SMS Marketing

With 160’s SMS Marketing platform you have one of the most powerful marketing tools available to drive sales, generate leads and scale promotions.

Broadcast SMS Promotions

Send out targeted offers and promotions instantly.

Generate Sales Leads

Collect mobile numbers from qualified sales leads.

Automate Campaigns

Schedule your SMS campaigns to go out automatically.

High Engagement

Get up to 90% open rates on your offers.


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Generate High Quality Sales Leads
SMS lead generation tends to deliver higher quality leads than other marketing channels since it requires someone to give you their personal mobile number. This can then be followed up with further SMS marketing campaigns or a sales call.
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Boost Other Marketing Channels
SMS has an extremely high open rate which means you whenever you have an important newsletter, webinar, launch, special offer, etc. send out an SMS marketing campaign to instantly get more attention.
Increase Conversions
SMS can quickly generate new sales. Turn abandoned carts into new sales, follow up on non-buyers with special offers, send out an SMS reactivation campaign to past clients, etc.

The Benefits Of SMS Marketing

SMS allows you to cut through the noise in any marketplace helping you to reach new and existing customers, clients, patients and members instantly.

Fast Response Rates

On average it takes about 48 hours for a recipient to read an email but for SMS marketing campaigns it only takes 90 seconds on average.

High Open Rates

Text messaging can give you between 82.1-98% open rates making SMS marketing  the most effective customer engagement strategy today.

Low Cost

While PPC and online marketing costs continue to skyrocket SMS has stayed the same allowing businesses to send an SMS message for only a few cents. When you combine the open and response rates SMS marketing is still one of the cheapest advertising channels available today.

No SPAM Or Ad-Blockers

SMS marketing is an offline advertising channel (similar to sending out a flyer) which means you don’t need to worry about your message being blocked due to quality scores, SPAM filters and ad blockers.

Low Competition

Email suffers from high ‘inbox competition’ the SMS inbox on the otherhand has virtually no competition making your SMS marketing campaigns even more effective.

Instant Results

Text messaging helps you place your product and offers directly into hands of buyers within seconds!

SMS Marketing Features


Online-Based SMS Messaging

2-Way SMS

Export Text Messages To CSV

Personalised Messaging Tags

International coverage

Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email

Unlimited Contact Groups

SMS Scheduling

Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out

Bulk SMS

Email to SMS

Custom Sender ID

Full Customer And Tech Support

100% Delivery Guarantee

Sub-User Accounts

Delivery Reports

API Integration


Why Our Clients Choose 160

Access From Anywhere

Send marketing campaigns from any location or device, all you need is an internet connection.

Simple, User-Friendly Platform

Our SMS platform is designed so that you can get up running within minutes.

Operating Since 2000

160 first started helping businesses back in 2000.

Enterprise-Level Security

Our technology is kept offsite at a highly secure Australian data center.

No Monthly Fees

We are a purely prepaid SMS provider which means no monthly surcharges or hidden fees.

API Integration

Manage your SMS campaigns from your existing software using our SMS API.


Unlimited access. Includes free SMS credits. No credit card required.

We Use Australian Carriers

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing that uses text messages to communicate with potential or existing customers. SMS campaigns are typically used to promote special offers, coupons, product updates, or other time-sensitive information.

SMS marketing enables your business to directly connect with your leads and loyal clients on everyday devices. Once your business has permission to interact in these personal spaces, you’ll have an intimate way to nurture real-time conversations with your clients.

What are the types of SMS marketing in Australia?

If you’re looking to introduce SMS marketing in your plan, you must first learn the different types of marketing SMS styles, including:
Promotional deals and discounts

  • SMS coupons and discount codes
  • Text-to-win competitions
  • Flash and seasonal sales
  • Loyalty and membership programs
  • Alerts and notifications

Yes! SMS marketing can be an effective way to reach out to customers and promote your business. Text messages have a high open rate, meaning more people are likely to read a text message than an email or other type of communication.

Getting started with SMS marketing is an easy process. Find out your main message and why it is important to a customer. Ask people if you can send them messages, and find a professional SMS messaging service. Then, start sending customised messages to your consumers. Here are a few things you’ll need in order to start SMS marketing:

  • A list of phone numbers for potential or existing customers
  • A short code or keyword that customers can use to opt-in to your campaign
  • An offer or call to action that is clear and concise

No. While SMS marketing is mobile marketing it is actually an offline medium which is what makes it more powerful. One of the major weaknesses of digital marketing is that it is highly competitive and highly controlled by algorithms (i.e. spam algorithms for email, quality scores for paid ads, etc.). This is one of the reasons the delivery and response rates are so high with SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is cost-effective, with the specific pricing varying according to your needs, coverage country, package and subscriber list. To understand more about our complete SMS marketing pricing coverage, browse our country-specific package plans and pricing coverage.

An SMS campaign is a marketing campaign that uses text messages to communicate with customers. In SMS campaigns, text messages are used to send business-specific promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes. These messages may also include time-sensitive offers, updates and alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.

You can start using the opt-in SMS marketing tool when you’re looking for a marketing channel for instant deliverability with a high conversion rate. They help build brand awareness, receive quick customer feedback, and create a personalised communication system with existing or potential customers.

Despite the rise of new communication methods, SMS is still widely used. According to a study, 1. 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages. That’s about 65% of the world’s population. This makes SMS a widely used marketing channel to reach out to a broader range of consumers on a daily basis.

Despite the rise of new communication methods, SMS is still widely used. According to a study, 1. 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages. That’s about 65% of the world’s population. This makes SMS a widely used marketing channel to reach out to a broader range of consumers on a daily basis. is a bulk SMS service provider for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, and marketing campaigns. Our SMS services include:
Bulk SMS

  • SMS Gateway API
  • Email To SMS
  • SMS Marketing
  • Online SMS
  • Virtual SMS Number

At, we have built a bulk SMS platform designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. Our cloud platform is easy to use, can be accessed from any location and is highly secure. If you want to start an SMS campaign or learn how to plug text features into your current software with our SMS API, get in touch with us today. Our team of SMS marketing experts will be happy to help you.

While SMS marketing is an easy tool to reach out to your audience, if you want your SMS campaign to be successful, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. These include:

What to do

  • Call to action — Every SMS marketing message should have a clear and effective CTA. This tells your customer how they can access the benefits of interacting with your business.
  • Keep it short — When it comes to SMS marketing, brief messages work best. The most effective way to do this is to follow the KISS principle — Keep It Short and Simple.
  • Start with a bang — Start your SMS marketing messages with an attention-grabbing word or statement. To instantly impact your audience, you can use words such as ‘Sale!’, ‘Special Offer’, or ‘Weekend Discount’.

What not to do

  • Over-communication — Bombarding your potential customers with messages may annoy them. Plan your SMS marketing strategy wisely so you can deliver quality messages that will leave an action-worthy impression.
  • Avoid slang and abbreviations — Text abbreviations aren’t the best practice when the messages are from a business or an organisation. As abbreviations are subjective, this may lead to confusion or negatively timpact results.
  • Keep it human — With SMS marketing, always remember to keep the tone and wording as human as possible. The less you focus on aggressively pushing a product or service, the more your reader will be willing to consider your business.
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