Best Application for Bulk SMS

Thousands of businesses, particularly those in client service and e-commerce industries, send bulk SMS messages to improve how they communicate with their customers and amplify the returns they achieve on their marketing activities.

Often regarded as the best application for bulk SMS services, runs through some essential features to look for, ensuring your contacts can opt out at any time and that every SMS you send–whether ten or 10,000–is guaranteed to be delivered.

What to Prioritise When Choosing a Bulk SMS Provider

With so many marketing uses for bulk SMS, this modern and personalised communication method can outperform conventional email marketing by a considerable margin. Why? Customers who receive an SMS via their mobile from a company they know, trust, and have chosen to receive communications from are many times more likely to engage with the content.

The sheer volume of spam emails means that even genuine correspondence often gets lost or is inadvertently directed to the junk folder, never to be opened or read. However, it’s also essential that you use a well-established bulk SMS service to avoid falling foul of consumer protection legislation and to present a polished and professional image to your message recipients.

Next, we’ll run through a few of our standard features to explain why they’re so important and not areas you should compromise on.

Email to SMS Functionality

Drafting a marketing SMS through your email software or any online application is convenient and quick; you can then direct that message through your bulk SMS app without any fiddly integrations or complex programming.

The benefit is that introducing bulk SMS marketing won’t interrupt your workflows, works seamlessly with your current setup, and allows you to incorporate SMS messaging without any changes.

Personalised Messaging Tags

Messaging tags use your data to ensure your SMS messages are targeted and customised to the recipient and never feel generic or like they were intended for somebody else.

Customisation might mean changing the message’s language, currency, or tone to cater to different demographics and areas or be based on whether each recipient is a loyal customer or a first-time buyer.

Keyword Opt-In and Opt-Out

Ensuring you remain compliant with the legislation around SMS marketing is paramount. One of the simplest ways to do so is to use a tried and tested approach, allowing message recipients to opt in and out as they wish.

All customers enrolled in an SMS marketing campaign must have given permission to be contacted in this way. Still, equally, they have the right to decide at any time that they don’t want to receive further communications.

Using keyword opt-in and opt-out functions, where a customer can simply reply ‘Stop,’ provides convenience and ensures your customers have control.

Secure Bulk SMS Messaging

Finally, any bulk SMS marketing messages should be sent through a secure platform without the risk of customer data or correspondence being exposed to a data breach or leak. Our professional bulk SMS app has been developed with excellent safeguards to ensure any information that passes between you and your customers, or vice versa, is safeguarded from unauthorised viewers.