Steal These 37 Text Messaging Templates For Your Business

What does the most effective, eyeball-grabbing SMS look like?

The good news is that SMS messages by their very nature are eyeball-grabbing since it is delivered to the mobile phone which creates instant curiosity for the recipient.

But what makes them effective comes largely down to:

  1. Who you are sending the message to and…
  2. What you are offering

SMS is not a “blasting” channel where you send a generic offer to everysingle…person on your list.

It is a direct marketing channel where you send a very specific offer or message to a very specific group of people and most of the time you are asking for a specific action.

SMS is also incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple areas inside various processes.

In this article I’ll give different ways people are using SMS including the basic format for each including:

  1. SMS Marketing
  2. Customer Reactivation
  3. Customer Reviews
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Appointment Reminder Template
  6. Notifications, Updates & Alerts
  7. Delivery Reminders
  8. Cancellation Management
  9. Payment Reminders
  10. Service Feedback
  11. Contests
  12. Team Communications


Steal These 37 Text Messaging Templates For Your Business

SMS Marketing Templates

SMS is the weapon of choice for businesses that like to run promotional activities and is arguably the most effective channel when it comes to driving buyer traffic towards targeted offers.

Special Offers

Send special offers to targeted lists to who your offer would be highly magnetic.

For example, if you’re a hair salon and you’ve got a 30% off deal on eyelash tinting then you may not want to send this text to the men on your SMS list.


SMS format:

{Special offer} + {Urgency} + {Location/How to redeem} + {Call to action}



Valerios Pasta House is giving away a free $30 voucher with every table booking. This week only. 22 Hutt Street, Sydney. Call 02XXXXXXX to book your table.


Loyalty Programme

Repeat business is where real business growth comes from and creating a club around buying is a popular way to foster back end sales.


SMS format:

{Loyalty Programme Name} + {Programme benefits) + {How to join} + {Call to action}



Join our SMS 13 Club and get weekly travel deals plus 13% discount on any holiday package you book with us. Text: SMS13 to 0421 123 456.


Special Events

For an event to be successful it needs high volume traffic (either online or offline) for PR reasons and of course it needs to generate revenue and brand awareness for various businesses promoting product at the event.

If you’re an event organiser then you will need to generate the leads and also sending out SMS reminders as the event draws near.

This is also a great time to send special VIP offers to make pre-sales.

If you’re a business owner at the event then send out your own promotions to drive people directly to your booth.

If you don’t have mobile subscribers (shaking head slowly) then simply set up an SMS lead generation campaign to start collecting potential buyers you can learn how to do that with our 2018 Guide To SMS Marketing.


SMS format:

{Event name} + {Enticing benefits} + {Location/Date} + {Call to action}



Text ‘TGWE’ to 04XXXXXXX and get free wedding goodies and special offers at The Great Wedding Event on 11 September 2019! Get your tickets here


Event Reminders

Every event no matter how small must have reminders leading up to (and post-event) to maximise show up rates to increase overall sales or desired actions.

The reminder SMS is straight forward but it’s worth reminding the recipient of the benefits if possible.


SMS format:

{Event name} + {Start time} + {Call to action}



Hi Mike, the ‘How To 10x Your eCommerce Store’ webinar is live in 10 minutes! Here is your access url See you there!


SMS To Website Traffic

A good way to let the search engines know that your website exists is to drive traffic to it.

If you’re revamping an old site then what some marketers will do is get their audience to enter in a specific search term into Google and have them click on your link specifically.

This has been known to increase rankings.

With any announcement look for ways to make it worth the person’s time to investigate.

Never underestimate how hard it is to get a person to do what you want them to do.

This could be a special offer, a limited time product range, new products etc.


SMS format:

{Announcement} + {Special offer/New product/Limited stock} + {Call to action}



We’re live! Visit our new website and see our new range of muscle growth supplements. Join our newsletter and receive a $10 voucher.


Invitation to Subscribe

Getting subscribers is the name of the game for any business that has long term goals for growth.

Building SMS lists allows you to capture highly qualified buyers or at the very least capture people who may not be ready to buy right now but will be shortly with a little nurturing.

That said, SMS isn’t the only channel you should be using.

It’s also a good idea to move people from one channel to another for example having your SMS subscribers directed to your email.

The benefits to email are no character limits, images and a high tolerance for message frequency.


SMS format:

{Subscription Name} + {Special offer} + {Scarcity/Urgency} + {Call to action}



Get 50%+ off our overstock range of women’s shoes when you subscribe to our VIP list. Invite only. Pass this SMS on to friends


Customer Reactivation

Reactivating a customer who is trending out

This type of SMS is sent out when you notice that a customer, client or member seems to be steering away from your business.

