7 Ways Schools Can Use SMS Services

SMSHow schools benefit from SMS services.

SMS messaging is one of the key methods schools use to keep parents and students updated on what’s going on either with a particular child or school related activities.

What makes SMS such a powerful communication tool?

  1. Reach: you can send a single SMS or a thousand.
  2. Open rate: people open their text messages.
  3. Speed: from the moment a text is sent to that message being delivered is literally seconds.

SMS has also become a lot more advanced making it similar to email but more powerful because of how it’s delivered to the recipient.

Below are 7 ways schools can use the power SMS services to optimise their communication channels:1. Weather and emergency alerts

1. Weather and emergency alerts

SMS weather alerts are especially good in climates where the roads can ice or snow over leading to cancellations or a change in transportation times tables. Fast communication is essential in an emergency and SMS plays a critical role here too.

2. Parent-teacher meetings

Letters and email are often times too slow a medium to updates parents or teachers on a change of time. SMS not only allows a faster response time it can also be scheduled to a specific time and date to remind parents of the meeting – this automation also, frees the teacher up to focus on other activities.

3. Exam reminders and updates

Exam information can easily be sent to students updating them on location, date, time and extra course materials needed for that day.

4. New student recruitment

SMS can be an effective enrolment tool to help students quickly orientate themselves into their new surroundings.

Using the scheduling and automation features you can send pre-programmed pieces of information letting them know the location of important areas, where to find information on classes, who is teaching those classes, extra materials, transportation to and from school etc.

5. Urgent updates and messages

Whenever there is an urgent update or emergency SMS really shines because it’s the most efficient and effective way to update an almost unlimited number of people simultaneously.

6. Staff updates

Internal communications benefit greatly with SMS it’s easy for teachers to stay in the loop with updates regarding student absenteeism, changes in class materials or recent events that may require internal process change.

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