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Connecting with today giving your application SMS capabilities
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Get Full Platform Integration With APIs provides extensive developer access via our API connectivity options to allow seamless, cost effective and most importantly, reliable use our the SMSC.

We offer a large range of interface options including PHP to deliver solutions for nearly every operating system and platform.

The suite of API's allow you to connect to's own high speed SMS gateway, offering you not only one of Australia's most robust and feature rich SMS API solutions but also the most cost effective Australian-based messaging solution. API Benefits

  • Pure interoperability - API is a 100% SOAP compliant XML web service.

  • Seamless integration - connect via PHP etc with an extensive feature set to satify nearly any requirement.

  • Minimise development time - Fully documented integration with example code to help developers get connect as quickly and as easily as possible.

  • World class reliablity - sleep easy knowing's SMS gateway is monitored 24 hours and has redundant providers to ensure maximum reliability at all times.

Added Benefits

  • Extensive international coverage through's network partners.

  • Payment through secure online credit card transaction for immediate credit. Bank deposit and business cheque also accepted.


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Standard SMS refers to an SMS message no longer than 160 characters in length and sent to a standard GSM mobile. allows up to 600 characters to be transmitted concatenated over four SMS. Each standard SMS is charged at the rate of one credit. CDMA, premium rate numbers and other non-standard mobile destinations may incur higher charges. If in doubt, please contact us.

While many of our users use our sevice for bulk SMS marketing, we adhere to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using our bulk SMS service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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