How SMS Marketing Can Help Businesses

With smartphones omnipresent in our daily lives, a new threat is emerging for businesses and marketers: app fatigue. Today, it seems as if every medium and business offers a dedicated app for customers to use on mobile devices. 

While this sounds great on the surface, customers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps on their phones. Each one requires constant updates and individualised permissions and settings, and with more apps released each day, consumers are tired of having to manage them. 

This allows businesses to use a simpler method: text-based SMS marketing and notifications via a reliable messaging service provider like


Reliable Delivery

There is a reason mobile phone numbers are still used for two-factor authentication: reliability. SMS messages boast far greater reliability than data-driven app notifications because they are delivered over standard cellular networks rather than data networks. 

When data networks become bogged down during peak hours or apps fail, notifications get delayed. This isn’t true of SMS, which arrives instantly thanks to its separate infrastructure. 

SMS messages also require no additional updates to patch security flaws and zero additional apps. All mobile devices can receive SMS messages via built-in software. This simplicity allows businesses to interact with their customers instantly through a tried-and-true method that rarely fails.  


Two-Way Personalised Communication With Customers

SMS marketing isn’t simply about sending out notifications–it is also about interacting with customers. Online retailers can send out targeted SMS marketing campaigns to customers who have opted in. Usually, this involves offering the customer exclusive offers in return for their feedback. 

A customer who feels their opinion is making a difference in a company’s offerings is more likely to continue to do business with them. It also leads to feelings of personalisation. 

Furthermore, customers addressed by name often feel that the company cares about them as a person, rather than seeing them as a dollar amount. This fosters a sense of community with the business or brand and increases loyalty. 


Enhanced Peace of Mind

Customers often require confirmation that their needs are being met; a simple confirmation email might not be enough. With real-time communication, a customer can feel valued by being notified at each step in the process. For example, knowing a package is out for delivery enhances anticipation and helps the customer plan their day. 

Similarly, payment confirmations from financial institutions help a customer know that a payment was truly received. Time-sensitive businesses, such as airlines or perishable goods businesses, can benefit greatly from SMS notifications. 

When a customer is informed instantly, as opposed to at the last minute, they are far more likely to be understanding. Communication is the key to any relationship and the faster the communication happens, the better. 


Integration With Existing Marketing Tools

Many large and medium-sized enterprises maintain CRM (customer relationship management) databases that they use to aggregate data. This allows them to send communications via apps, emails, and traditional mail. 

All of these are effective ways of reaching a customer. SMS should not be viewed as a direct competitor to these types of marketing, but rather a compliment. 

Because all that is required is a phone number, SMS marketing remains a versatile platform. It will continue to be used for a variety of businesses far into the future, allowing them to communicate with their customers without adding complex and costly software!