The goal of this SMS is to avoid losing them altogether and reengaging them with your product/service again.

If you’re going to send and offer then make sure you give it a cut-off date and if you like you can make it conditional, they need to call your front desk to activate it – this means your team can ask a few questions to make sure everything is ok with your service.


SMS format:

{Reason for texting} + {Time sensitive offer} + {Call to action}



We haven’t seen you in the gym lately? Here’s a $70 voucher to use for any of our services. Call our team on 04XXXXXXXX by November 18 to activate it!

You haven’t rebooked with us in a while. Did we do something wrong? Rebook with us before November 18 and get 20% of your usual cut and colour.


Reactivating an inactive customer

When customers go inactive they can be quite hard to win back.

This requires a strong offer that should be very difficult to refuse.


SMS format:

{Reason or texting} + {Killer offer} + {Urgency} + {Call to action}



The below is a long-form text message which costs twice as much to send but spending an extra couple of cents to win back a valuable customer should be a no-brainer.

Hi Frank, we’re sorry to see you leave and apologise if we have under-delivered in anyway. We were hoping you might give us another chance by offering you this $200 voucher for any of our gym services including a 90 day meal plan (value $99). Call us on 04XXXXXXXX before November 18 to redeem your voucher.


Short version:

Hi Frank, sorry to see you leave. Can we win you back? Please accept this $200 voucher including 90 day meal plan. Call us on 04XXXXXXXX by 18/11/18 to redeem.



Customer Reviews

Some industries live and die by word of mouth and so it is worth using as many ways to generate positive reviews as possible.


SMS format:

{Acknowledgement of purchase/Ineraction} + {Ask for review} + {Link to review page}



Thanks for dining with us at Valerios, if you enjoyed your experience would you mind giving us a quick review online? Link here



Lead Generation

Generating highly-qualified leads that are close to making a purchasing decision are the best kind of leads you can get and SMS is perfect tool for the job.

Consumers are incredibly protective of handing out their personal mobile number so when they do they tend to have a higher level of interest in what you have.


SMS Advertisement:

In order to generate leads you will need to create an ad that gets people who are thinking about selling their home to put their hand up and ask for information.

Once you have their mobile phone then have your consultants give them a quick courtesy call to further qualify them to find out how serious they are about selling.


Important Note: with this campaign you do NOT have permission to continue to send them text messages after you have delivered them the report.


Advertisement elements:

{Qualifier} + {Call To Action}


Curious to know how much your property is worth in the Hills area? Text ‘HILLSREPORT’ to 04XXXXXXXX and we’ll send you our current sales and market report.


SMS format:

{Confirm their request} + {Link to download}


Example of confirmation SMS:

Thanks for requesting your Hills Valuation Report. Please click on this link to download


Ongoing SMS communication:

If you want to send them ongoing information then send this SMS right after you send them the confirmation SMS above:

Interested in receiving market updates and houses sold in your area? Text ‘HILLSUPDATES’ to 04XXXXXXXX.



Appointment Reminder Templates

The job of this SMS is to reduce no-shows and allow your team enough time to fill that vacant spot should the customer need to reschedule.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {Time & Date} + {Option To Call/Text Back}


SMS examples:

Recruitment Agencies

London Trust have invited you to interview with their senior team on Friday 9:00am, 18 November. If you need to change the time please let me know.


Hair Salons

Hair appointment reminder: tomorrow at 9:15am with Emma. Any questions call us on 04XXXXXXXX


Dental Clinics

Dental appointment reminder: March 7, 9:00am with Dr. Bell. Any questions feel free to call us on 04XXXXXXXX


Property Manager

Property inspection reminder: Hi Mark, Kelly from Hill Realty will be viewing the property Thursday, March 7, 12:00pm. Any questions call us on 04XXXXXXXX.



Home loan appointment reminder with Highland Bank Trust: March 7, 9:15am, 23 Jordan Ave. Your account manager is Dana White. Any questions please call 04XXXXXXXX



Notifications, Updates And Alerts

Notifications and alerts are an excellent addition to the customer service process and are easily templated.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {What to do next}


Bank Delivery Notices

Your new bank card is ready for pickup at our South Dunedin branch, 23 Forbury Road. Want us to deliver to another branch call us on 04XXXXXXXX


Flight Reminder

Flight NZ0702 boarding begins in 30 minutes please make your way to Gate 13. Enjoy your flight, AIR NZ.


Flight Updates

Flight NZ0702 has been delayed by 1 hour. Questions regarding this flight or connecting flights? Please call Air NZ on 04XXXXXXXX. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Children Travelling Alone On Flights:

Ruby has now boarded flight NZ0702 to Sydney and is with our flight attendants.

