How Much Does Bulk SMS Cost?

While the myriad of marketing uses for bulk SMS are well-known, businesses need to look for cost-effective bulk SMS services that deliver returns on their marketing investments by ensuring that responses, engagement, and open rates meet their expectations.

As a leading provider of some of the cheapest bulk SMS Australia packages, doesn’t charge a monthly fee, doesn’t demand you sign up for a long-term service, and won’t ever levy hidden account charges or contractual terms–assuring you that the price of bulk SMS credits is all you’ll ever pay.

In this short guide, we’ll explain the average bulk SMS cost to help you make informed decisions about the right package for you (with some tips to help add even more value to your SMS marketing!).

Why Use a Bulk SMS Messaging Service?

The primary goal of sending bulk SMS communications is to contact your customers or clients in a user-friendly format. Most of us receive countless spam emails daily, meaning authentic messages from companies that consumers want to hear from simply end up in the junk folder.

However, in an evolving consumer rights and data protection environment, it’s also essential to appreciate the legality of bulk SMS messaging and use a service that not only charges an attractive bulk SMS cost but that also provides the digital security and functionality you need to remain compliant.

SMS scheduling, email-to-SMS configurations, and personalised message tags, accompanied by keyword-based opt-in and opt-out features, all ensure your bulk SMS messages are received, backed by a 100% delivery guarantee and sent through a highly secure messaging framework.

What Are the Costs of a Bulk SMS Package?

If you’re new to SMS marketing, the team will be happy to offer support as you explore the potential to grow your engagement metrics and improve the way your promotional campaigns perform. To get you started, we offer unlimited access and complimentary credits when you sign up; there’s no catch and no credit card details required, but you’ll be able to try out the platform and see how it all works.

Our free trial offer includes access to our customer support desk and all platform features. If you decide to buy some credits, be sure to use our bonus discount codes, available at the sign-up form, and we’ll give you an additional 20% credit to show our appreciation.

How much does bulk SMS cost after that? It’s entirely up to you and depends on the volume of SMS messages you plan to send. As a guide, our packages begin from just $7.95 for one hundred credits, which represents incredible value at a value of under $0.08 per message!

From there, you can buy as many or as few credits as required, with significant cost savings for larger volumes, where a package of 5,000 bulk SMS credits reduces the cost per communication to less than six cents.

Do I Need to Buy a Minimum Number of Bulk SMS Credits?

No–we recognise that businesses often need to sample a service to see whether it is effective and might want to scale up or down their SMS marketing activities, depending on the times of the year when they are busiest or when they experience greater demand for customer-centric communications.

SMS packs are a one-off purchase with no obligation to buy another or set up repeat check-outs. As long as you send one individual SMS every 180 days, your credits have no expiry date and remain ready for you to use at your convenience.