Benefits of SMS in Real Estate Marketing

If you want to be successful in the fast-paced world of real estate, it is essential to stay in constant contact with potential buyers and sellers. Adopting an approach that generates leads and keeps prospects informed about new listings, price adjustments, and changes in the market is crucial because your clients don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to purchase their dream home.

While emails, newsletters, and SEO optimisation all have their place in digital marketing, nothing beats the speed, high open rates, and increased engagement generated through short message service (SMS) marketing. G2, a software marketplace, reported that industry surveys say that about 60% of the people who receive a text message read it within three minutes, whereas only one in four emails are even opened.

Think about it from a buyer’s perspective–they are busy with their lives and may not get to their emails until the end of the day. By that time, the information you sent them may be outdated, buried in a pile of other emails, or stuck in their spam folder. On the other hand, if you send them a short text message, the notification will likely stay on their home screen until they read it.

What SMS Messaging Can Do for a Real Estate Professional

A reputable SMS platform like allows a user to personalise messages so the recipient feels as though you are talking directly to them. Lead generation and conversion are also expedited because potential buyers are immediately made aware of a new home or price reduction on an existing home that fits the parameters of their house search.

What You Can Do With SMS Outreach

There are many aspects of the real estate business where SMS messaging can come in handy. You can share a hot listing, let your customers know that you are their local guide who knows what’s happening in a specific market at all times, and invite prospects to open houses.

SMSs are also an easy way to quickly reach out to leads who have been inactive for a while to check if they are still interested in finding a home or property. The cold client will feel as though you are still looking out for them and will be more likely to re-engage–and potentially become an active customer again.

Conversely, if one of your clients sees a house or advertisement that looks interesting, they can text you the address or code from the sign. An automated message from the SMS platform will give them a response that you pre-created based on the content of their question or request.

It is also essential that you use SMS sparingly so you aren’t perceived as being intrusive or creepy, and only send messages if the recipient has agreed to receive them (and has the option to opt out). There are government regulations and laws that protect consumers and their data, and you don’t want to inadvertently break these and get yourself into hot water.

Get Started Today

Real estate is based on relationships. SMS messaging from is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that can help beef up your business.

When getting started with a text messaging service, it’s easy to start small to become familiar with the many features and advantages the platform offers. As you become more proficient, develop a solid marketing plan. Set up automated SMS messaging campaigns, perfect a friendly communications style, and watch the leads and conversions roll in!