An SMS service for call centres is an incredibly effective way to engage and help customers’ while also reducing call flow congestion.

Here are a few of the benefits when using Call Centre SMS integration:

Send mass SMS instantly
Regardless of how busy your call centre is, our bulk SMS gateway can handle any traffic you throw at it. This high-volume messaging feature is also perfect for SMS marketing campaigns.

Customer requests
While complex requests need to be handled by agents, simple requests can easily be handled through an SMS channel to help free up valuable team resources.

Get replies sent to your email inbox
2-Way SMS lets you receive replies from customers right to your email inbox so agents don’t need to wade through responses on a mobile screen.

Appointment reminders
Appointment reminders are an incredibly effective way to ensure high attendance or “show up rates” for clients, patients, members, customers etc.

Post call follow up
Follow up touch points like courtesy/thank you SMS’s or survey responses can help you monitor and improve customer and/or sales processes.

Payment reminders
Anticipate potential customer friction points and use SMS to reduce any chance of unnecessary inbound calls to agents. For example send out SMS’s to customers whose services are about to expire, or payment reminders to help them avoid late payment fees etc.

Team Communication
- Let your agents know about roster updates
- Notify agents about who is sick or on leave
- Send team specific or companywide SMS informing your agents of upcoming meetings
SMS services for Call Centres were once a nice-to-have, but is now an essential component that helps Call Centres stay connected with customers, alleviate call flow congestion and improve internal team processes.

Multiuser Accounts
With our multiuser feature team leaders or Call Center Management can keep track of all SMS that are sent by each employee in the call center. This is done by making each employee a sub-user of the main call centre’s SMS account. To make someone a sub-user simply ask them to join our service and give you their username that they selected when they signed up (they do not have to give you their password).

SMS Delivers Close To 100% Open Rates
Currently, no other communication channel offers this kind of contact rate. If you need to ensure that your message not only gets delivered but also read then SMS is the perfect channel.

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