Some Real Estates firms use our Auto Contact Group Creation feature to create a contact list of all the people that are interested in buying a house that is for sale.

Generate Appointments & Build Lists of Buyers’s Auto Contact feature allows real estate agents to build SMS lists which means you can make direct contact to specific groups of prospects via phone call or SMS marketing whenever you have a new listing.

For example, their advertisements for the house that they are selling have our mobile number 0401 463595 and a unique keyword (For example: "JOIN1234"). John Smith sees the advertisement and is interested in learning about the house that is for sale so he SMS "JOIN1234 John Smith" to 0401 463595.

John will automatically be added to the contact group for the house that is for sale. The real estate agent can now SMS John and everyone else inside that contact group to invite them to the open house.

Integrate Email With SMS
With 2-Way SMS and Email To SMS you can not only send text messages from your current email software but also receive replies on that platform as well making SMS a lot faster.

Send Out Bulk SMS
Picked up a new listing? Use bulk SMS to let your best leads know what’s going on in an instant.

Automate Unsubscribes
If John Smith has since bought another house and is no longer interested in hearing about the house that is for sale, he can leave the contact group for the house so that he does not receive any further SMS from the real estate agent about the house.

To do this John Smith simply sends an SMS with the word "STOP1234" to the same number and his contact details will be deactivated from the contact group.

Get Your Marketing Seen With Close To 100% Open Rates
Currently, no other marketing channel offers this kind of opening rate. A marketing message is only useful if it gets seen which makes SMS marketing incredibly powerful for engaging with new and existing prospects.

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