Is SMS Marketing The New Email Marketing?

January 4th, 2018

Is email marketing dead?

And is SMS marketing going to take its place?

Let’s face it.

Email campaigns are a headache to put together.

I remember when I was an EDM specialist in retail sending out emails would require a shed-load of effort not just from myself, but also the team.

Here is a short list of what goes into preparing an email broadcast:

1. Select the product you want to promote or if it’s a newsletter, decide which subject matters to cover.
2. Write your first draft
3. Get those drafts proofed by the editorial team (this could go back and forth a few times)
4. Get designers and photographers involved to produce the right product shots or if it’s a newsletter go and find stock images that don’t look like stock images.5. Write the new version with everyone’s feedback
6. Check links and landing pages are working
7. Make sure your subject line is compelling
8. Send a test version out to select people in your company for a final green light
9. Once approved you can now select the segment of people to send the email to
10. Schedule and hot the go button

Here are some other issues with email:

Spam detectors – it’s like your email is travelling internationally and has to go through a border security check and if it gets flagged, your email is instantly jailed without a fair hearing.


Getting opened – if you email gets to the recipient will it even get opened after all of that work? People receive so many emails so you need to work harder to get it opened.

Platform friendly – Will your email stay together once it is opened on the other side? You have to check to make sure that you email looks great across all email clients.

Sender Reputation – your email performance is being closely monitored by your email service provider – earn a bad sender reputation and watch your emails go straight to spam and even get completely blocked by your ESP.

There are seemingly endless things to consider when constructing an email campaign including obstacles and hurdles to overcome.

And even if you manage to deal with all of this, you can expect to see results like these:

• 10% – 30% open rate (40% if you have a highly responsive list)
• 6%-7% click-through rate


Let’s take a quick look at SMS marketing.

Here’s the process:

1. Decide on an offer
2. Type out the offer
3. Select the list segment you want to send the offer to
4. Prepare landing page on website (if necessary)
5. Hit send.

No email border security checks to worry about.

No need to worry about open rates because people almost always click on their SMS messages AND there’s next to no competition in their SMS inbox.

No need to worry about your text message being ‘platform compliant’.

It’s beautifully simple.

And for this you can expect the following results:

• 98%+ open rates
• 36%+ click-through rate
• 83% opened within the first 3 minutes

SMS goes straight to its intended target like a guided missile; nothing stops it apart from the phone being off or the person being out of range.

A lot of us are ‘addicted’ to our mobile devices and always have them close by.

When people want information they turn to their mobile device.

When people are bored they pick up their device.

This presents a magical opportunity for businesses that are thinking about using SMS marketing.

I’ve found few strategies quite as effective as SMS when it comes to getting the phone to ring with customers or driving people to an offer.

It just works.

It’s cheap too, for pennies per SMS you’re getting maximum engagement.

Is email marketing dead?


Email is still a strong channel and will not go anywhere soon but here’s how I like to think of email vs SMS:

Email is like general mail, it gets delivered to the customer’s home or office in amongst dozens of other envelopes.

Your customer (or their assistant) starts sorting through that pile of mail throwing out the ones that don’t immediately get their attention straight into the bin.

SMS is like a Priority Courier package.

When you get a courier package what is your first reaction?

Generally excitement and curiosity.

You want to see what’s inside.

It costs a few cents to deliver, but this buys you a first class ticket past all of the envelopes getting thrown into the bin and lands directly to the recipient where they feel compelled to tear the package open to see what’s inside.

When a person receives an SMS their attention shifts immediately to their phone.

Getting instant attention and getting your message opened and read is
what makes SMS marketing so powerful.

That maximum reach and engagement come with a caveat.

You can’t treat SMS like email – unfortunately, most people make this mistake.

A person’s mobile device is incredibly personal and for this reason, needs to be treated delicately.

SMS is not a brute force marketing channel (like email) where you can send out messages every day until your customers plead for mercy.

Use it intelligently.

Want a few tips on how to use SMS correctly?

