160.com.au’s SMS service helps medical and healthcare practices update their patients faster more effectively while also relieving admin pressure.

Appointment Reminders
Many Doctors, dentist and optometrist send SMS appointment reminders with our SMS service so that your patients do not forget their appointments.

Reduce Administration Times
Calling patients is just not practical for most clinics which is why SMS has become the tool that Doctors and Administration teams rely on to reduce repetitive communication.

160.com.au’s Template feature allows you to create ‘pre-prepared’ messages so that within a few clicks the message can be sent.

Web to SMS
Our Web to SMS feature means that you can type out any message on a computer keyboard, click ‘send’ and within seconds the patient/s will have received your message.

Update Patients
Our SMS service is also used to notify patients when their test results or glasses are ready for collection.

Personalized SMS Sender ID
160.com.au’s Personalized SMS Sender ID feature you can replace feature replaces your clinic’s phone number with any text characters so instead of your patient seeing an unrecognized phone number like ’04 1234 1234’ they can see ‘Dr Watson’ or ‘Sunrise Clinic Services’ so the message is quickly identified and read by the patient.

Personalise SMS For Even Higher Open Rates and Engagement
Keep in constant contact with patients with our service. With our Personalised SMS or SMS Merge feature sending the same SMS announcement like Christmas opening hours or reminders for flu shots to hundreds of patients does not have to be impersonal.

With 160.com.au clinics or hospital administrators can simply add the tag #first name# or #last name# in the SMS message that they are composing and the patient’s first and last name will be added to the SMS that is sent so that patients will feel that they are receiving specialised personal attention from doctors or hospital staff.

Receive Replies From Patients
Our 2-Way SMS features lets patients reply back to a nominated email address so any information can be reviewed easily on a computer screen with an email client instead of a mobile screen.

Bulk SMS Updates
If there are any urgent updates that need to be sent to more than one recipient then our bulk SMS feature does this easily, simply select the group of people you need to send the update to, type out your message and click send.

SMS Delivers Close To 100% Open Rates
Currently, no other communication channel offers this kind of contact rate making almost as effective as a personal phone call. If you need to ensure the highest possibility that your message not only gets delivered but also read then SMS is the perfect channel.

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