Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that SMS has a higher direct response rate at 26% with some companies reporting SMS response rates as high as 60%+ making SMS incredibly powerful for marketing.

Compare that to telemarketing (10.4%), email (6.6%) and direct mail (3.4%).

This is not surprising as most people today have their mobile phones no more than 2 feet way at all times.

SMS List Building & Lead Generation
Lead generation and prospect/customer lists are essential for any good marketer and with our Auto Connect feature this becomes a breeze.

When a potential customer sees your marketing promotion they reply back to that ad and are automatically added to a list.

Since that person has used their personal mobile device to make contact, this makes them a higher quality lead than what might come through the email channel.

Simple API Integration
Our SMS gateway can plug in to many popular marketing platforms.

Delivery Reports
Get delivery reports on every campaign to let you know who received your message.

Schedule SMS Campaigns
Integrate your SMS marketing campaigns into your marketing calendar to increase the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Bulk SMS
Send out SMS campaigns to large audiences with bulk SMS and get high open rates, typically 98% in the first 20 minutes and then 100% within the following 24 hours.

A marketing message is only useful if it gets seen which makes SMS marketing incredibly powerful for engaging with new and existing prospects.

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