How to Send SMS From a Web Application

Sending SMS messages from web applications is a widely available service. It simply requires a subscription to an online SMS service, such as, which seamlessly converts emails to SMS and sends direct SMS messages around the globe. 

Email to SMS gateway services allow businesses to send SMS messages without additional software. Everything is contained within the cloud and runs through web applications on the web browser already in use. 

How to Send SMS From a Web Application

Sending SMS Messages From the Web Is Simple

All that’s required to get started is a business or personal email and the phone number of the recipient. The system works the same way sending an email would: simply list the recipient’s phone number, type in the message, and hit ‘send.’

It also works with multiple recipients. This is especially useful for businesses that want to send out bulk messages to large numbers of clients. Messages can also be personalised by adding the recipient’s name. 

This system doesn’t just send messages, either. Two-way communication is also possible with When selected as an option, recipients can text back replies. These are then converted into emails through the unique domain provided just for your business, and are automatically sent to your company’s email inbox. 

Integration With Existing Systems

Businesses both big and small often have software that they already use, so they may be hesitant to change. Adding additional software can cause unintended complications. For companies that want to send SMS messages seamlessly without the hassle, offers an API or if the application sends email Email to SMS can be used as a means of integration.. 

Our API allows businesses to integrate their own CRM (customer relationship management) software with our systems. Auto-population of names, email addresses, and phone numbers is simple, saves time, and leads to fewer headaches. 

We also have full email client support. It does not matter if you use a free email client like hotmail, gmail, blue mail or yahoo or a paid email client such as your corporate microsoft office 365 email, it can be integrated with our email-to-SMS system. Without the need to add additional software to the mix, businesses can leverage the systems they already use to expand their reach with SMS. 

Scheduling Made Easy

A primary advantage of SMS delivery is its instantaneous nature. Appointment reminder emails frequently go unread, and making calls or sending individual texts takes far too much time. 

With the online SMS and email-to-SMS services offers, automated messages can be scheduled in advance. As a business, being able to choose the time of delivery can be crucial. For example, customers can receive appointment reminders or status updates down to the minute. 

When customers are kept up to speed on the progress of their needs, it helps them feel valued. A customer who feels valued is more likely to continue their relationship with a company, which leads to enhanced profitability.

The Benefits Go Further

With so many companies struggling for customers’ attention, the SMS market is still the go-to solution for instant communication. While messages originate virtually through the web application, they are delivered via the local cell provider the customer already uses. 

The robustness of mobile cell service means that messages don’t even require the customer to have an internet connection. All SMS messages are sent through existing non-data cell infrastructure; as long as the customer maintains a cell signal, the message will arrive. 

Finally, the engagement rate of SMS messaging far exceeds that of social media or traditional email. SMS messages are often seen as urgent by a recipient and are checked immediately. Messages arriving is one thing, but engagement is the important part. 

Sending Your Business Into the Future

We’re ready to help. Take a look at our SMS services and see how can help your business reach its customers faster than ever before!