16 Tips That’ll Set Your SMS Marketing On Fire








16 Tips That’ll Set Your SMS Marketing On Fire In 2018

December 28th, 2017

SMS Marketing is a one of the most powerful engagement channels and should be a part of every business’ marketing arsenal.

Here is what Smart Insights had to say about the power of SMS:

Over 97% of text messages are read within the first four minutes
• 19% of people will click a link in a SMS campaign rather than just 4.2% for emails
• 30% of SMS campaigns receive average response rates of 30%, compared to 4% for emails

The point here is that if you’re currently not using SMS marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy then you’re leaving sales revenue and leads on the table.


1: Always Ask For Permission

It’s never cool to push yourself on someone – it’s just plain bad manners.

When it comes to text marketing this rule is a critical one to abide by.

For example: when someone opt-in to your SMS list, send them a confirmation SMS along with how the relationship will work:


• How often you’ll be texting them
• The time of day you will contact them (example: if you own a restaurant and have weekly lunch specials)
• Content type: The type of texts they can expect to from you i.e. receive offers, updates, reminders etc.
• How to opt out from your list

Pre-framing the relationship is an essential first step and removes any negative surprises.

2: Lead With Value

The truth is people are intrinsically self-centred, we tend to be attracted to things that appeal to our own interests first.

Appealing to a person’s self-interest is necessary to get their attention and ultimately take the desired action.

This is especially critical in the initial stages of the relationship.

You want your subscriber to look forward to your SMS messages.

Quick story:

I remember getting an SMS from Vodafone, my instant thought was a negative one.

“Why are they contacting me?”

“Did I sign something, somewhere”?

If I have to think about why you’re contacting me on my phone we’re already off to a bad start.

However, after opening the message, there was a little gem inside.

It was a $250 voucher that I could use for any mobile phone!

Guess what my instant reaction was when Vodafone sent me an SMS from that point on?

Positive expectancy > A great emotion to evoke.

Like when a good friend comes around.

Value comes in all forms, not just discounts and offers.

Timely SMS’s that walk you through the stages of pregnancy and what to expect would be incredibly valuable for a first time soon-to-be mum wading through those foreign waters.

Important reminders are incredibly valuable as well as updates.

Make the most of every interaction and you’ll own top position inside their mind (branding), increase action and reduce opt-outs.


3: When It Comes To SMS – Get To The Point Quickly.

This goes without saying since you only have 160 characters and some of those characters have been used up from your OPT-OUT message.

Write your initial message and chop any word that doesn’t earn its place.

1. Keep it short and punchy.
2. Depending on the context, keep the message natural and personal in tone.
3. Replace big words with short words if they can convey the same message.
4. Lead your copy with your offer or your strongest, most compelling reason for contacting the subscriber.


4: Personalise

Personalisation works. Period.

This can come in the form of:

  • Using the person’s name.
  • Making an offer to specific geo-locations where that person is located.
  • Targeting an offer specifically for that person.
  • Sending them through to a personalised landing page.
  • Targeting specific interests (a pet business can send information to a person based on the animal or breed they own)
  • Using your name in the text message.

Hey Jennie, I see that you added the Cleveland boots to your cart but didn’t end up buying. Get 10% off for the next 24 hours. Jessica. To opt-out, reply STOP.

Mobile is very much a one-to-one channel so look to use personalisation often.

Customer Avatars are incredibly powerful for going deep into personalising your messaging.


5: Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Are you sending people from their phone to your site?

You better make sure that when they arrive at your ‘home’ everything is tidy.

Make sure that your page:

1. Loads quickly (images are optimised)
2. Looks great on a mobile screen
3. Uses the same words from your SMS on the landing page
4. Makes it easy to find what they’re looking for is easy to find
5. Has no or very few distractions
6. Carries on the conversation from the SMS message (seamless communication)
7. Has clear calls to action (make it easy to move them through your funnel)
8. Is designed to lead them to the single action you want them to take.


6: Frequency and Timing

How often do you plan to contact the people on your SMS list?

If the frequency is too high, they’ll unsubscribe.

If the frequency is too low, and they may forget subscribing to your list and unsubscribe.

