What Is an SMS Gateway Code?

An SMS gateway code is a secure code that allows users access to an SMS gateway service. An SMS gateway service allows individuals and businesses to send SMS text messages from any internet-connected device. 

The key to obtaining an SMS gateway code is by working with a bulk SMS gateway service provider such as 160.com.au. Our secure service can send SMS messages to nearly anyone on the planet at some of the best rates available. 

In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of SMS gateway codes and the security of online SMS providers like 160.com.au.

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Gateway Codes Explained

Sending and receiving thousands of SMS messages each day is challenging for any business. With so many messages coming and going, security is paramount–this is why using an SMS gateway is so popular.

To ensure no one but authorised users can access the gateway service, users are provided with a gateway code. Using this code helps gateway providers like 160.com.au verify a user’s credentials and allow them to send and receive messages. 

Can’t We Just Use Passwords?

Passwords are much less secure than gateway codes. Much like Application Programming Interface (API) keys, gateway codes are like a skeleton key that opens every lock in a house. 

With this single code, a user can access the entire system. This means malicious actors who have the SMS gateway code can send and receive messages as if they were you while using your billing details. 

Security Doesn’t Stop With the Code

After gaining access to send messages using the gateway code, a user can send out SMS messages through the SMS service provider. However, before a message is sent, it is encrypted to ensure that only the recipient can open it. 

This extra layer of security keeps the sender and receiver’s private information safe and away from prying eyes. Additionally, gateway codes may be changed and updated from time to time. SMS messaging providers may also use features like multi-factor authentication to verify a user’s identity. 

Integrating Your Systems With an SMS Gateway Provider

Once you’ve created an account and are signed in, you’ll want to begin connecting your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with the provider. Typically, this is done via an SMS gateway API. 

The API allows your software to talk with the gateway provider’s software. This makes importing contacts and assembling bulk SMS campaigns easy. As mentioned above, the API has its own security in the form of an API key. The API key authenticates a user and allows them to access the API’s capabilities. 

With the systems now integrated, you can send and receive SMS messages and have them automatically recorded in the CRM software. More advanced CRM software can even allow businesses to track the success of a campaign. By seeing which users replied to or opened messages, companies can adjust their next campaign to maximise results. 

Security Is the Foundation of Trust

SMS messages can contain all sorts of sensitive information. Marketing text messages are fairly innocuous, but other business uses for SMS messaging can include:

  • Medical appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill alerts
  • Lab test results notifications
  • Bank transaction alerts
  • Credit card fraud warnings
  • Flight status updates
  • Loan payment reminders
  • Personal security verification codes

No one wants their sensitive information to be compromised. That is why we take security seriously at 160.com.au. Passwords, SMS gateway codes, and API keys are simply the first steps. 

The second step is ensuring physical security. All of our cloud-based systems are housed at secure data centers inside Australia. These provide additional peace of mind so users can sleep easier knowing their data isn’t being held abroad. 

Examine our offerings today and see how we can help your business grow to new heights with the lowest-cost SMS messaging rates available!