We provide extensive developer access via our SMS API connectivity options to allow seamless, cost effective and most importantly, reliable use of our SMSC.

We offer a large range of interface options including PHP to deliver solutions for nearly every operating system and platform.

Our suite of SMS API’s allow you to connect to’s own high speed SMS gateway, offering you not only one of Australia’s most robust and feature rich SMS API solutions but also the most cost effective Australian-based messaging solution.

To test our service with 5 free credits. See our API documentation, examples and staging server.

SMS API Benefits

160’s SMS API gives you plenty of features as well as the ability to send text messages globally.

Pure Interoperability
Our SMS API is 100% SOAP compliant XML web service.
World Class Reliability
Sleep easy knowing our SMS gateway is monitored 24 hours and has redundant providers to ensure maximum reliability at all times.
Seamless Integration
Connect via PHP etc. with an extensive feature set to satisfy nearly any requirement.
Extensive International Coverage
Extensive international coverage through our network partners.
Minimise Development Time
Fully documented integration with example code to help developers get connect as quickly and as easily as possible.
Email API
Our API also integrates seamlessly into any email platform without any setup or configuration.

Standard SMS Features & Benefits Included

Online-Based SMS Messaging

2-Way SMS

Email to SMS

Export Text Messages To CSV

API Integration

Delivery Reports

Personalised Messaging Tags

International coverage

Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email

Unlimited Contact Groups

SMS Scheduling

Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out

Bulk SMS

Custom Sender ID

100% Delivery Guarantee


Highly Secure Messaging

Sub-User Accounts

We Use Australian Carriers
Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 to get any questions answered.
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