This needs a bit of forethought and can be covered in your pre-framing SMS or opt-in page from ‘Tip 1’

How often you text will largely depend on the type of relationship you have.

• If you’re a personal trainer then clients will welcome daily reminders and updates.
• If you’re an eCommerce or physical store and you want to send offers then once a week may be perfect.
• If you’re launching a product then slow to more rapid SMS messaging as the launch gets closer will be required.

Either way, let your list know how often you’ll be contacting them.


7: Show Them Where The ‘Break Up’ Button Is

Place an unsubscribe option on every SMS.

This gives your subscriber or customer peace of mind knowing that they can opt-out whenever they want – kind of like a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you’re doing a good job at SMS then you won’t have to worry about a mass exodus from your list.
Not only that but you can get into hot water by not staying compliant with spam laws.


8: Incite Action With Urgency

It is often said that ‘deadlines’ were man’s greatest invention.

The thought of an impending deadline where a person can lose something is often times enough to push a person forward.

If you care about subscribers taking action then urgency should be a common theme.
“Sale ends at midnight tonight” creates urgency.

If you send them through to a web page with a countdown timer mercilessly counting down every second, minute and hour to midnight this reinforces that sense of urgency.

Never underestimate how hard it is to get a person to take action, whether that be to:

• Click on a link in your SMS
• Go to your website
• Find the product
• Read all of the information (description, money back guarantee etc.)
• Go through the cart process (entering information into all of those fields if they aren’t a member of your site)
• Entering in their credit card details (the BIG one)

The bigger the action you want the person to take the more effort you will need to get them to complete the action.


9: Incentivize To Smooth Out Resistance Points

Remember that scene in “The Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio where he was inspecting his new plane which included running his fingers across the rivets to ensure none of them stuck out.

He understood that even rivets would create drag and resistance which could mean failing to break the record for the world’s fastest plane.

Whenever you want an action from a customer, there is often resistance from the customer that precedes that action.

Incentives are a great tool to help you get more opt-ins, conversions, surveys filled in etc.


10: Boost Performance Of Other Channels

Got an event coming up that is important to lead generation or direct sales?

Then how could you be using SMS to make sure that you’re squeezing the most from that moment?

Boost webinar attendance rates with a quick SMS: “Hi Jack, don’t forget our webinar is on in 5 minutes – here’s the link > See you there!” watch your attendance rate go up.

Increase open rates on emails. Smart Insights said that sending out an SMS right after an email improved email open rates by 20-30% – that’s a huge uplift in response.

According to a 2017 study from Deloitte Australia:

“Thirty-five percent of us check our phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning, with 70 percent using phones during mealtimes with family and friends.”

People don’t check their emails every 10 minutes, but they will be checking their phones.


11: Leverage Exclusivity

Clubs are popular because it means exclusion.

A great way to increase value (and perhaps reduce unsubscribes) is to make offers that exist only inside the SMS channel which are not accessible elsewhere.

• Early or Alpha Access to a product before the rest of the world knows about it
• Special bonuses just for VIP SMS clients
• Free vouchers
• Faster shipping times


12: Track Performance

If you don’t track then it is almost impossible to improve so like any other of your marketing activities make sure you’re able to determine the impact of each  SMS campaign.

Track your CTR and conversions, inbound calls, unsubscribes etc.


13: Segmentation

Not all customers are the same and not all prospects are the same but they do share common traits (needs, wants, desires and outcomes) and it’s important to separate these needs into different groups.

Paper Style used to use a blast & pray approach to email marketing but when they switched to segmentation they increased their open rates by 244% and increased their click-through-rate by 161%.

Once you have segmented lists, it’s far easier to create targeted offers and improve conversions.


14: Increase Sales

An easy way to increase sales that most businesses overlook is simply helping customers complete their purchase.

A typical strategy used by online retailers is to send out an SMS to buyers who added products to their cart but failed to complete the order – called an abandoned cart SMS reminder.

When someone adds a product to cart, that is a strong buying indicator so using a direct messaging method like SMS to let them know that they have left items in their cart is a great way to recover potentially lost purchases.

