Email-to-SMS Not Working

When you find email-to-SMS not working, what could be to blame? Spam filters, incorrect email formats, carrier restrictions, and network or service outages are among the many potential reasons why your email-to-SMS campaign is not working. Email-to-SMS can be used to deliver urgent messages to mobile devices, so it’s important to ensure it is working in order for recipients to receive potentially time-sensitive notifications. helps businesses get critical messages into your recipients’ inbox, with potential to boost your engagement rates to as high as 90%. In comparison, email alone averages around 20% to 30% engagement.

So, what are some possible reasons your email-to-SMS services aren’t working? Here are a few areas to look at:

Email-to-SMS Not Working

Stuck in Spam Filters

It’s possible spam filters are diverting your email-to-SMS message replies into spam folders or blocking them entirely. This can cause delays or prevent the delivery of your message altogether.

SMS marketing messages are regulated by Australia’s Spam Act 2003 and the Spam Regulations 2021. When sending to Australian recipients, it’s imperative to include the legal business or company name, Australian business number, as well as an unsubscribe option from your SMS link. 

If you can get explicit consent to receive SMS messages from recipients, that is ideal. However, inferred consent is also legal under Australian law. By not following these rules and regulations, you risk facing penalties.

To prevent your messages from getting caught in spam filters and guarantee the delivery of your messages, it’s important to: 

  • Avoid using spam trigger words
  • Authenticate your email domain
  • Avoid excessive links or attachments
  • Provide an easy way for recipients to unsubscribe from the messages

According to PCMag Australia, recipients can also block numbers or set up spam filters with their various carriers to flag unknown phone numbers from sending them unwanted texts. By properly communicating and establishing trust with your customer, you can better ensure this doesn’t happen to you or your business.


Incorrect Email Formats and Carrier Restrictions

To ensure delivery to a recipient, it’s important to double-check the email is being sent to the correct SMS gateway address. Gateway addresses are specific email addresses used to convert emails into SMS messages and deliver them to mobile devices.

Different carriers may require different gateway addresses, so it’s vital you follow each carrier’s specific guidelines. You may also want to double check that the recipient’s phone number is entered correctly. The smallest mistake could mess up the entire delivery process.

Some carriers also have restrictions or limitations on email-to-SMS services such as the maximum number of characters allowed. If your message is not going through even if you think you are under the maximum number of characters allowed, it’s possible that your automatic signature or disclaimer in your email has added too many characters in your email which is converted to SMS. Signatures, disclaimers and other text in an email can be ignored and not included in the SMS provided you set this up on our email to SMS platform before sending the email to SMS. 


Ensure Delivery with

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To verify email-to-SMS delivery, we provide businesses and organisations with delivery reports. These reports reveal who received the message and who did not. We boast a 100% delivery guarantee, but in the rare chance our email-to-SMS services may be down, we provide full customer support and can reply to any queries. 

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