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SMS is Important in our Society

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

SMS have continued to be important in our society in a form of email, social media and instant messaging platforms.

According to an internet psychologist, text messages are faster than a call, remains both deeply personal while also practical and is still the preferred messaging method globally.

The technology is also available across any mobile phone, reliable, and faster since more people tend to check their text messages more than social media sites.

Among the many text message statistics the surprising finding is that men text more than women. Experts suggest that they see text messaging as functional ways to deliver short messages.

It’s also why women might not want to get into a conversation via text. They would prefer a deeper conversations, which is why they might send longer messages than men. SMS is likely to remain popular for years to come for the reason that is simply universal. This is why we still rely on and still love SMS Messaging.

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SMS Marketing is the Best Way to Engage Consumers

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Businesses around the world this day uses “SMS Marketing” incentivize consumer to further engage with the brand and become more connected across multiple channels.

SMS becomes a truly interactive medium of push and pull to deliver information, tips, coupons, alerts and rewards, or engross consumers with karaoke, contests, surveys, and trivia

A savvy marketer will go even further and insist that customer experiences be scaled up or down depending on a user’s device type, communicating with feature phone operators more simplistically and to smartphone shoppers with added layers of complexity that capitalize on their operating system’s capabilities.

Moreover, with each exchange, a brand can collect additional nuggets of valuable customer data, permitting greater understanding of the individual to increasingly offer enhanced targeting.

SMS offers marketers a channel to not only start a conversation with customers, but to gain additional insights from a connected and engaged audience.