Another way to help customers complete a purchase is to give them a way to contact you during the decision making process.

Bohemian Guitars increase their sales by 98% in a single month just by giving customers a chance to interact with them via SMS. When customers are close to a buying decision they may have one or two specific questions that are not available on your site – this simple little tactic will help you increase sales.

Another simple way is to use bundled offers, a popular version of this is the “spend this, get that” style campaign that eCommerce stores use to increase their AOV (Average Order Value) goals.

You can offer: free shipping, a free complimentary product or more of the same for a discount.

There are countless ways to increase sales using SMS.


15: Consistency

It is generally good practice to maintain a schedule when it comes to broadcast style SMS messages since most humans are conditioned for routine TV shows being a good example.

Determine how often you will contact your list and stick to it.


16: ABT (Always Be Testing)

It’s tough to improve if you never adapt and the marketplace is always moving and shifting gears.

Testing allows you to flip over rocks and uncover mysteries that would otherwise be hidden.

The businesses that lead the way are able to do this because they test constantly and are able to discover new ‘wins’ leaving their competitors to always follow behind.

1. Come up with a hypothesis
2. Test that hypothesis with real customers and prospects
3. Record your findings
4. Endlessly Repeat

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

• Test time of day
• Test offer A with offer B
• Test different parts of the buying process
• Test offer in message vs teaser copy with offer on landing page
• Test males vs. females
• Segments (some will be more profitable than others)


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Send Texts From Email With Email To SMS

December 13th, 2017

Combining the ease of email and the speed of SMS, Email To SMS gives you another smart way to engage customers on their mobile phones.

The email to SMS feature is great for:

  • Customer announcements & broadcasts
  • Updates to teams
  • Sales & Marketing activities

You can send one-way messages, 2-way messages (where customers can reply) and also use your brand name instead of your mobile number so people can instantly recognise you and respond if need be.

How do you send SMS from your email address?

Make sure you have an account with (if you don’t yet have one you can get started at the bottom of this article)

Enter the mobile number of the person you wish to contact in the ‘To’ field followed by our gateway “”.

Next, include your phone number including the country code (in this case Australia’s ‘61’ code) followed by your password which is assigned to your account.

Type in your message and click ‘send’.

This is how it would look:

Subject: 61412345678@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.












Get Replies Sent Back To Your Email Address

If you would like replies sent back to email enter “!” on the subject line.

Subject: !61412345678@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.














Use Your Business Name Instead Of Your Phone Number

To do this using our Email2SMS service insert a Sender ID that is less than 11 characters in brackets after your phone number in the subject.

For example:

Subject: 61412345678(A1 Car Repair)@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.













Email to SMS is a great tool when you’re on the move, no need to log into our web platform, just open up your email client, type out your message and send.

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Use The ‘3R’ Method To Improve Your SMS Marketing In 2018

December 5th, 2017

SMS MarketingWith open rates as high as 700%, click-through rates up to 36% and higher and the fact that people are always on their phones this should improve your marketing results, right?

Often times I’ll hear my mates complain about receiving SMS marketing quickly texting back ‘STOP’ ‘OPT OUT’ and ‘Remove my number!!!’

Before you say “hey, nobody likes receiving marketing” let me spin this around so that we’re addressing the core problem.

People don’t hate marketing.

People hate marketing (or anything) that is unwelcome.

Direct response copywriter Dan Kennedy likens most marketing to being an unwelcome pest.

Let me explain…

The Unwelcome Pest

If a plumber called you out of the blue during dinner time while your favourite show was on asking to see if you require any plumbing you would not be interested and even annoyed that he had the nerve to call!

The Welcome Guest

But let’s imagine for a moment that you’re having dinner, watching your favourite show and all of a sudden water starting pouring from the ceiling all over your wooden floorboards due to a burst pipe and that same plumber called, your reaction would be a lot different, I’m sure he would be welcomed with open arms “when can you get here!”

What changed?

