2020 Guide To SMS Marketing [UPDATED]

March 5th, 2018

In this SMS Marketing Guide, you learn about why SMS marketing (also referred to as text message marketing) has been slowly picking up steam in recent years, largely due to the way in which it works.

It’s a direct marketing channel that allows you to reach anyone with a mobile phone (smart phone or feature phone).

Few, if any other marketing channels come close to the power of text messaging when it comes to getting the attention of your prospect and having them respond or take a desired action.

In this beginners guide you’ll learn:

  1. Quick Facts About SMS Marketing
  2. What Is SMS Marketing?
  3. What Makes SMS Marketing Different?
  4. SMS Marketing Benefits
  5. What Is Permission-Based Marketing? (and why is it important?)
  6. What are the downsides to text marketing?
  7. SMS features you should be familiar with
  8. SMS Marketing Fundamentals
  9. List Building Basics (how to collect mobile numbers for sms marketing)
  10. Where Do I Start?
  11. The Money Is In The List! – How To Start Building Lists With SMS
  12. 9 Offer Types To Get People To Join Your List
  13. How To Launch An Effective SMS Campaign
  14. A Few Quick Tips
  15. Sending Your SMS Campaign
  16. Measuring The Performance Of Your Campaigns
  17. Summary


Quick Facts About SMS



What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a way for businesses and organisations to reach subscribers via their mobile phone message inbox to keep them updated on news or events or to send special offers, coupons, invites and new products.

Businesses love SMS because there is virtually no learning curve in terms of using the technology the only difference is that you’ll send an SMS from computer as opposed to sending it from your mobile.

While the technical side of SMS marketing is fairly straightforward the marketing side requires a little more thought and is the goal of this guide, by reading this guide you’ll understand the why SMS is different from all other marketing, the fundamentals of SMS and the features you will be using.


What Makes SMS Marketing Different?

Imagine an advertising channel where:

  • Customers actually wanted you to send them offers – did you know 75 percent of consumers would like to have special offers sent to them via texting?
  • When it comes to SMS virtually every message you send gets read.
  • Customers not only open your marketing but respond to it within a few minutes. On average, it takes a person 90 minutes to respond to an email, but it only takes 90 seconds for them to respond to a text message.
  • No ad blockers, SPAM filters or algorithm updates that could slap you into oblivion to concern yourself with.

In addition, SMS is not reliant on the rules of the web for example you don’t need to worry about Google algorithm updates, ad blockers or wasting valuable time on ad creatives.

It’s beautifully simple.

SMS is a completely separate channel which is also why it is one of the most powerful.


SMS Marketing Benefits

SMS marketing provides an almost endless list of benefits and is becoming an increasingly valuable part of any marketing strategy especially as younger generations (who prefer SMS and social media messaging to phone calls) come into the picture.

  • Increase foot traffic to your business
  • SMS is permission-based, an incredibly important marketing advantage.
  • Increase brand and top-of-mind positioning inside the minds of your customers
  • Create a profitable SMS list which provides a reliable revenue stream
  • Create brand loyalists due to value-added communications
  • Generate bookings and revenue within minutes of sending out an SMS campaign
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing technology
  • There’s less competition inside a mobile inbox compared to say your email inbox
  • SMS is an instant direct marketing channel that has fast response rates
  • All mobile phones are text-capable you can reach consumers on feature phones (non-smart phones that have the most basic functions)


What Is Permission-Based Marketing?

Permission-based marketing simply means that someone has given you explicit permission to communicate with them.

The benefits to permission based marketing are long but the point is, that it makes your job easier whether that be to generate leads, convert more sales or get buy-in on a particular idea.

The flip-side of this coin is what we call “interruption-based” marketing and means that not only do you not have the right to communicate with consumers but they often times don’t want to hear from you.

