Send Cheap Texts To Family Overseas With Online SMS

Online SMS means you can send text messages nationally or internationally right from your computer. Send one text or a group text to everyone on your group contact list.

Create Dozens Of Contact Groups

Create different contact groups for different reasons. Create a family group, friends group or even manage upcoming events like a wedding by placing all those involved into one group and message them all at once with important updates.

No Software to install uses online SMS cloud technology so you can send texts from any location and from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Send a text in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to your online account

Step 2: Type in your message

Step 3: Select a person from your contacts list

Step 4: Click “Send”

Send Alerts & Reminders

Want to setup a text to automatically go out at a future date? Schedule as many text messages as you want to go out on a specific day of the week or a time and date in the future.

Set up all of your birthday texts to go out to friends or even set text reminders for yourself.

Get Replies Sent To Either Your Mobile Phone Or Email

Receive replies to either your mobile or email address.

Send SMS From Your Email Account

If you’re working and you have your email software open then you can easily send a text right from that email platform, it doesn’t matter whether it’s cloud-based like Gmail or a CRM software, as long as it has email capabilities you can send texts.

Ready to give us a try?

We have 5 SMS package options available:

  1. Text 100 – Receive 100 Text Messages For Only $7.95
  2. Text 350 – Receive 350 Text Messages For Only $24.95
  3. Text 1500 – Receive 1500 Text Messages For Only $99.99
  4. Text 2000 – Receive 2000 Text Messages For Only $124.95
  5. Text 5000 – Receive 5000 Text Messages For Only $297.50