  1. You instantly became the perfect candidate for plumbing services
  2. The timing was perfect
  3. The offer was spot on

I’m going to share with you a simple 3-stage framework to help you go from an unwelcome pest to welcomed guest.

Introducing the 3 R’s

When aiming for high ROI on your SMS marketing make sure that you target the right person at the right time and with the right offer.

The Right Person

The reason this sits at the top of the 3 R’s is that it is the most important when it comes to marketing in general not just SMS marketing.

To make sure you target the right person you must be using segmentation.

Sending email campaigns without segmentation guarantees higher unsubscribes, lower open rates and reduced conversions.

What is segmentation?

Think of segmentation as common traits shared by various groups of people.
Each group may share a specific language (as it relates to their needs), tastes, worldview, buying habits etc.
Segmentation allows you to group people together in meaningful ways so that when you send an offer or message out to them it feels like you wrote it specifically for them.

If I’m selling wine, at the very least, I want to know who:

1. Drinks red wine
2. Drinks white wine

Ideally, I would want to drill down deeper and know who have shown interest either by opting into my list OR even better purchasing:

• Chardonnay
• Pinot Gris
• Sauvignon Blanc etc.

This means when I plan my Chardonnay offer only my Chardonnay list will receive it.

You can drill down as far as you like: Chardonnay drinkers who wear pink gumboots on Tuesday’s.

If you haven’t segmented your list yet, an easy place to start is grouping customers together into themes like in the example above.

With you can not only create specific segments but you can automate it so that when people see one of your advertisements and they can respond to it they can be automatically added to a specific segment for you to market to later.

The Right Timing

Often times getting a sale, generating a lead, getting your list to take a specific action comes down to timing.

Your customers and clients are always shifting between moments.

Things that influence these shifts could be:

1. Trends
2. News – When Donald trump called North Korea’s President “Rocket Man” this kicked off a popular range of rocket man t-shirts.
3. Seasons – Christmas etc.
4. Personal events – Pregnancy, divorce etc.
5. Awareness shift – Meat eaters are now switching to veganism due to viral information spread about the dangers of animal-based foods.
6. Recency – The best person to send an SMS offer to is a buyer, an even better person to send an SMS to is a buyer who bought from you recently.

The path to purchase is a critical timing factor.

When a person is looking to buy your solution, they will start researching, then reassess their needs, reduce options down to 1 or 2, get social feedback/reviews and finally make a decision.

Whatever business you’re in it helps to know what specific events have an impact on your customer’s world or what stage of the buying process your prospect is currently living in.

Each stage of this process represents an opportunity to guide them towards your solution.
Understanding what’s going on with your list is useful and sending out well-timed SMS messages will have large payoffs.

The Right Offer

Now that you’ve got the right person…and you’re sending your SMS offer at the right time, your campaign will be more welcomed.

In terms of creating an offer, make it compelling and constantly test as most offers bomb.

Unless you’re getting 100% conversion with your offers you should always be looking to improve them.

The 3 R’s stack on top of one another in order of importance for example: 70% off hearing aids (great offer) to a person that has perfect hearing (wrong person) = fail.

Always think of the right person first and then craft the compelling offer.

Side note: an “offer” doesn’t need to be a special discount, and offer just needs to target the specific desire of the person you’re trying to convert.

If you run a weight loss clinic and your prospective buyer needs to lose 10 kilos your offer could simply be enrolling them into your “lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks system”. No special discount, but the offer speaks to the exact need of the prospect. is a cloud-based SMS messaging platform which helps businesses and agencies reach new and existing customers.

• Build segmented lists of people interested in your product or service
• Create 2-way conversations
• Send SMS via your favourite email platform
• Get replies sent to your email inbox
• Automate SMS marketing to go out on specific dates and times
• Easy to use platform

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Switching to Bulk SMS Service in order Reach larger Mobile Audiences

May 5th, 2016

More people around the world may be ditching their feature phones and upgrading to smartphones. However, most people are still using basic feature phones.

In the past month, many companies have started using text messages to reach the larger percentage of the global population that has access to text message technology.