Because of this, interruption-based marketing suffers from:

  • High rejection rates – think of telemarketers and cold callers
  • Low conversion rates – because your marketing has to start from a “cold” position the chances of conversion drop dramatically.
  • Advertising blindness (your ad not only gets consciously ignored but there are areas inside the brain that will pull your ad away from a person’s consciousness so that they don’t even see it – like a blind spot.
  • High advertising costs – to combat advertising blindness businesses have to run ads dozens of times, there’s saying in marketing: “someone has to see your ad 7 times before it gets noticed” (it’s even more now) well, with SMS you get noticed on the first go.

Interruption style marketing when done right can be incredibly effective but for most it’s a tough, dirty game to play.

How can you turn interruption based marketing around?

Most interruption based marketing (PPC ads for example) fail because it is pushing for the “sale” immediately – just like cold calling it suffers from high rejection because the risk is higher for the potential customer.

Smart marketers find ways to lower the risk and will instead create a PPC ad that offers a piece of relevant, valuable content and then onto a lead capture system i.e. your SMS marketing list which moves you closer to getting the desired outcome – it’s a longer process but the ROI is much higher.

The difference between interruption and permission messaging is night and day.


What Are The Downsides To SMS Marketing?

The two main downsides to Text Message Marketing are:

  1. Frequency and;
  2. Reach


Frequency is that number of times a person see’s your text message.

Due to the personal nature of mobile it’s tough to contact your subscribers as often as other channels e.g. social media, email marketing because mobile has an incredibly low tolerance for SPAM messaging and can quickly increase your unsubscribe rates.

That said there will be times where you will be able to push the boundaries and increase your frequency rate for example, if you have customers that are responding well to your SMS’s and buying frequently then it may make sense to follow that upward momentum – but be careful.

It’s tempting to hit up your list every time you have a new product, a special offer, new event etc. but you want to make sure that you’re perceived as great copywriting legend Dan Kennedy would say: “a welcomed guest rather than an annoying pest.”

Message customers when you have something great to offer them an you’ll be fine.


Reach (at least in the beginning)

The other downside to SMS marketing is that your reach is limited by the amount of people on your list.

If you only have 100 people on your mobile marketing list then, your reach is only 100.

The upside to this problem of reach is that the people on your contact list are highly responsive, you’ll find the ROI to be a lot higher and as you begin to grow that list through consistent promotion you’ll be building an incredibly profitable business asset.


What about the 160 character limit?

Some SMS marketers will say that the 160 character limited is a downside but I disagree, it forces advertisers to create short compelling messaging – the problem with email is that there are no character limits so you can fall into the trap of thinking that the reader has the time and attention span to read every word – not true – customers need you to get to the point quickly.

This focus on tight messaging pays off greatly in other areas of the selling and marketing your solutions as well.


SMS Features That You Should Be Familiar With

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS allows you to send out a large number of SMS messages instantly which will be received by the recipients within minutes.


Keyword Opt-in

List building is the engine room for SMS marketing – often referred to as “contact lists” this allows you to not only build profitable subscriber lists but also segment them into meaningful groups. We’ll take a closer look at this shortly.


2-Way Messaging

2-Way messaging allows you to create a conversation with your contacts; our clients will use these for customer service feedback, polls, a confirmation etc.


Email To SMS

Email to SMS allows you to send SMS from any email platform whether it’s inside a CRM, cloud-based like Gmail or software based like Microsoft Outlook. Used with 2-Way messaging you can send and receive SMS through email.


SMS Integration

SMS integration (SMS API) simply means adding SMS capabilities to your existing software. For example, if you use a CRM then by using our API you can now send SMS from your CRM platform.


Concatenated SMS Messages

This allows you to send long SMS messages beyond 160 characters up to 450 in one message. This means that the recipient will receive one long message instead of 3 separate 160 character messages.

Keep in mind that this will use 3 credits instead of one (one credit = 1 x 160 character message)


2FA – Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is mostly used by companies where security is a major area of importance like banks, companies with large customer databases etc.

2FA requires that a person enter their mobile number into a website, they are then sent a special one-time code, and they then enter that code into the website.

You’ve most likely gone through this process when sending money overseas through your online banking account.



