Enterprise SMS Solutions

Implementing an enterprise short message service (SMS) solution is a way for your organisation to scale its messaging outreach and send time-sensitive information to customers, clients, employees, and prospects in an organised and efficient manner. Consistent and meaningful texts based on current data can help build strong relationships with internal teams and target markets. 

A proven and reputable SMS platform such as 160.com.au will simplify the entire process by streamlining workflows, automating communications, and systematically personalising the communications experience for each recipient.

Enterprise SMS Solutions

A Deeper Look at How SMS Is Used in Business

While you have likely received SMS messages from a healthcare provider, online store, or government agency, figuring out how to apply this technology within your business may not be so clear at first. Here are some prime examples of how it can be applied:

  • Customer support: When customers have issues or questions about your products and services, sending them automated text updates is an easy way to keep them informed about the progress being made. This lets them know that you heard them and are taking their concerns seriously.
  • Strengthen engagement: When an enterprise SMS solution is integrated with other business systems, automated replies or actions can be set up to respond to triggers from other platforms. Drip marketing campaigns use this approach to nudge customers toward a desired behaviour.
  • Build leads and drive conversions: After confirming that a potential customer has given explicit consent, you can grow your contacts with SMS conversations. By setting up customised personal messages and a delivery schedule through the SMS platform, you can quickly address objections or concerns and keep your sales on track.
  • Simplify handover: As prospects are converted to customers, SMS can streamline the process of handing orders over to fulfilment or customer service.

An enterprise solution can interface with existing internal and third-party systems and platforms that your company already relies on, such as those used by help desks, customer relationship management systems, etc. By consolidating the information in one place, you can use the one portal to ramp up your outreach.

As you build your SMS campaigns, reports and analytics can be used to improve performance and support better decision-making. In addition, segmented data will help you determine if messaging should be scaled up or down with specific audiences.

The Customer Is Always Right

When the customer is happy, your business will benefit–and 60% of consumers say SMS is the best way to reach them. Enterprise SMS solutions help you reach your customers wherever they are, while automating and maintaining a personal touch to build customer loyalty and engagement. 

Short satisfaction surveys can also easily be sent to ensure that the level of service is at the level that you want and that your customers expect. This timely feedback allows teams to quickly adjust and solve challenges that could potentially interrupt business revenue and operations.

Research Your Options

As you explore the various enterprise SMS solutions available, be aware that a lot of startups are jumping onto the bandwagon. While their solutions may look enticing, it’s best to research their track record, as well as to ask about how they protect sensitive customer data.

Standard features offered by 160.com.au include online-based text messages, personalised messaging tags, bulk SMS, sub-user accounts, delivery reports, built-in security, international coverage, unlimited contact groups, SMS scheduling, opt-in and opt-out keywords, API integration, and more. Reach out today to see how we can help your business reach new heights!