Send Personal SMS From Your Computer

Whether you’re texting friends while travelling or organising a catch up from home sending SMS messages from your computer is super easy and fast!

Easy To Use SMS Platform

Upload your contacts and start sending texts.

Access From Anywhere

Use from any location and any device.

Doesn't Use Your Mobile Plan

No SIM card required. Just log in and send your SMS.

Send Texts From Email

Send SMS messages from any email account.

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Register for your free account and we’ll give you a few SMS credits including full access to all of our features.

Web Based SMS With

Send SMS easily and affordably through’s Australian gateway.

Added Benefits

  • Extensive international coverage through partner networks
  • Secure online payment for immediate account credit
  • Helpful, knowledgeable customer service

Typical Usage

  • Stay in touch with friends and family by sending longer SMS up to 450 characters.
  • Organize events by bulk messaging groups up to 1000 recipients.
  • Send international messages affordably.


  1. Internet connection (broadband or dial-up supported)
  2. A Java-enabled browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Sign up now to test our service risk-free with free trial credits. Add affordable message bundles starting at 7.9c per SMS. Contact us anytime with questions about our Australian gateway.

Send Long SMS Messages

Sometimes 160 characters isn’t enough to get your message acrosss so using our long form SMS messaging feature you’re able to write up to 450 character text messages. Please note that these long form messages do use more SMS credits.


Send Group SMS Messages

Sending group messages is easy, simply go to your contacts, select the people you want to text or create separate address books for different groups.

Send Texts From Email

Now you don’t need to log in to our platform to send text messages. Just log in to your email account and our email to SMS API will send that email as a text message.

Our SMS Platform Supports

Online text messaging makes communicating with friends and family easy.

Unlimited Contact Groups

Group texting is great for chatting or organising events and our platform allows you create as many contact groups as you like to keep everyone organised.

100% Delivery Guarantee

If your SMS message is not delivered (phone off or out of range for 72 hours) our system will add those credits back into your account free of charge.

2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS means you can have back and forth SMS conversations just like you would on mobile.

Replies To Mobile Or Email

With our SMS routing feature you can have your SMS replies sent to either your mobile phone or email address.

Long Form Messaging

160 allows you to write messages beyond 160 characters all the way up to 450. Please note that this does cost additional SMS credits.

International Coverage

Need to text friends and family overseas? You can, we can send to virtually any country. Be sure to check our pricing and coverage page to see countries and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, so long as you have a stable internet connection, businesses and individuals can send bulk online personal SMS messages via email. also requires customers to have a Java-enabled internet browser.

With, customers send bulk personal SMS messages via their email. Simply log into your email, insert your message and our email to SMS API will send it as a text message.

Personal SMS messages are capped at 160 characters, so your copy must be concise, snappy and capture the reader’s attention. If your messages do need to be longer, offers a long-form personal SMS messaging feature, allowing you to send messages with up to 450 characters. Just keep in mind that this will use more SMS credits.

Yes. charges starting from only 5.95 cents per SMS message sent to major carriers, including Telstra, Vodafone, Three, Optus and Virgin Mobile. For more information about our SMS charges, head over to our pricing coverage page.

Currently, we only support text-only SMS messages.

Yes, has international coverage across 588 networks in 182 countries. For a detailed list of our supported networks, please visit our FAQs page.

We Use Australian Carriers


Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 or visit our FAQ page.