Email-to-SMS Solution

Many businesses are implementing email-to-SMS (short message service) solutions to boost engagement and communication with their customers. is one of the leading email-to-SMS solutions in Australia for brands looking to reach customers around the globe. Email-to-SMS is direct and immediate, known for having high open and engagement rates, and makes connecting with your customers as simple as sending a text message!

Millions of Australians are on their phones for hours a day, rather than checking their email, so why not reach them where they are? In fact, around 19% of people will click a link texted to them, as opposed to a mere 4.2% via email. helps you get your message, promotion, or special announcement out to your customers promptly and efficiently. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based email-to-SMS services require no extra installation so you can get started immediately!

Email-to-SMS Solution

Cut Down on Competition

What are the benefits of email-to-SMS marketing? Marketing in today’s world can be extremely competitive. Channels like pay-per-click (PPC), search engines, email marketing, and social media are already inundated with other brands and businesses looking to accomplish the same goals as you.

Email-to-SMS marketing offers a unique solution to the problem. With other marketing options, the more money you spend, the more exposure your business may receive. But, email-to-SMS is more cost-effective and levels the playing field for all. Bulk SMS options like this avoid algorithms and premium pricing. Instead, everyone pays the same amount to get their message broadcast. 

Not only that–SMS proves to be more personable for your customer. You can tailor your message to your client and boast higher engagement rates from your SMS subscribers. Overall, email-to-SMS marketing is an effective and affordable way for small businesses to cut through the noise and reach their audience.


Getting the Timing Right

Email-to-SMS works best when integrated into a larger, targeted digital marketing strategy. It’s especially helpful to recognise and understand the timing of your message. When should you reach out to your customer? How often should you communicate via SMS? These types of questions may come to mind when making your plans.

How often you reach out depends on understanding your audience. Too many messages may cause your customers to unsubscribe, but too few may have forgotten they signed up for your messages in the first place–which could cause them to unsubscribe, as well. 

For example, retail or e-commerce businesses may benefit from sending offers and promotions out once a week. However, launching a new product may start off slower, then later require more rapid messaging as the launch date draws closer. When establishing that cadence, it’s important to communicate to your customer how often you’ll be reaching out.


Safe, Secure Messages with

With, your messages are instantly delivered to multiple people at once–no matter where they are in the world. With our service, you can send and receive SMS messages to and from your email. Our platform allows you to fully customise your sender ID to fit your brand. To guarantee delivery once you’ve pressed ‘send,’ we’ll email you a delivery report so you know who received your message and who may not have.

Our top priorities are convenience and security. Through our enterprise-level security, it’s our mission to protect sensitive business communication and private data!