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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Bulk SMS Service can be Use for Various Purposes

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

SMS Service is a platform where you can send customised messages to several group or single recipient. Addressing your customer personally with an SMS is a good marketing strategy but the question that is asked is how to do it in a large scale, the answer is Bulk SMS Service. The technology is already there to address more than 1000 mobile phones at one instance.

The most important aspect from a company point of view these days of economic down turn the costs, are minimal. Not even 1% of what you spend on a TV commercial but the effect is very much more than that of a TV advertisement.

Bulk SMS Service can be used for various purposes

1. For invitation: Such as Wedding ceremonies, Birthdays, Social clubs, Seminars, Church or Business meetings and a lot more.

2. Advertising/Marketing: Most of the people use mobile phones. With bulk sms you can be able to reach a large audience with your goods and services.

To set about the task of sending bulk SMS is a very simple one. You need only a computer with an internet connection. Anyone who has little knowledge of computers could use it.
Next thing you need is the list of your customers’ telephone numbers on an excel sheet.

Using the Bulk SMS Service, you have the possibility to send a message to all those telephone numbers with just a few clicks and all of them will receive the message within in a minute most probably.

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Bulk SMS Service makes the Difference in Business Communication

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Users are always on the lookout for companies that offer cost effective and quality services. Everyone wants to avail of the best and latest in technology.

Companies, which adopt new applications to provide their services, always stand in the first position to get the largest number of clients to serve.

Communication using Bulk SMS service makes it easy for the sender to get his message across to thousands of clients in few seconds. A message can convey time of the meeting to all employees at the same time, not one can say that they were not informed.

All SMS are tracked, delivery of the message are confirmed for their being delivered. Messaging company is an expert in sending messages through a SMS gateway.

SMS sending of text messages is carried by API Server. Messaging channel is from personal computer to the mobiles. There are API SMS Gateways for multiple messages.

With messages as means of communication, business becomes streamlined. Personalized messages to staff and consumers build relationships. Get yourself a message sending company’s services for better prospects in all spheres of life.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Gong Xi Fat Cai

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Bulk SMS the most Productive Tool Used by Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

SMS is the best way to communicate with people on a wider scale. It is something that can be regarded as the best available option with people nowadays which can help them to communicate with their near and dear ones in a very easy manner.

It is the best and the cheapest ways of sending messages to a large number of people. There are many people who also use the Service of messages to send international SMS.

Bulk SMS serves as a channel to advertising for a number of users who are not very well to do but have a craving to publicize themselves. It can also be seen that it is very important for many to send SMS international for the purpose of getting in contact with their near ones staying away from them.

The first and foremost advantage of the bulk sms is that it is timeless. It instantly reaches and motivates millions of people and has a timeliness that is incomparable to TV and the voluminous newspaper. The flexibility that it provides also speaks about the appropriateness of bulk sms to a great extent.

Its content and quantity can be managed easily. It is also much targeted as it is send to those are really willing to get the service and hence can generate huge revenue. The best part of this service is that it is very cheap and low on cost. It helps the businesses to save a large amount of advertising expenses which can otherwise be used in other productive work.

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The Importance of SMS Service Reminder

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

If your business deals with customer appointments then you should already be using an SMS reminder service to remind your customers of their appointments.

Online reminder services make scheduling SMS text reminders easy and affordable. SMS appointment reminders are just one of many ways you can use an SMS online service.

Bulk SMS is a personal and effective communication tool that businesses can use to let their customers know about special promotions or any other business related news.

Your online SMS reminder service will let you either send out your bulk SMS messages instantly, or schedule them to go out at a future date. You could even upload the recipients with a spreadsheet, saving you from typing in them all in.

The most common way businesses use text reminder services is for appointment reminders. Text reminders are proven to be the most effective way to reduce missed appointments, making them invaluable to all businesses that deal with customer appointments.

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Ways to use SMS Marketing to your Next Event

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Below are 10 easy ways you can use SMS marketing to create a better event experience for your spectators and your event:

1. Get your spectator excites to attend your event with a text message reminder.

2. Text a link for directions to your event location or after-event hot spot.

3. Send workshop to spectators a link to educational materials from a speaker. Text them after the speech.

4. Allow your spectators to text comments and messages onto your projection screen.

5. Ask guest to give to your cause via your text 2 donate campaign.

6. Give your spectators a chance to win prizes by texting to enter a contest.

7. Get feedback on your event or other issues by conducting a text message poll or survey.

8. Text mobile coupons that can be redeemed with your event sponsors.

9. Sign up spectators for your email list by having them text in their email address.

10. After your event, text a “thank you” message, your spectators will feel that their presence is greatly appreciated.

Sign up now for a free trial! 160 SMS will assist you on your SMS mobile Marketing.

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Bulk SMS advantages

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

What are the most common ways to keep in touch with a client?

Phone calls – which are deathly annoying and are met with hostility,

Emails – that are deleted within seconds or automatically transitioned into the SPAM folder, and

Snail Mail – which is discarded as soon as it is evident that the mail is not addressed or specific.

Short of door knocking or abducting a person off the street, chances are, you ate not likely to grab their attention for long enough to see you ad, and what you have to offer. But what if they were already interested enough to hand you over a business card, or sign up to a mailing list. In that case, you could easily and legally send them personalised SMS updates from a bulk SMS service such as

SMS is considered to be a spam free mode of communication as compared to email. The delivery of a SMS is more certain than an email which may land up as a junk mail.

Advantages of Targeted Bulk SMS

  • Issue critical safety or precautionary alerts to company personelle, school children and staff. In the 2009 Australian Bush Fires, the NSW and VIC state governments effectively used this bulk SMS service to save lives and warn people of imminent dangers.
  • Send vital information to key customers or suppliers. No need to worry about SPAM filters or junk mail folders. Very labor un-intensive.
  • Send annual or seasonal greetings and wishes to you clients to establish a personal relationship and bond with them.
  • Effective way to deliver offers. People who subscribe WANT to get your offers. They will keep and remember your SMS offers.

SMS can be used to send a message to a large number of people at a time (say over 1000) from a list of contacts or to all the users within a particular area. This service is called broadcasting and is used by companies to contact groups of employees or by online services to distribute news and other information to subscribers.


  1. Send multiple text messages to multiple mailing lists from your PC.
  2. Recipient mobile number can be entered manually or bulk uploaded using excel/csv.
  3. Bulk messaging software is secure. No data will be shared.
  4. No technical training or skills are required to understand the software.
  5. Instant delivery of messages
  6. Get the marketing edge on those competitors of yours who are not using this type of advertising yet.
  7. Track your returns easily.
  8. Cost effective mode of communication