When people on your list have no need for what you offer or no longer wish to receive messages from you they can easily opt-out. Always have an opt-out option on every message for two main reasons:

  1. SMS SPAM laws
  2. Reduce costs: keep your lists lean with buyers this reduces costs and improves overall ROI.


Contact Groups

This can be one or multiple groups. It is highly advised that you create separate contact groups if you serve a market with different needs. If you sell different products then it may not be a good idea to send a bulk SMS out to the whole group instead you’d want to send a specific product offer to the group that is most likely to response and purchase.


Name Merging

By entering in a special short code like #name# our SMS system will insert the person’s name into the text message. This can only happen if you have the person’s name on the contact list.


Automated SMS

Automation is a great feature because it allows you to set up campaigns or reminders in advance and then let the system take care of the rest.

You can schedule by specific time, day of the week and date.


Customised Sender ID

This feature allows you to send text messages using your brand name instead of a mobile number.


SPAM Compliance

Never start an SMS campaign unless you’re clear around what you can and can’t do, here’s a reference guide.


SMS Template

Not a necessity however it does at least two things:

  1. Speeds up messaging
  2. Helps you create a collection of proven successful templates.


SMS Marketing Fundamentals

The success of SMS relies on your subscriber list.

The better your list is, the more results you can generate from it.

What does “better” mean exactly?

By this I mean that you have cleansegmented lists filled with targeted leads and customers.


What do I mean by “clean”?

Every time you send out an SMS campaign it costs money and the larger your lists grow the higher the spend and also the higher the amount of non-buyers.

To keep your costs lean it’s important to have a clear “opt-out” function so that people can easily remove themselves from your list if they no longer wish to receive messages from you.


Segmentation (contact group lists)

Segmentation is the key to blockbuster SMS campaigns.

The worst mistake you can make with SMS is placing all of your contacts inside one giant list.

There are two reasons for this:

1. It’s expensive. People join your list for different reasons and because of this they’re only interested in specific offers and updates. Sending out an offer to people who would never convert into a sale is a waste of money.

2. Sending irrelevant offers to people is considered spam and will likely increase your unsubscribe rate.

Instead you want to have multiple contact group lists which target specific interests, demographics, solution goals etc.

The reason for this is that when you create a targeted offer you’ll be able to send it to a group of people who are pre-interested, pre-motivated and predisposed to accepting that offer.

For example:

A fitness club has members who are interested in vastly different things so they may put together the following contact groups:

  1. Crossfit
  2. Body Building
  3. Runners
  4. Powerlifting
  5. Yoga
  6. Circuit
  7. Dance
  8. Leads for sales team

You can see how having all of these groups jammed into one giant list would be a problem right?

Sending an offer about cross-fit training would not do well if we sent it out to the entire list it would to unsubscribe city!

List segmentation is essential for improving conversion rates.


List Building Basics (How to collect mobile numbers for SMS marketing)

In order to start building lists you need:

  • Keyword
  • Shortcode
  • Contact group

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a short word that people will reply back to you with and will automatically add that person to a segmented contact group.

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is simply a short phone number that people will text that keyword back to.

What is a contact group?

A contact group is the specific contact group that you wish to add new subscribers i.e. the people who texted the keyword back to you.

Text “crossfitwraps” to 12345 to get your free wrist wraps.

Anyone who is interested in crossfit will be added to the crossfit contact group.


How To Start Building Lists With SMS

Building a list in the SMS world is incredibly easy and straightforward.

The first step is to create a contact group to place our subscribers into.

All you need to do is create a contact group and give it a name that will help you easily identify that group.


Step 1: Create Your Offer

The strength of your offer will largely determine the amount of new leads or customers you will receive.

Don’t be timid with your offer, make it irresistible!

The job of the offer is not necessarily to make a profit on day one but to help you collect as many mobile numbers as you can so that you can sell to those people for months for even years ahead.

In terms of constructing an offer it can be anything as long as the people that you’re targeting will find it difficult to not give you their mobile number.

