SMS Gateways

Using our SMS gateway you can send text messages via our online SMS platform, your email software or even your existing messaging software with our gateway API.

Web To SMS Gateway

Use from any web-enabled device.

Email To SMS Gateway

Text any mobile from any email platform.

Developer API

Integrate SMS into your existing software.

Australian Carriers

We only use local Australian SMS carriers.


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What Is An SMS Gateway?

An SMS Gateway is an online service that allows its users to send SMS messages to any mobile phone. Essentially, an SMS Gateway acts as a tunnel between the person sending the text message and the telecommunications network and allows us to provide a safe, reliable and fast service to Australian businesses.

The network telecommunication service providers we use for our message gateway are Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and Optus.

High Quality Delivery Rates

In the search for the cheapest SMS gateway customers often have to put up with poor and unreliable service delivery rates as well as frustrating offshore customer support.  160 uses top tier Australian carrier service providers so you can be confident your messages will get through.

Local Customer Support

160 is a text messaging service provider based in Sydney Australia so you have a local customer support team inside your own backyard.

Enterprise-Level Security

Our SMS service is incredibly secure with our technology stored offsite inside a climate controlled, high security data centre in Sydney with full redundancy measures in place so that even if one of our systems goes down our backup system will kick in so you don’t experience a disruption while sending out text messages.

Our Message Gateway Supports

160’s text messaging gateway gives you plenty of features as well as the ability to send text messages globally with SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS Gateway

Send one message or thousands through our lightning fast text message gateway.

Web-Based SMS

Our platform is easy. Simply create a free account, upload your contacts, write your message and click send.

Email Gateway

No need to log in to our online platform. You can still use our SMS gateway via your favourite email platform, just open up your email enter in the recipients mobile, type your message and click ‘send’.

SMS API Integration

160 has full API integration so you can have all of our SMS features packed into your current customer management software platform keeping everything under one roof.

International Reach

Whether you need to reach people here in Australia or overseas our SMS gateway will make sure your messages are delivered.

Keyword Opt-In/Opt-Out

Allow subscribers to opt-in to your list as well as opt-out using a special keyword that you create.

SMS Gateway Features

Standard features and benefits included with our SMS messaging platform.

Online-Based SMS Messaging

2-Way SMS

SMS Message Export To Excel

Personalised Messaging Tags

Sub-User Accounts

International coverage

Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email

Unlimited Contact Groups

SMS Scheduling

Bulk SMS

Email to SMS

API Integration

Custom Sender ID

Delivery Reports

100% Delivery Guarantee


Highly Secure Messaging

Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out

Why Choose Our SMS Gateway?

Easy Platform

Go from sign up to sending SMS messages in minutes.

Access From Anywhere

Send and receive SMS messages wherever you are on any web-enabled device.

Operating Since 2000

The 160 service has been around since 2000.

No Hidden Fees

Only pay for your SMS credits, that’s it.

Secure Messaging

Our technology is kept offsite at a highly secure Australian data center.

API Integration

Integrate our SMS platform into your software with our SMS API and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gateway Providers

An Australia SMS gateway acts as a safe middleman between you and your SMS recipient. Our SMS service allows you to send campaign messages to any mobile phone with added safety and reliability.

Yes. Our SMS services work on enterprise-level security, so you can safely send and receive messages, knowing our offsite SMS technology is highly secured in an Australian data centre.

There are certain costs associated with operating a safe and secure SMS gateway for our customers. Our SMS gateway rates are affordably priced, ensuring no hidden communication fees or costs and that you’ll only pay for your SMS credits — nothing more.

The difference between gateway providers is in the content of the message. An SMS is a Short Message Service that is text-only. An MMS is a Multimedia Messaging Service that allows you to send photos and videos when communicating with a client or customer.

By using several prominent telecommunication service providers such as Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and Optus, we can create a safe gateway for you to send and receive SMS messages from anywhere with a 100% delivery guarantee. Our intelligent API integration allows our SMS platform to stay operational and ensure no downtime. You won’t have to worry about a missed message, unsent memo, or update. This reliability of our SMS integration is perfect for bulk SMS marketing in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Our easy-to-use SMS messaging platform allows you to operate our gateway from any device. Simply create your account for free, input your contacts, write up your message, and you can send it. This allows for bulk customer messaging that is heavily used in SMS marketing in Sydney and Australia. Our SMS gateway rates are competitive and sure to help your business thrive. For more information, we have an informative guide you can browse through.

We Use Australian Carriers


Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 or see our full FAQ page.