What Is Email-to-SMS Service?

An email-to-SMS service is a software and cloud service offered by 160.com.au that combines the convenience of sending emails with the instant delivery of SMS messaging. This is accomplished by converting each email to an SMS message. It is an ideal communication method for a range of businesses, and allows for a more personalised message than an email. 

Email-to-SMS services give businesses the flexibility they need to reach their customers instantly. They also enhance privacy in the communication process by sending messages directly to consumers, rather than to an email inbox. Below are a few key points on how email-to-SMS services, such as 160.com.au, operate and assist companies in achieving their objectives. 

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Why Is Email-to-SMS Useful?

Businesses that frequently communicate with customers or send marketing emails are constantly looking for additional channels to reach their clientele. Social media, online advertising, and proprietary mobile apps are effective but expensive. 

Each method also has its own difficulties. Plenty of consumers have notifications disabled on their mobile apps and ignore emails for days on end. Social media advertising campaigns have proven effective, but only for those demographics likely to use social media.

SMS messages offer instant and direct communication with customers. Unlike other methods, most people read their text messages right away–SMS messages have an open rate of up to 90%. 

Secondly, SMS messages feel more personalised than an email in a sea of emails. A customer who feels like a company is addressing them directly is more likely to retain a positive view of the business. 

How Does It Work?

To understand how email-to-SMS services allow you to send messages through your email account, we can use an example from the mid-twentieth century. Back then, long-distance phone calls were expensive, especially international calls. However, one could send a telegram for much cheaper. In many ways, this was the original text message. 

Once a telegram was sent, it wasn’t received by the recipient. Instead, it was received by an intermediary delivery service which would hand-deliver the message to the recipient’s house. 160.com.au can be thought of as this intermediary service. 

When a business sends an email to be converted to SMS, they address it to our email domain. Instead of addressing a name, such as ‘fred@160.com.au,’ however, it is changed to a Fred’s phone number, such as ‘614XXXXXXXX@160.com.au.’ Once it is received by our email domain server, it is converted into a virtual SMS message and sent to the customer’s phone number. 

Start Sending SMS Messages Today

160.com.au offers full email client support so companies can integrate our SMS messaging with their existing email and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Additionally, businesses who wish to have two-way communication with their clients can opt to receive replies directly to their email inbox. The email inbox could be shared with several people in the organisation resulting in more timely replies. This is perfect for organisations that want to confirm appointments or receive customer feedback. 

With its unparalleled personalization and instant delivery, email-to-SMS is becoming an affordable way for businesses to communicate directly with customers. Visit 160.com.au today and see how we can help your business communicate more effectively!