining two groundbreaking technologies that offer wonderful features that still abide by the rules of simplicity. Now, how can that not be amazing?

Highest Grade at Lowest Cost

160 prides itself as being one of the major SMS-Web infrastructures available in Australia. Building connections with key carriers such as Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, Three and Virgin Mobile, 160 is one of the portals that you can rely on for all your communication needs domestically.  They also offer competitive rates, starting from 7.9c for standard SMS. So when you need to send a message to your employees or set meetings with your clientele, 160 offers reliable services that won’t put much weight on your accounting books.

International Connections

The trend in businesses today is going global. And the amazing thing about this trend is it wouldn’t take much to do it. That’s just how wonderful the Internet is. It shrunk our efforts into the minute comforts of our computer desk and yet exploded our reach throughout the humongous globe. 160 understands the value of this benefit and that is why they’ve worked on establishing partnerships with 588 networks in 182 countries. With 160’s extensive International coverage, there’s really no reason anymore for your business not to attempt to grow globally.

Valuable Perks

160 also offers other features that are beneficial to entrepreneurs. To help you save time and to make every click you make efficient, you can send bulk messages to up to 1,000 people at one time. You also won’t need to worry since the system will give you notifications and reports regarding your message deliveries. They’ve also spent time in developing nifty features in their address book to help you manage your communications network.

With all these features, 160 is promising when it comes to helping you make the most out of your business venture. And to top the cake off, 160 will also offer you 100% free trial upon signing up. You can even extend the trial period for no additional cost. Now that’s real good customer service that your business venture deserves. I say, give it a try. Overcoming the Competitive Edge

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Various technical disciplines contribute economically to the mass media evolution and growth. The mass media in turn influence people in their environment as well as provides egalitarianism in the modern world. Today’s fierce competition and economically advancing experiences is a dominant force for to keep up obligations of supporting transfer of informing and influencing people’s emotional needs.

At present, sending SMS (Short Message Services) from the Internet browser is vital due to the freedom accorded in availing wider and faster social coverage. shall fight to ensure maximum use of the highly adopted mobile technology in the mass market by availing the free services of text messaging. To support virtual transfer of the multiple mass messages, the company offers guidance for clients. Brief and customer care services for assistance straight-to-the-point stipulated guidance are therefore, available online at all time. Customer care services enable client to make analysis and choose the best service that offers maximum benefits.

The company also provides the client with extra hearty but easy to use application architecture that other competitors lack. The reliability and supportive technology provided by the company also enhances user’s comfort and easiness during usage. The main aim of this company is to provide the user with a platform that supports quick, cost effective and reliable means of communication through sending bulky text messages with ease. lays its emphasis upon provision of user-friendly and reliable interfaces, which enables clients to reach out to the masses effortlessly.

The user interfaces in site pages are equally accommodative and therefore the company is a good choice for development especially among corporate entities as well as individuals. appreciates the fact that electronic mails are today a critical commodity; therefore the company enforces measures to ensure the clients do not miss the important massages through its educative programmes on the procedures of uploading important mails to their mobile phones. Ability to sign up for mail services free of charge through provides the platform for responding to email alert through the handsets, and ability to reply to urgent mails at a lightning speed.

The ability to use short codes is extremely important for enterprises and companies dealing with production and forth is reason; provides this essential facility where the short codes represent the short numbers such as the trunk codes used in the telephony industries for easy control and delivery of text messages. This means that, unlike other competing companies, is able to assist enterprises in getting and sending updates or latest business news instantly. They are also able to advertise products to potential clients in a wider audience through a system that alleviate lengthy procedures. Attaining an economical reasonable edge over potential competitors is therefore a common strategy within

Creating an SMS Campaign

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

SMS bulk messaging: a great tool for any business, but if you do not use it correctly, then you risk wasting time, money and losing opportunity, loyalty, brand and potentially getting yourself into some pretty nasty legal situations.

