How to Convert Email to SMS

Converting emails to SMS messages requires software that interfaces with both an email system and SMS messaging systems. The software, such as that offered by, converts an email into a virtual SMS message that is then sent to the recipient’s phone. This service eliminates the hassle and expense of sending emails and SMS messages separately. 

For businesses, having an email converted and delivered as an SMS has several advantages, including the timely delivery of sensitive information. Here is how the process works:

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From Corporate Email to Personalised SMS

Converting emails to SMS messages is relatively straightforward. Businesses looking to take advantage of the service simply send all messages they wish to be converted to a single email domain (in our case, ‘’).

The difference is that the business will change the addressee ‘name’ from ‘’ to the phone number, such as ‘’ They can also send the same email to multiple phone numbers simply by adding additional phone number recipients. This makes it perfect for marketing and promotional messages.’s servers will then automatically convert the email to an SMS message and send it out. Businesses that desire two-way communication with their customers can do so simply by adding their mobile to the subject line preceded by an ‘!’ symbol, for example, ‘!’

When the customer replies, the SMS message is converted back into an email and lands back in the business’ email inbox. This makes communicating with customers via a desktop interface like the sender’s regular email client or corporate CRM system much more convenient and intuitive. 

Additionally, businesses can send emails as SMS messages internationally, which drastically reduces costs compared to a traditional international messaging plan. It also offers two-way communication, even across borders. 

Finally, additional modifications may be made to emails. For example, removing automatic email signatures can be accomplished by simply adding ‘[end]’ after the desired message. This can help reduce confusion for the recipient and keep messages consistent. 

Use Cases for Businesses

Email’s fatal flaw is that inboxes are only checked occasionally. Some individuals may check their personal email once a day, but for many, it can be once a week or less. Urgent messages from businesses to their clients and customers may go unseen, causing disruptions for both the client and the business. 

By choosing to send messages as an SMS, businesses are far more likely to ensure their message is received quickly. Notifications are also less likely to get lost, as they typically appear in a prominent place on smartphone lock screens. Thanks to this visibility, SMS messages have an open rate approaching 90%. 

The immediacy of the SMS system makes it ideal in situations such as:

  • Doctor’s offices sending appointment reminders to patients
  • Airlines sending critical flight updates
  • Service and delivery companies sending confirmations
  • Companies wishing to receive prompt feedback on performance after services are completed
  • Businesses that wish to send promotional materials to existing or would-be customers

Converting to the Future

The benefits of opting for an email-to-SMS service allow businesses to improve communication channels with current and potential clients, increasing the immediacy of delivery and client response rates. Check out the SMS packages and offerings at today and see how we can help transform the way your business communicates!