A marketing company has polled a group of people in the suburban community and realized that only 5% of the community had access to the internet.

Therefore emails were not getting to their audience fast enough. By switching to text messages they are now able to reach 98% members in the community.

Another association made the switched to text messages in order to make communication easier, according to the company; texting is easier for people to voice their thoughts instead of speaking over the phone. More than 75% of the entire population in the world has access to a mobile phone.

For these companies and many others, the easiest way to reach a larger global audience was by using an accessible mobile technology.

Visit: – The best value online bulk SMS messaging service in Australia!

SMS is Important in our Society

April 28th, 2016

SMS have continued to be important in our society in a form of email, social media and instant messaging platforms.

According to an internet psychologist, text messages are faster than a call, remains both deeply personal while also practical and is still the preferred messaging method globally.

The technology is also available across any mobile phone, reliable, and faster since more people tend to check their text messages more than social media sites.

Among the many text message statistics the surprising finding is that men text more than women. Experts suggest that they see text messaging as functional ways to deliver short messages.

It’s also why women might not want to get into a conversation via text. They would prefer a deeper conversations, which is why they might send longer messages than men. SMS is likely to remain popular for years to come for the reason that is simply universal. This is why we still rely on and still love SMS Messaging.

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How Bulk SMS help your Business Grow

April 14th, 2016

Bulk text message solutions are becoming increasingly popular for commercial purpose. Companies are switching to bulk SMS marketing solutions in order to engage customers more personally.

Text messages reach people quickly and effectively. For instance, the billions feature phone users might not have access to a computer all the time. But if they receive a communications right before they purchase lunch, they might just cash it in and use it.

Receiving text message marketing from a company could feel like a personal invasion if all your sending is pure marketing material.

You will need to write and schedule your text message from the perspective of a nice company trying to help the customer instead of a pesky company that wants more money.

Remember that even though some people that want to receive SMS marketing promotions, there is also a population that doesn’t want to receive SMS coupons. You could potentially hurt your reputation with some customers if you send them a message they didn’t want to receive or too many messages in one month.

There’s more work to maintain SMS marketing than email marketing. Here are some of the things to keep in mind. Update your lists weekly: You need to include an opt-out in every message, keep copies of opt-in forms, identify the sender, and clean your lists from opt-outs and dead phone numbers.

Additionally, you will need to stay current with your SPAM laws to ensure you won’t get fined for sending unsolicited text messages.

SMS marketing has proven to be a successful form of communicating with customers. Just be sure you are ready to follow the correct laws and organize your messages with a team before you begin.

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SMS Service is the Best Tool to Save more on Marketing Expenses

April 7th, 2016

Marketing has been the most expensive part of every business from the very beginning of the business world.

When you start a new business you need to inform the people or potential clients about your business and that’s only possible through marketing. Well, when it comes to marketing, no one wants to compromise.

They remains huge benefit of using text messaging software. In case of sending online text messages it is best to select a suitable bulk SMS tool from online.

The numbers of bulk SMS users are going uphill and people are trying to find ways in sending messages at reasonable cost.

SMS Service facilitates SMS delivery in any of the geographical locations. There are many websites that allows user to send and receive text messages online. The SMS messages to mobile phones are more convenient and indeed delivered quickly and are comparatively cheaper.

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Bulk SMS serves as a Channel to Advertising

March 31st, 2016

Bulk SMS serves as a channel to advertising for a number of users who are not very well to do but have a craving to publicize themselves.

It can also be seen that it is very important for many to send SMS international for the purpose of getting in contact with their near ones staying away from them.

The first and foremost advantage of the bulk sms is that it is timeless. It instantly reaches and motivates millions of people and has a timeliness that is incomparable to TV and the voluminous newspaper.

The flexibility that it provides also speaks about the appropriateness of bulk sms to a great extent.

Its content and quantity can be managed easily. It is also much targeted as it is send to those are really willing to get the service and hence can generate huge revenue.

The best part of this service is that it is very cheap and low on cost. It helps the businesses to save a large amount of advertising expenses which can otherwise be used in other productive work.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th, 2016