Switching to Bulk SMS Service in order Reach larger Mobile Audiences

May 5th, 2016

160 Sms 45 300x300 Switching to Bulk SMS Service in order Reach larger Mobile AudiencesMore people around the world may be ditching their feature phones and upgrading to smartphones. However, most people are still using basic feature phones.

In the past month, many companies have started using text messages to reach the larger percentage of the global population that has access to text message technology.

A marketing company has polled a group of people in the suburban community and realized that only 5% of the community had access to the internet.

Therefore emails were not getting to their audience fast enough. By switching to text messages they are now able to reach 98% members in the community.

Another association made the switched to text messages in order to make communication easier, according to the company; texting is easier for people to voice their thoughts instead of speaking over the phone. More than 75% of the entire population in the world has access to a mobile phone.

For these companies and many others, the easiest way to reach a larger global audience was by using an accessible mobile technology.

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SMS is Important in our Society

April 28th, 2016

160 SMS 194 300x300 SMS is Important in our SocietySMS have continued to be important in our society in a form of email, social media and instant messaging platforms.

According to an internet psychologist, text messages are faster than a call, remains both deeply personal while also practical and is still the preferred messaging method globally.

The technology is also available across any mobile phone, reliable, and faster since more people tend to check their text messages more than social media sites.

Among the many text message statistics the surprising finding is that men text more than women. Experts suggest that they see text messaging as functional ways to deliver short messages.

It’s also why women might not want to get into a conversation via text. They would prefer a deeper conversations, which is why they might send longer messages than men. SMS is likely to remain popular for years to come for the reason that is simply universal. This is why we still rely on and still love SMS Messaging.

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How Bulk SMS help your Business Grow

April 14th, 2016

160 SMS 124 300x300 How Bulk SMS help your Business GrowBulk text message solutions are becoming increasingly popular for commercial purpose. Companies are switching to bulk SMS marketing solutions in order to engage customers more personally.

Text messages reach people quickly and effectively. For instance, the billions feature phone users might not have access to a computer all the time. But if they receive a communications right before they purchase lunch, they might just cash it in and use it.

Receiving text message marketing from a company could feel like a personal invasion if all your sending is pure marketing material.

You will need to write and schedule your text message from the perspective of a nice company trying to help the customer instead of a pesky company that wants more money.

Remember that even though some people that want to receive SMS marketing promotions, there is also a population that doesn’t want to receive SMS coupons. You could potentially hurt your reputation with some customers if you send them a message they didn’t want to receive or too many messages in one month.

There’s more work to maintain SMS marketing than email marketing. Here are some of the things to keep in mind. Update your lists weekly: You need to include an opt-out in every message, keep copies of opt-in forms, identify the sender, and clean your lists from opt-outs and dead phone numbers.

Additionally, you will need to stay current with your SPAM laws to ensure you won’t get fined for sending unsolicited text messages.

SMS marketing has proven to be a successful form of communicating with customers. Just be sure you are ready to follow the correct laws and organize your messages with a team before you begin.

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SMS Service is the Best Tool to Save more on Marketing Expenses

April 7th, 2016

160 SMS 83 300x300 SMS Service is the Best Tool to Save more on Marketing ExpensesMarketing has been the most expensive part of every business from the very beginning of the business world.

When you start a new business you need to inform the people or potential clients about your business and that’s only possible through marketing. Well, when it comes to marketing, no one wants to compromise.

They remains huge benefit of using text messaging software. In case of sending online text messages it is best to select a suitable bulk SMS tool from online.

The numbers of bulk SMS users are going uphill and people are trying to find ways in sending messages at reasonable cost.

SMS Service facilitates SMS delivery in any of the geographical locations. There are many websites that allows user to send and receive text messages online. The SMS messages to mobile phones are more convenient and indeed delivered quickly and are comparatively cheaper.

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Bulk SMS serves as a Channel to Advertising

March 31st, 2016

160 SMS 0303 300x300 Bulk SMS serves as a Channel to AdvertisingBulk SMS serves as a channel to advertising for a number of users who are not very well to do but have a craving to publicize themselves.

It can also be seen that it is very important for many to send SMS international for the purpose of getting in contact with their near ones staying away from them.

The first and foremost advantage of the bulk sms is that it is timeless. It instantly reaches and motivates millions of people and has a timeliness that is incomparable to TV and the voluminous newspaper.

The flexibility that it provides also speaks about the appropriateness of bulk sms to a great extent.

Its content and quantity can be managed easily. It is also much targeted as it is send to those are really willing to get the service and hence can generate huge revenue.

The best part of this service is that it is very cheap and low on cost. It helps the businesses to save a large amount of advertising expenses which can otherwise be used in other productive work.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th, 2016

160 SMS 173 Happy St. Patricks Day!

Bulk SMS Service can be Use for Various Purposes

March 3rd, 2016

160sms24 300x300 Bulk SMS Service can be Use for Various PurposesSMS Service is a platform where you can send customised messages to several group or single recipient. Addressing your customer personally with an SMS is a good marketing strategy but the question that is asked is how to do it in a large scale, the answer is Bulk SMS Service. The technology is already there to address more than 1000 mobile phones at one instance.

The most important aspect from a company point of view these days of economic down turn the costs, are minimal. Not even 1% of what you spend on a TV commercial but the effect is very much more than that of a TV advertisement.

Bulk SMS Service can be used for various purposes

1. For invitation: Such as Wedding ceremonies, Birthdays, Social clubs, Seminars, Church or Business meetings and a lot more.

2. Advertising/Marketing: Most of the people use mobile phones. With bulk sms you can be able to reach a large audience with your goods and services.

To set about the task of sending bulk SMS is a very simple one. You need only a computer with an internet connection. Anyone who has little knowledge of computers could use it.
Next thing you need is the list of your customers’ telephone numbers on an excel sheet.

Using the Bulk SMS Service, you have the possibility to send a message to all those telephone numbers with just a few clicks and all of them will receive the message within in a minute most probably.

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Bulk SMS Service makes the Difference in Business Communication

February 18th, 2016

160SMS4 300x300 Bulk SMS Service makes the Difference in Business CommunicationUsers are always on the lookout for companies that offer cost effective and quality services. Everyone wants to avail of the best and latest in technology.

Companies, which adopt new applications to provide their services, always stand in the first position to get the largest number of clients to serve.

Communication using Bulk SMS service makes it easy for the sender to get his message across to thousands of clients in few seconds. A message can convey time of the meeting to all employees at the same time, not one can say that they were not informed.

All SMS are tracked, delivery of the message are confirmed for their being delivered. Messaging company is an expert in sending messages through a SMS gateway.

SMS sending of text messages is carried by API Server. Messaging channel is from personal computer to the mobiles. There are API SMS Gateways for multiple messages.

With messages as means of communication, business becomes streamlined. Personalized messages to staff and consumers build relationships. Get yourself a message sending company’s services for better prospects in all spheres of life.

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Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th, 2016

160sms Valentines Happy Valentines Day!

Gong Xi Fat Cai

February 8th, 2016

160 lunar new year 1 Gong Xi Fat Cai