Bulk SMS for Businesses and the Advantages

Short message service (SMS) marketing may feel like a tactic of the past, but in recent years, SMS marketing has surpassed other digital marketing tactics in many ways. Studies show that businesses that utilise bulk SMS service campaigns have higher open and response rates compared with email marketing campaigns.

Beyond just marketing, there are several other professional uses for bulk SMS, including:

  • Instantly reach clients and customers with updates and changes
  • Schedule automated reminders, notifications, and confirmations
  • Automate logistical tasks
  • Announce sales, discounts, and promotions
  • Protect clients and customers from identity theft with two-factor application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Provide parcel shipping and tracking information
  • Provide OTP (one time passwords) for two factor authentication for websites and online services.

A bulk SMS campaign and service can automate and streamline your business practices, so you can focus on quality and growth.

What Is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS refers to the distribution of SMS messages to a large audience via texting. Bulk SMS services allow you to draft one singular message on an application or web-based interface, and send it to many people (nationally and internationally) simultaneously without individually copying and pasting the message and without manually entering the contact information each time.

These messages can be sent en masse to your entire address book without revealing sensitive information about your customers.

If you’ve ever checked a box labelled ‘Get text updates’ or  ‘Sign up for exclusive deals’ when ordering something online, you probably received an SMS message confirming your order or sending you a discount code. A few days later, you may have received a message from the same number offering you further deals or information on upcoming sales. These are all examples of bulk SMS messages.

How Bulk SMS Can Improve Your Business

There are several benefits to investing in a bulk SMS service, including:

Raise Brand Visibility

Compared to emails and other forms of marketing, SMS messages have a higher open rate. Text messages have a 98% to 99% open rate compared to emails, which have an open rate of 20% to 30%. Studies show that at least 60% of your intended audience will read your SMS message within the first five minutes of receiving it.

Cost-Effective Marketing

When the statistics show that your target audience is more likely to read a text message, you might be tempted to ditch your other, more costly, marketing strategies. Northwestern University reports that the majority of firms are finding lower return on investments (ROIs) from television commercial marketing, in particular.

This may be because more consumers are attached to their phone screens than the ones in their living rooms or in the cinema. Commercials are expensive, with companies often spending millions on commercials for a single product.

With SMS, your message is concise and includes a call to action (CTA) that consumers are more likely to resonate and engage with, all for a lower cost compared to traditional advertising.

High Conversion Rates

Studies indicate that SMS messages have an average conversion rate of more than 25% compared to emails, which only reach an average conversion rate between 3% and 5%. Because these messages are to-the-point and encourage immediate action from the recipient, companies that use SMS strategies often see an increase in sales and revenue.

Build Customer Loyalty

The automated aspect of SMS services can build brand loyalty from your customers. Customers want to feel valued, which can be a tricky balance for businesses–how do you communicate as often as your customers want, get your message across, and not seem like spam?

Because SMS messages are short, customers immediately get the crucial information they seek. They can receive tracking updates, schedule reminders, and alerts for exclusive promotions and deals. Your brand is always in their pocket when they need it, without inundating them with flowery language and advertising.

Reach Your Target Audience and Beyond

There is no set age limit to SMS marketing. Marketing on social media can eliminate certain markets based on age and trends, but in the modern world, nearly everyone has a mobile device with texting capabilities.

Recent surveys indicate that SMS marketing reaches over 98% of smartphone users, allowing you to reach all demographics. If you’re ready to see what new heights your business can reach with an SMS marketing strategy and all-in-one tool, start your free trial today with 160.com.au!