9 Must-Know Mobile Marketing Facts For Business Owners

Mobile is BIG.

According to statsitica.com 19.7 million Australian’s own mobile phones.

Google has now become mobile-first which means that it cares more about mobile users than computer users.

Adopting a mobile marketing strategy is now an essential part of any customer growth strategy and should soon begin to make up the bulk of your advertising spend.

Do you ever wish that you had jumped on SEO sooner to get that top search position?

Mobile presents a similar opportunity.

Businesses are typically slow to switch gears so building out a mobile-first strategy means savvy business owners can make those first big moves and snap up mobile customers using various channels whether it be SMS marketing, push notifications, email, geo-fencing etc.

Here’s a great infographic that demonstrates how mobile is being used in business:



























































































































Infographic source: entrepreneur.com