SMS Marketing Examples

Short message campaign services (SMS) have proven to be one of the more effective direct marketing channels that improves customer experience, boosts engagement and conversions, and has become people’s preferred way of interfacing with their favourite brands. understands, like with all things, there is an art to sending SMS text messages. In this article, we’ll give you some popular and effective SMS marketing examples for different situations that can apply across multiple industries.


Examples of Different SMS

Let’s see what some of these examples might look like in practice:

Welcome Message

Brands can send a welcome message to introduce a new SMS subscriber to the mailing or messaging list. This typically includes a rundown of what the new subscriber can come to expect from your messages. You may also include a discount code to encourage them to start shopping, for example:

Welcome to [your company], [customer name]!

We’re so happy to have you as a new member of our community. Get ready for exclusive offers, exciting updates, and more! As a thank you for joining, use code [promo code] for [discount percentage] off on your next purchase. Shop now and discover what sets us apart!”

Product Alerts

A customer may subscribe to SMS messages from a brand to get alerts about new products or products that are back in stock, such as:

Great news, [customer name]! The [product] you’ve been waiting for is back in stock at [your business]. Don’t miss out! Limited quantities are available, so act fast! Visit [your website] or our store at [your location] to secure your [product] today. See you soon!”

Birthday Greetings

Most people love recognition on their birthdays. A short text message with an exclusive birthday offer can resonate with consumers and encourage them to treat themselves. It can also help them feel seen by your business and feel like they’re part of a community:

“Happy birthday, [customer name]!

We wish you a day filled with joy and laughter! Treat yourself and enjoy [discount/offer] on your next purchase. Visit [your website] or our store at [your location] and use code [promo code] at checkout. Have a fantastic day and thank you for being a valued customer!”

Event Invitation

Businesses may use SMS marketing strategies to increase foot traffic at their physical locations. Hosting a special in-store event can be a great opportunity to encourage customers to come do some shopping, as well:

“Hey, [customer name]! Join us for an unforgettable evening! We’re hosting [event name] on [date/time] at [location]. We’ll have music, snacks and some exclusive discounts on our latest product line. RSVP by replying ‘YES’ to this message. See you there!”

Customer Appreciation

You may want to send a text message to your regular customers to show them that your company appreciates their business:

“Hi, [customer name]. Thank you for being a valued customer! As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you [discount/offer]. Visit [your location] or use code [promo code] online at [your website]. We appreciate and value your loyalty!”

Asking for Feedback

SMS marketing messages can also gather customer feedback for marketers. This can help your company adapt to changes and stay in favour with your customer base. You can ask customers to provide their thoughts directly or include a link to a review site:

“Hey, [customer name]! We value your opinion. Please help us serve you better by providing feedback on your recent purchase. Reply ‘FEEDBACK’ and share your thoughts. Your opinion matters to us!”

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to start sending messages like these and others to boost your company’s sales, is here to help facilitate and automate your SMS strategy. We’ll help you with starting and streamlining your SMS campaigns to grow your reach and build those long-lasting customer relationships. Create an account with us today!