Grow Your Company With Business SMS

Our business SMS messaging service features online text messaging,  SMS software integration, SMS from email, bulk SMS messaging, personalisation, and much more.

Get More Customers

Generate new customer leads and inquiries.

Send Promotions

Send out marketing campaigns that get opened!

Send Team Updates

Send roster updates, team meetings or any important information.

Boost Performance

Boost the performance of your other marketing channels.


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Send Reminders And Alerts

Never have customers and team members miss an appointment, meeting or important updates again by scheduling SMS reminders.

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Drive Sales And Enquires

Getting the phone to ring with new business is easy with SMS. At least 90% of people open their SMS messages giving your promotions the highest visibility.

Reach Mobile Users Instantly

Whether you’re sending a single SMS reminder or trying to reach tens of thousands of people our web based bulk messaging platform is the perfect tool.

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Our Business SMS Platform Supports

Our business SMS platform makes it easy for Australian businesses to connect and engage with customers almost instantly.

Send Bulk Messages

Send as many or as few text messages as you need. 160 is a bulk business messaging service that allows you to reach as many customers as you need instantly.

Get Timely Delivery Reports

When you send a campaign you will receive a full delivery report on who received your campaigns.


Add more personalisation to your text messages by automatically inserting the recipient’s name into your SMS message.

Schedule Messages

Send out appointment reminders to clients or keep the team updated with SMS reminders.

Keyword Opt-Out

Customers can automatically remove themselves from your list by texting back a special keyword.

Integrate SMS Into Your Current Software

Our business SMS platform comes with full API integration allowing your current software to use our SMS features all within a familiar user-interface.

Business SMS Features

Online Based SMS Messaging

Business Name Sender ID

Unlimited Address Books

SMS Personalisation

Delivery Guarantee

SMS Scheduling Tool

2-Way SMS

Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out

Delivery Reports

International SMS Coverage

Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email

Sub-User Accounts

Email to SMS

Export SMS Messages To CSV

API Integration

Bulk SMS

Full Customer And Tech Support



Unlimited access. Includes free SMS credits. No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business SMS services assist with various purposes, from payment reminders to announcing product launches. Bulk business SMS services give you instant access to customers, which can drive sales and improve enquiry rates. also gives you the power to schedule messages.

SMS business messages differ slightly from traditional marketing and therefore require a different approach. Some best practices businesses should implement in their SMS campaigns include:

  • Always include your business name so your customers know who you are.
  • Personalise your messages by including your customer’s name. People tend to respond to messages that address them directly.
  • Include a CTA and encourage customers to take action once they’ve finished reading, like making a payment or subscribing to a newsletter.

SMS business messages have a character limit of 160, so you’ll need to get creative with your copy while still getting your message across.

There’s no hard and fast rule on how often you send SMS messages, as it can vary between industries. However, many experts recommend sending one message per week.

Organisations in the retail, finance or travel industry are some of the major companies that could benefit from SMS services for businesses.

Yes, not only are they an effective way to stay in touch with your customers, it’s the preferred method. According to Mobile Monkey, 48% of consumers said SMS marketing was their channel of choice for receiving brand updates. Contact us today if you want to learn about SMS services for businesses or our pricing.

Why Choose 160?

Enterprise-Level Security

Our technology is kept offsite at a highly secure Australian data center.

No Monthly Fees

You Only Pay For Your SMS Credits. That’s All.

Australian Carriers

We use Vodafone, Telstra, Optus and Virgin To Ensure Your Messages Get Delivered.

Local Support

Our Team Are Located In Sydney Australia

Access From Anywhere

No software to Install. Access anywhere from any device.

Simple To Use

Get up and running in minutes.


Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 to get any questions answered.

We Use Australian Carrier Providers