How to Use Online Scheduled SMS

In today’s digital market, customer engagement is paramount but increasingly elusive. As more and more businesses struggle to keep up engagement rates from traditional online marketing, many have sought to improve efficiency with online SMS

Online scheduled SMS can offer a lifeline to businesses looking to secure a direct line of communication with their customers. In this article, we’ll delve into how to use online scheduled SMS and shed some light on its effectiveness as a marketing tool.


The Power of Timed Communication

Timing is important for all businesses, and in the modern age, this applies to how businesses communicate with clients. When it comes to notifying customers that products are ready, updating delivery statuses, and sending amended schedules, scheduled SMS is a game-changer. 

Unlike emails, which can be caught by spam or ignored without a second thought, SMS messages boast an open rate of 90% or more, driving customer action when it matters most.


Integrating Scheduled SMS with CRM and Email Marketing

The benefits of online SMS services dovetail seamlessly with existing CRM and email marketing strategies. By using customer data, businesses can personalise messages and schedule them to coincide with critical moments in the customer’s journey. 

For instance, an online retailer can send an abandoned cart reminder just when the customer might be reconsidering their purchase, or a realtor can follow up on a lead at the most opportune time.


Strategic Messaging for Optimal Engagement

The strategic timing of SMS not only ensures messages are seen but that they are seen at the right time. This can translate to more effective promotions, timely reminders for payments or appointments, and updates that keep customers informed and engaged.


Enhancing Internal Communication

Beyond external marketing, scheduled SMS can be a powerful tool for internal communication. With the ability to schedule messages, organisations can ensure that critical information is delivered exactly when it’s needed, creating a well-informed and responsive workforce.


Navigating the Noise

In an era where distractions abound and traditional advertising can struggle to make an impact, scheduled SMS cuts through the noise. It places the message directly in the hands of customers, sidestepping email spam filters and the static of constant advertising. The direct nature of SMS circumvents these barriers, delivering a personalised message you know will be received.


Why Online Scheduled SMS Messaging Is a Smart Investment

Communication with customers is not just about getting a message out, but ensuring it lands with impact at the perfect moment. In a competitive market where attention is the measure of success, scheduled SMS can be the ace up a business’s sleeve, offering a reliable and dynamic way to connect with customers both externally and internally.

 Given its high engagement rates, SMS messaging is a smart investment for businesses aiming to maximise their spending, offering an affordable communication option that lets businesses engage customers directly. Businesses looking to adopt this powerful communication method must consider the value of timing, personalisation, and the stark contrast in engagement rates compared to traditional methods.