Best Marketing Strategy For 2019?

is sms marketing the best advertising strategy?


I once asked a professional pool player how I could become better at making tough shots.

He said: “never put yourself in a position where you need to make tough shots.”

Great advice.

He said the “secret” to mastering the game of pool is to make every shot easy. The more easy shots you can string together the easier the game becomes and the more wins you get.

The same can be said for marketing.

Find advertising channels that make generating new customers and sales easy.

One of those channels is SMS marketing.

In this article, I’ll show you 4 reasons why SMS marketing makes it easy to generate results and why it should absolutely be part of your overall advertising strategy.


#1. Super-High Open Rates

Open rates don’t necessarily guarantee sales but if no one opens your marketing then you’re guaranteed to make zero sales.

I love email marketing but it has incredibly poor open rates which are due to delivery issues i.e. high inbox competition, email reputation scores, and SPAM algorithms.

For example, did you know that there are more than 400 commonly-used trigger words that if used inside your email could get it flagged and sent to the spam folder? do you use the words “click here” in your emails? That’s a trigger phrase.

On average you can expect to have 20% of people open your email messages.

If you are over that number then you are a high-achiever!

What about other marketing channels?

Facebook ads   0.90%

Search ads     1.91%

Display ads   0.05%

Rich Media (video, audio, interactive etc)   0.1%

How does this compare to SMS?

On average you can expect to have 82.1% of people open your SMS campaign.

That’s natively.

No fancy subject lines.

No fancy graphics.

No A/B split testing and optimisation.

Even if you know nothing about marketing you will achieve higher open rates than even the most skilled email marketing specialist.


#2. Crazy Click-Through Rates

So you’ve got a person to open your marketing message, now you need to get them to click on the link to your offer.

With email, this typically takes someone with a little knowledge of copywriting and persuasion and depending on what you’re selling can take a master copywriter.

With email you can expect approximately 4% of people to click on your link.

This is why you need a BIG email list.

80% of your email subscribers have not even opened your email and of the 20% who did only 4.19% will click on your link!

With SMS you can expect anywhere from 19% of people to click on your link that’s 4x the response rate of email!

As long as the offer is valuable and relevant to the recipient you can expect an incredibly high number of people clicking through to your landing page.


#3. No Hassle

Before I would send out an email it would have to go through multiple pairs of hands before being given the “ok” to send.


Check out this list:

  1. Come up with the angle or hook.
  2. Come up with 20 possible subject lines to try and maximise open rates.
  3. Send it to my graphics person to designed the email.
  4. Send my copy to an editor.
  5. Send it around the team for proofing.
  6. Make additional updates.
  7. Check links.
  8. Check to make sure the email would size correctly on mobile, desktop and tablet.
  9. Check landing pages.
  10. Select email segment.

Often time’s steps 5 and 6 would go around a few times until we were all happy.

This is for ONE email that would average a 23-25% open rate and 4-5% click-through!


With SMS the process is a lot simpler:

  1. Choose the angle or offer
  2. Write the offer
  3. Choose who you want to send the SMS to
  4. Check the SMS link and landing page


The faster you can get your campaigns out the door the more time you can push into other areas and SMS makes this incredibly effective.


#4. Virtually No Learning Curve

Every media channel requires expertise which is why there is a specialist for all of them.

  • Facebook ads specialist
  • SEO specialist
  • AdWords specialist
  • Media buyer specialist
  • Email marketing specialist


The reason why is because it takes a certain depth of knowledge to get those marketing channels working effectively – for example, you can’t just watch a few YouTube videos on how to run paid ads because you can lose your shirt very quickly – it can takes months to become proficient and years to gain mastery.


  1. Have you sent a text message before?
  2. Have you sent a text message to more than one person before?
  3. Have you created a contact in your mobile phone book?

If you answered any of these with a “yes” then you have 97% of the skills required to run an SMS marketing campaign!

The other 3% is uploading contacts and learning how to navigate the SMS platform.



  1. The best thing about text messaging is that it’s intuitive – you already know how to send a text message.
  2. You don’t need to be an expert marketer – SMS allows you to consistently achieve results that the highest paid marketers would struggle achieve.
  3. Because SMS is so simple there are no graphics to design or long-winded sales copy to write – just put together a valuable and relevant offer and click send.


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