Email-to-SMS Application

Email-to-SMS (short message services) applications are services or software tools that allow businesses, organisations, and other users to send messages through your email account. This service typically works by converting emails into SMS messages and later delivering them to the recipient via their mobile device.

Why consider using this in your enticing marketing campaigns? Because email-to-SMS applications provide safe and private communication between you and your customers. 

Your customers are more likely to look at their text messages than their email throughout the day. With email to SMS, you may receive higher engagement and open rates. With the right email-to-SMS application, you can manage SMS replies and usage all in one place.

With cloud-based, there is no additional integration or installation required–which makes it easy to get started. 

Email-to-SMS Application

How It Works

To convert your message from email to SMS, there are a few steps to take. First, compose your email as you normally would. In the recipient’s section add the recipient’s mobile number and in the subject line you’d add your mobile number and then simply write your text message in the message composer field.

Once your message is ready, send it off! The email-to-SMS application quickly intercepts the email, extracts the content, and converts it to SMS format. It’s then immediately delivered to the recipient’s phone. 


How Email-to-SMS Supports Marketing Goals

Email-to-SMS has the potential to significantly enhance your business’ marketing efforts by providing a more convenient channel to reach clients directly. Through integrating email-to-SMS, you can leverage the strengths of both platforms to boost engagement and response rates overall. SMS messages, on average, have engagement rates above 90%–while emails have significantly lower rates.

The type of content you share matters, too. SMS messages have a higher sense of urgency which makes it great to highlight limited-time promotions, alert clients of an update to an order and more. 

You can also play around with personalisation to allow you to tailor your content directly to your customer. These messages are more likely to be opened by your target audience. Overall, email-to-SMS integration streamlines communication, improves reach and responsiveness and enhances the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


By-the-Book Methods

It’s possible your email-to-SMS message could get stuck in a spam filter. To ensure delivery, it’s vital to utilise reputable SMS gateway providers like Reputable companies are more likely to have robust anti-spam measures, follow Australian spam regulations, and provide advice to avoid creating spam-like content when crafting your message. 

It’s also important to obtain permission to receive SMS messages from consumers and provide them an easy way to opt-out, if they choose. When deciding what to send, consider what content is valuable to your recipients and can foster trust and engagement. 


Communicating Via is great for all your email-to-SMS needs. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly with a simple interface and allows you to get started within minutes. With our WiFi-enabled service, we guarantee 100% delivery of your messages worldwide.

We also believe in transparency. That means no hidden fees and a delivery report after every email to SMS sent. Once you’ve sent your texts, the delivery report details who got your message and who didn’t–so you can further adjust your strategy or do some investigating if needed.’s email to SMS is a great, lower-cost addition to any marketing strategy, especially when traditional online marketing channels have proven to be expensive with a lower return on investment. Curious about how to integrate email to SMS in your next campaign? Check out our services today!