How to Send Bulk SMS Online

Bulk messaging makes it possible for companies to develop text campaigns that target thousands of people simultaneously. With SMS campaigns, you’re assured of reaching your customers and prospects directly–provided they own a device that supports SMS.

There are several reliable options for sending bulk SMS. For instance, you can develop your own bulk messaging program or outsource this task to which offers professional bulk messaging services. You can also send bulk SMS messages online or from a computer using bulk messaging software. All these options can be extremely effective provided you know how each of them works.

How Bulk SMS Texting Works

Business owners and marketers are constantly looking for ideas on how to reach the largest number of target customers quickly and cost-effectively. Bulk messaging involves sending text messages to many people at once from a single source or platform.

Bulk SMS messaging can be very handy in accomplishing this goal. If you know how to send bulk SMS messages from a computer, you shouldn’t have trouble learning how to send bulk SMS online. The two processes are very similar.

Bulk messaging involves sending text messages to a list of phone numbers of targeted recipients. Instead of sending the text to each recipient separately, you draft a message that’s relevant to all the recipients and send it to their phones simultaneously.

This saves time and effort because one text message can be distributed to hundreds–if not thousands–of recipients in a matter of seconds. You just have to ensure that the message sent is properly personalised so each recipient feels as though the message is speaking directly to them.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages Online

Unlike sending bulk messages from a computer, using the internet to distribute messages to a large number of recipients comes with numerous benefits, including the flexibility to send messages from anywhere you might be.

When you send bulk SMS messages from a computer, you have to carry your computer around wherever you go to be able to perform bulk messaging tasks. With online bulk messaging, you just need to be connected to the internet to send messages.

Simply log into your account using any computer or device that is connected to the internet and send as many messages as you want. Of course, you need to open an account with your preferred web-to-SMS platform beforehand to be able to send bulk text messages online.

The platform will enable you to access your account from different web browsers. It also allows you to develop and manage several online message distribution groups within your account to enhance your messaging speed and efficiency.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are several important factors you have to consider when choosing your online bulk messaging platform, including its viability, ease of use, features available, scalability, cost, reputation, and more. For instance, the platform you choose should enable you to schedule your bulk messaging tasks so that you can continue messaging your clients automatically even when you’re not in the office or are engaged in other activities.

It should also allow you to view your SMS messages and replies, as well as delivery reports. A reputable online bulk SMS platform should allow you to download these items for analysis and future decision-making.

Start Your Bulk Messaging Today

Choose a platform with a reliable gateway for sending messages to process your messages effectively and send them to all selected devices. This gateway helps to ensure that the phone numbers you’ve chosen are working and the messages are sent successfully to the intended recipients.

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