Hi Mark, Ruby has now arrived in Sydney and has been collected by Sandy Jenkins.


Delivery Notifications for Packages

Your package DN-5555124 has been successfully delivered to 5 Ingram Street, Kensington. Post Couriers.



Delivery Reminder

One of the big headaches for courier services is delivering a package and having nobody there to sign off which is an incredible waste of time as these add up throughout the day.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {Confirm date/time} + {Reschedule option}



Your new lounge suite has been dispatched. Order #DN-555333. ETA 12-1:00pm 7 March. If there is no one home please call 04XXXXXXXX to arrange suitable time.



Cancellation Management

Cancellations are going to happen so it’s best to have contingencies in place either someone else on the team can provide the service or rebook with the same person with a possible offer.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {Solution/special offer} + {Call to action}



Hi Kim, Emma has had to cancel your appointment for tomorrow due to illness. Bec is available. Please call 04XXXXXXXX to confirm with Bec or rebook with Emma.

Hi Sandy, Emma has had to cancel your appointment tomorrow at 9:15am due to illness. Please call 04XXXXXXXX to rebook and we’ll send you a $20 voucher.


Booking And Payment Confirmations

Payment confirmations are designed to close of the sale. It lets the customer know that you have received the order and if possible what they can do next.


SMS format:

{Purchase confirmation} + {Date/Time/What happens next} + {Contact details}



Hotel Booking Confirmation

Welcome Sandy! Your room has been booked for March 7, 2019 at The Hills Resort. Any questions about your booking please call us on 04XXXXXXXX.


Online Purchase Confirmation

Thank you for your purchase. Order #321435 will be dispatched today. ETA Thursday, March 7 12pm-1pm. Please call us on 04XXXXXXXX if you will not be home.



Payment Reminders

Email is not an ideal method of contact when it comes to recovering money. SMS allows you to know with certainty that the recipient received the notification so that they can make sure the funds are available for the next debit or that they know how to resolve any problems.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {Date/Amount due etc.} + {Call to action}



Upcoming direct debit

Hi Will, your direct debit of $276 will be deducted from your account on Thursday, 18 November. Please call us on 04XXXXXXXX if you are unable to make payment.


Missed payment notification

Payment failed notice: Your monthly payment of $276 was unsuccessful. Please call 04XXXXXXXX to make that payment to avoid fees or to adjust payment plan.


Defaulted Loan Reminder

Hi Mark, your loan is now in default. Call us on 04XXXXXXXX so we can help you get back on track or pay the outstanding balance and receive a 20% discount.




Service Feedback

Feedback is essential for customer centric businesses and is not always possible to do over the phone or even on your site.

You can have people send you feedback right from inside the SMS.

Alternatively you can send them to a short online survey.


SMS format:

{Thanks for purchasing} + {Ask for feedback/Send to survey}



Hi Sandy, how would you rate our service today? 1=bad, 2=not good, 3=average, 4=great, 5=excellent. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your purchase! Could you please let us know how we could improve by filling out a short survey? It would mean a lot. Here’s the link:




A great way to re-engage your SMS list is to hold competitions – this means they’re more likely to stick to your list.

Contests are also good for generating new leads, just make sure that the competition involves your products or services because giving away unrelated prizes will bring in freebie seekers who would have no intention of purchasing from you after the event.


SMS format:

{Offer} + {Urgency} + {Call to action}



Text ‘MAXCART’ to 04XXXXXXXX and win the chance to fill up your shopping cart up for free at our store. Offer ends November 18. Winners drawn November 28.

Travel Italy for FREE! Text ‘ItalyDream’ to 04XXXXXXXX and go in the draw to win a 4 week, all-expenses paid trip around Italy! Offer ends November 18.



Team Communications

In more corporate settings email is used to keep teams up to date on what’s going on but if you have team members that are on the floor or who are mobile with no email access then SMS is perfect.


SMS format:

{Reason for text} + {Deadline/Reschedule/Gift} + {Call to action}




Late night shifts available December 1 – 23. Reply if you’re keen to grab some shifts.


Meeting Cancelled

Leadership team meeting cancelled for this Thursday. Rescheduled for next Thursday 18 November.


Team Milestones

Happy 1-year Keith! Show this SMS to the team at Café Rue and they’ll give you a free dinner for two up to the value of $150. Enjoy!


New Job Roles

New email specialist role now available forward on to friends who may be interested. Go to this url: to see learn more about the role.



Due to the explosive growth in mobile, this is now the number one way to communicate with team mates, consumers, friends and family.

Think of SMS like a fine scalpel which is used for more precision high value work like generating leads, assisting conversions, or winning back a customer.

The examples above demonstrate high impact areas where SMS exceeds over and above other communication channels.