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This service can be used to send SMS locally or internationally. To determine the cost of sending an SMS to any country simply click on the arrow on the right hand side of the drop down menu below (light blue rectangular box). Select the destination that you would like to call and click on the search button, a list of rates will appear.

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Country Network Cost
Canada Bell Aliant 1.00 credit
  Bell Mobility (BCE) 1.00 credit
  Chatr (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  City West (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  CityFone (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Clearnet 1.00 credit
  DCI (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Dryden (DMTS) 1.00 credit
  Eastlink 1.00 credit
  Fido (Microcell) 1.00 credit
  Globalstar 1.00 credit
  Ice Wireless 1.00 credit
  IrisTel 1.00 credit
  K-Net Serivces (Keewaytinook) 1.00 credit
  KMTS (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  Koodo (MVNO Telus) 1.00 credit
  Lynx Mobility (OmniGlobe Networks) 1.50 credit
  Mike (MVNO Telus) 1.00 credit
  Mobilicity (DAVE Wireless) 1.00 credit
  MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services) 1.00 credit
  NorthernTel (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  Ontario Ltd. 1.00 credit
  Petro-Canada (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Presidents Choice (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  Primus (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Public Mobile 1.00 credit
  Rogers Wireless 1.00 credit
  Sasktel Mobility 1.00 credit
  SearsConnect (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Solo (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  SpeakOut (MVNO Rogers 7-11) 1.00 credit
  Telebec Mobilite 1.50 credit
  Telus Mobility 1.00 credit
  Thunder Bay (TBayTel) 1.00 credit
  uWho (MVNO Rogers) 1.00 credit
  Videotron (Quebecor Media) 1.00 credit
  Virgin Mobile (MVNO Bell) 1.00 credit
  Wind Mobile (Globalive Wireless) 1.00 credit

100 credits
Send 100 standard SMS at 7.95 cents per SMS!
350 credits
Send 350 standard SMS at 7.13 cents per SMS!
1500 credits
Send 1500 standard SMS at 6.67 cents per SMS
2000 credits
Send 2000 standard SMS at 6.25 cents per SMS
5000 credits
Send 5000 standard SMS at 5.95 cents per SMS
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Standard SMS refers to an SMS message no longer than 160 characters in length and sent to a standard GSM mobile. allows up to 600 characters to be transmitted concatenated over four SMS. Each standard SMS is charged at the rate of one credit. CDMA, premium rate numbers and other non-standard mobile destinations may incur higher charges. If in doubt, please contact us.

While many of our users use our sevice for bulk SMS marketing, we adhere to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using our bulk SMS service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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