Email-to-SMS Marketing

For businesses and organisations looking to reach more people, email-to-SMS (short message service) marketing is a great solution. Email-to-SMS marketing can bring higher open rates, immediate delivery, personalised communication, and its versatile reach often leads to better engagement from customers and clients. makes it easy to integrate SMS communication into your company’s marketing strategies. With us, it’s simple to get your message in front of people as they’re living their busy lives. 

Email-to-SMS Marketing

Better Open and Engagement Rates

Why text? SMS messages are known for having exceptionally high open rates, with most people reading the message within minutes of reception. In today’s busy world, more people prefer real-time communication–even from the brands and businesses they love. Forbes reports that more than seven in ten (or 71%) of consumers signed up to receive SMS messages from businesses in 2023, and that more than 85% of businesses have utilised SMS marketing to reach their client base.

Email-to-SMS can draw engagement rates as high as 90% from customers, as opposed to email’s 20% to 30%. SMS marketing also has other benefits including: 

  • Instant delivery
  • Affordability
  • High conversions and clickthrough rates
  • Easy implementation

SMS can also be especially helpful for those in the e-commerce, fashion, and travel industries. These messages are ideal for time-sensitive information and promotions, limited time sales or urgent news. When you capitalise on opportunities quickly, it often drives immediate action from recipients.


Broad Audience, Personalised Message

SMS messages can reach a broad audience, including those who may not regularly check their email or engage in other ways. By having a wider reach, more messages are delivered in a timely fashion to maximise the impact of your marketing campaign.

Though your message reaches more people, it’s still easy to customise and personalise the messages you send directly to consumer’s mobile devices. This not only fosters a better sense of connection, but increases the likelihood that your recipient will respond to your call to action.

Email-to-SMS is extremely versatile, which allows businesses to tailor messages for specific goals and adapt to your overall marketing strategy as needed.


Excellent Email-to-SMS Marketing with

Integrating email-to-SMS is simple with With our 100% delivery guarantee, we aspire to make marketing to your clients easier and more successful than ever. Our two-way channels also make it possible to hear directly from your customers. It’s quick and easy! makes communicating feel more manageable–no matter the field or industry you’re in.

Our cloud-based platform requires no extra setup and is available worldwide. Compatible with any email client, our SMS services can be used in a variety of ways for both personal and business reasons. We provide you and your business all the tools necessary to successfully send bulk SMS globally. also understands the need to protect sensitive business communication. You can rest easy knowing your information is safe thanks to our highly secure data centre. Our goal is to provide you a user-friendly bulk messaging platform that you feel confident and safe using, whether you’re looking to launch a new campaign or simply exploring our coverage!