Bulk SMS Examples for Real Estate Marketing

Like any other business, those in real estate need to continuously market and keep prospective clients aware of the latest properties on the market, market trends, and other industry topics.

Until recently, many real estate companies largely relied on physical signs and billboards to market their services. With advancing technology, these traditional methods of marketing are rapidly becoming obsolete. If you are in the real estate business and want to maintain an edge over your competitors, you have to embrace the latest marketing techniques like the use of bulk SMS messaging.

Before incorporating this marketing technique into your business, you need to understand how bulk SMS for real estate works. You also need to be familiar with the legality of bulk SMS messaging in your area to avoid inadvertently getting into any hot water.

Aside from that, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the process of drafting messages for bulk messaging. Although you’re writing the message for thousands (if not millions) of target customers, each recipient should feel like the message is addressing them personally.

Typical Bulk SMS Messages for Real Estate

Here are some examples of bulk SMS messages tailored for real estate to give you an idea of how to craft your messages for effective marketing campaigns:

Message for Customer Showing Interest in a Listing

“Thank you for showing interest in the latest property listed at 256 City of Lights! You can schedule your property tour at www.cityoflights.com.”

Message Offering to Share Listings

“Thank you for showing interest in our properties. To get our latest listings, reply to this SMS with your email address, and we’ll send you the top twenty latest listings in your area of interest.”

Message About Touring Properties

“Thank you so much for your interest in our Toronto properties. You can take a virtual tour of our latest listings in this area through this link <link>. You can also call us to schedule a physical tour of our properties. Our number is +61-415-906-4353.”

Message About a Specific Listing

“Thank you for your inquiry. This property is a four-bedroom home with two bathrooms, an open, spacious kitchen, living room, dining area, and home office. It also has a built-in garage–all for only $240,000. Call us at +61-415-906-4353 for more details.”

Message to Prospect About Price Reduction

“Hello, Claire, the price for the property at 256 City of Lights dropped from $240,000 to $210,000. Call us at +61-415-906-4353 if you’re still interested.”

Messages Offering to Show Properties

“Hi, Matthew, we have a reliable agent ready to take you through this property at any time that is convenient. If you’re still interested in viewing the property, call us at +61-415-906-4353 to schedule a tour. Thank you.”

“Hello, Mark, here is a list of some amazing properties that you may be interested in: <link>.”

Tips for Creating Effective Bulk SMS Messages

Because virtually every adult owns a mobile phone, text messages are effective marketing tools. You can be sure that your messages reach the targeted individuals as long as their mobile phone is in working order. However, your messages have to be professionally crafted to achieve their intended purposes.

Here are some practical tips for creating effective bulk SMS messages for real estate marketing:

Make It Short and Sweet

Your SMS should be captivating and not exceed 160 characters. This means choosing the most effective words and organising them in a way that delivers the intended message effectively and efficiently. This will generate more responses from the recipients.

Be Clear and Brief

Most people don’t have time to read a long SMS, so keep yours clear and concise. Once the recipient reads the entire message, they’ll be compelled to reply if interested in the property.

Personalise Your Messages

Make each recipient feel like you’re addressing them, and only them, by making the text personal. You can do this by including their name in the message. Fortunately, 160.com.au has a bulk messaging platform that allows you to personalise your texts. We also have a highly reliable gateway for sending messages quickly!

Wrapping Up

Real estate is a fast-moving business. To be successful, you need to get messages out quickly to the right people at the right time. Let 160.com.au help you set up an SMS marketing campaign that is sure to give your business the boost it needs!