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Our clients in the education sector primarily use SMS services to increase security and safety of its students by staying closely connected with parents.

News Updates & Current Events
Our Web to SMS and Bulk SMS features allow you to quickly type out an update on your computer keyboard, select a specific contact list (for example all year 8 Students) and click send. Within seconds everyone on that contact list will be updated

Updating Parents When Their Child Gets Sick’s fast delivery makes it easy to send out messages to parents to come and pick their child up from school due to sickness or needing to stay back for after school detention.

Integrate SMS With Your Email
Not only can you send SMS via your current email software (Email To SMS) but you can direct replies to your email inbox also with 2-Way SMS.

Schedule SMS Blasts In Advance
With’s scheduling feature automating your recurring or planned events is easy, simply type the SMS message, add it into the calendar and let our scheduling technology take care of the rest.

SMS Delivers Close To 100% Open Rates
Currently, no other communication channel offers this kind of contact rate. If you need to ensure that your message not only gets delivered but also read then SMS is the perfect channel.

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Standard SMS refers to an SMS message no longer than 160 characters in length and sent to a standard GSM mobile. allows up to 600 characters to be transmitted concatenated over four SMS. Each standard SMS is charged at the rate of one credit. CDMA, premium rate numbers and other non-standard mobile destinations may incur higher charges. If in doubt, please contact us.

While many of our users use our sevice for bulk SMS marketing, we adhere to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using our bulk SMS service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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