An SMS service for health and fitness clubs is a smart way to create another touch point to not only improve sales but improve member experience.

Sales Lead Generation’s Auto Contact feature allows Health and Fitness clubs to build qualified lead lists that you can follow up with via phone call or using an SMS marketing campaign to generate new appointments. 

Potential customers see a promotion, send a text to the special code and they instantly added to that list.

Combine Auto Contact with our 2-Way SMS feature and any replies from prospects will be sent to an email address for your sales reps to review and follow up on – much better than receiving text messages on a mobile screen.

Member Reactivation
Losing members and clientele represents a large annual loss to any fitness club.

With SMS you can reach out to past members with offers with all replies going to an email address to be followed up on by your sales reps.

Keep Members Updated
Whether you have a new product, partnership or just need to update clients and members on class timetables our Bulk SMS feature allows you to contact as many members as you need in an instant to keep them updated.

With our Web to SMS feature, simply type out the update on your computer, select the group of people you want the message to go to, click send and within seconds everyone in that group will be notified!

Or use our Scheduling feature and automate recurring updates such as class timetables and reminders to pay membership fees throughout the month or quarter.

Personalise For Even Higher Open Rates and Engagement
Keep in constant contact with your members with our service. With our Personalised SMS or SMS Merge feature sending the same SMS announcement to hundreds of members does not have to be impersonal.

With gym owners or administrators can simply add the tag #first name# or #last name# in the text message that they are composing and members will feel that they are receiving specialised personal attention from trainers and gym owners.

If the recipients first and last name is in your contact book then #first name# and #last name# will be automatically replaced in the hundreds of SMS is sent by the recipients first and last name.

They use our service to tell members when they have a new classes or when the starting time of a class changes.

Your members will think that the SMS has been sent especially for them.

SMS Delivers Close To 100% Open Rates
Currently, no other communication channel offers this kind of contact rate. If you need to ensure that your message not only gets delivered but also read then SMS is the perfect channel.

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