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5 Modern Club SMS marketing techniques

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
  • Have you opened up a new club?
  • Perhaps you own/run an existing club with waning patronage?
  • Looking to kick start the activity and sales?

Here is a simple 5 step SMS solution:

Step 1: Get people to sign in at the door

Once you get young people to sign in at the door, you get their email address, their name and their mobile number. You can legally use their mobile numbers to send them relevant advertising and offers as they have in effect subscribed to them, by offering you their contact details.

Step 2: Transfer the data to a spreadsheet

Once you have this information on file, you can easily export it into a number of newsletter and bulk sms service. The best of these is .

Step 3: Create an offer

Bulk SMS involves using clever tricks to track return on investment. The best of which is giving patrons a discount by showing the SMS at the door, or a free drink or any other carrot which can be dangled to get them back into the premises. A free drink has often times been found to be effective, as many tend to continue to buy drinks throughout the night. If you get the customers in at the right time, you can also ensure that your venue will be THE venue for the rest of the night.

Step 4: Login to

Login to, insert your offer, add your contacts, and off you go. You can send SMS to hundreds or thousands of relevant sources. You can get them to message you back to find out more. With , you can grow your online database over time and store contacts.

Step 5: Simple tracking

Ensure the bar tender or bouncer makes a note of how many people got into the club or took advantage of the offer via SMS. Look at your books and see whether the ROI is there. It will be.

You can use an interactive SMS marketing campaign to maximise your return on investment. It is the most cost effective method of modern marketing. Keeping in touch with your prospective and existing customer is very important if you want to stay in business in the long run.