SMS is a very personal and direct medium, without considering carefully the content, delivery and calls to action in your message you could serve as an irritant and nothing more. In 160 characters, you can either convince someone to buy from you, or anger them into unsubscription. However if you do it well SMS can become a powerful and well regarded part of your marketing strategy.

1. Display who you are:

Many people forget this most basic of information. There are a couple of ways to do this:

a) Set up the caller ID to be a name up to 11 characters (no spaces). The problem is that it is not a number so recipients cannot reply to it and you still have to have an opt-out method in your message. An opt out message is important, so you will have to spend characters on providing an alternate number for opting out. Your message might look like this.


From: Pub Special


Patron get 50% off all drinks before 7pm

Friday Night at Kelly’s.

100 George Street, Sydney.

Opt-out SMS STOP to 040506060


b) The alternative is to use the opt-out number as the caller ID. You then must remember to put the company name in the message. eg.


From: +040507070884


All Staff to Meeting Area

Bring your laptops

From the boss

Opt-out reply STOP


With this method the message is slightly shorter and it is easier for the recipient to opt-out. Over time this will generate less complaints and be more positive for your brand. However, if like in the example you chose to use it a source of information for staff, especially those staff with work paid phones, you may be able to avoid the “öpt-out” line.

2. Add A Call To Action

Customers must always see a point to a message. An attractive offer or opportunity to justify the time spent reading the SMS.


From: +61429705882


Bring a friend and get free entry.

Special offers for couple at the Retro Inn.

Interested? REPLY YES

Opt-out reply STOP


You can also add URL’s to mobile web pages, google maps, mobile video and even application downloads, this is particularly powerful for Iphones. Use a URL shortener to fit in a larger url into your SMS.


From: 040505958585


Get your free t-shirt online at

Opt-out reply STOP


3. Try nt 2 use SMS spk!

Shortening words and funky acronyms are used by people with no keyboard. Many marketers to use this language to save characters or ‘connect with Gen Y’. It is much better to speak in simple plain proper English. When marketing you need people to read and understand a short succinct message quickly, they don’t need to be deciphering some kind of code.

Treat mobile numbers with respect, they aren’t like email addresses that people can recreate instantly, people only have one. They can’t just give you a purposely setup one just for collecting spam. They make a conscious decision to trust you with this data and should you abuse it you will be opted out and never be given the opportunity again. Australia particularly has very stringent SPAM laws, and international SPAM laws could also land you into some hot water if you abuse your power.

So be responsible, accurate, succinct and intelligent with your SMS campaigns- and you will not fail.

Bulk Business SMS

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The world of marketing has changed. It is now imperative to maintain constant and convenient contact with your target audience and market to be successful and competitive. An easy an inexpensive way to do this is by using bulk SMS messages to keep in contact with your subscription base of customers, work force, patrons, colleagues or even school children.

There are many expensive ways to send out bulk SMS messages, such as POS (point of sale) integrations, or you could pay as little as $0.062 AUD / sms (compared to about 40 cents from regular sms providers) from .

Now you can check out more of the business benefits of using this sms service by going to /business-sms . However, the main benefit is speed! All you have to do is sign up, which literally takes 3 minutes, search your contacts, type your message, and you can be done in under 10 minutes.

Think about this. If you were to place an ad in the paper, or send out a mailing list, there is no guarantee that the person would actually read the advertisement. However, research has shown that 99% of people in the Western World regularly check and completely read their SMS messages! That means you are guaranteed that your ad will be seen.

The other great thing about the bulk SMS service is that if the client decides to opt out, they can by sending a short SMS “stop” back. That simple. Because they have subscribed to the services however, they are likely to want to know what is going on, and appreciate a personal way of keeping contact. This is particularly the case with club and pub patrons.

We have had a great deal of positive feedback from small businesses, schools and even governments from our system. It is one of the only forms of marketing that guarantees eyes on the ads, and once that is accomplished, ROI is easily observed. Try bulk SMS services for yourself.