If you are using a virtual SMS number, then you don’t need to follow the below steps, simply include the word STOP (in capitals) to your text message. Anyone who replies back with that keyword will be automatically unsubscribed.

How to Set Up An Automated Opt-Out (Unsubscribe)

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up the opt-out feature so that people can unsubscribe automatically from your SMS list.

Step 1: Contacts

Click the “Management/Export” button on the left-hand menu

Step 2: Setup Offers Group

Before you can set up your opt-out our system needs to know which contact groups to apply this feature to.

Step 1: Click “Edit”

Step 2: Enter in a special keyword that people will need to text back (this must be all caps)

Step 3: Select “Offers Group” from the drop-down box

Step 4: “Apply Changes”

If you have not set up your contacts, please see our guide on how to do this: Importing Mobile Contact Groups (Spreadsheet Upload)

Step 3: Setup Messaging

Now that you’ve told our system which contact group/s to apply the auto opt-out feature to you can now select that option when composing your text message.

Step 1: Select the contact group from the “To:” drop-down box

Step 2: Select the option “Number for offers groups” from the “From:” drop-down box

Note: The number “+61 4?? ??? ???” displayed on the phone simply means that the recipient will be using one of our virtual mobile numbers.

Step 4: Compose SMS Message

Finally, type your message and then click the “unsubscribe” button to add in the unique opt-out code for that contact group.

Important notes:

  • The unsubscribe note will take up characters so keep an eye on the character counter at the bottom of the composer – you can edit this opt-out message to shorten it but you must keep the special opt-out code as it is. For example, the default opt-out message:  “To opt out reply with the word OPT-OUT 61612” can be shortened to: “To STOP reply OPT-OUT VIP55
  •  It’s not case-sensitive. recipients can reply back with opt-out 61612 and it will still deactivate them from your list.
  • Notice the mobile number +61 4?? ??? ??? on the mockup phone to the right? This means this option will use our virtual mobile number instead of the mobile number on your account. Recipients will also not be able to reply back to your SMS other than with the opt-out code.