However I’ve outlined 9 offer structures to give you a jump start:


 1. Time Sensitive Offers

It is said that one of the greatest inventions man came up with was the deadline – I agree. Deadlines are great for getting people to take action and should be included into most of your offers – if not a time sensitive offer then a quantitty-based offer i.e. “limited stock”.

All items in store are 25% off until midnight tonight.


 2. Price Offers

Reduced price offers are another popular choice – this is good if you have a good upsell process in place.

Take 10% off when you use this coupon code at checkout.


 3. Product Offers

Target a specific product or range.

Take 20% off our menswear with this coupon code.


 4. Bundle Offers

Instead of selling a pair of pants offer a complete suite. Be sure to mention the savings if bought separately.

Men’s business suites 20% off with this coupon code.


 5. Geo-Based Offers

Target offers aimed at people in specific locations. If you’re selling higher end range of product then you may target subscribers who live in more affluent neighbourhoods first.

Use this coupon code to take 15% off your purchase at our Springfield branch.


 6. Pre-Sell Offers

Sometimes you want to test new products, but before you can directly “sell” to them you have to warm them up first with some content. If you’re a retail store but you’re looking at hiring stylists that can put your whole wardrobe together then you may try something like:

Learn how to buy a complete new wardrobe for only $150 see this exclusive training.


 7. Free Gift Offer

Use this to incentivize purchases.

Buy X and get Y Free valued at $99.


 8. Referral Offer

Great for growing your subscriber list.

Refer a friend and get 50% off.


 9. Piggy Back Offer

Use this only with businesses that you know have a golden reputation and that your list will actually appreciate. You always want to be a like an over-protective brother with your SMS marketing list.

Buy X and get 50% Off at company Y


Step 2: Create your contacts list

Once you have your contact group group created it’s now time think of the keyword that you wish to use and the short-code you want to assign it to, for example:

Text “gimme50” to 12345 to get 50% off your main course.

‘gimme50’ is the keyword and ‘12345’ is the short-code.

Now that you’ve got your keyword and short-code you assign it to your contact list.

Everything is set!

When someone keys in the keyword and sends it to the short-code they are then placed into the new contact group you created.

Now you can follow up with this person whenever you like.


Step 3: Promote: Where will you distribute this keyword opt-in offer

This step is important as you want to drive as many people into your list as possible which means getting as many eyes on your offer as you can.

Add this to your current marketing activities and channels:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Point of purchase
  • Sandwich board
  • Pamphlets

You want to drive this promotion as hard as you can so you can get as many leads or customers onto your list.

Once you have the names on your list you will now be able to drive sales from them long after this promotion has ended.

NOTE: If you’re driving them to a landing page then make sure you have it built and tested for mobile use.

Make sure that your landing page is lightning fast, studies show that for every second a web page loads your conversions drop by 7%.

Slow page loading times in the mobile world are a killer.


How To Launch An Effective SMS Campaign

Now that you’re starting to build your list you’ll want to plan your first Online SMS campaign.

At this stage it’ll be quite simple since you only have one list but over time you’ll have many lists so it’s important to keep your messaging tight in terms of relevancy.

To give your campaign the highest chance of success you want to make sure that you’re sending the…

…Right offer to the right person.

Nothing will increase your unsubscribes faster than sending offers or information to people who have no interest in it.

Segmentation will help you in this area.

You can create contact list segments around things like:

  • Buying history
  • Opt-in offer
  • Location
  • Gender etc.

Segmentation helps you plan your campaigns more effectively.


A Few Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when launching a text campaign. We go deeper into this topic on our blog post 16 tips to set your SMS marketing on fire in 2018 but I’ll go over a few of them here.


 1. Set The Rules Of Engagement

How do you want the relationship to work?

When someone joins your list, send them an SMS that outlines what they can expect from you, it could be things like:

How often you’ll be communicating with them

What kinds of messages you will be sending (offers, updates etc)


letting them know how often you will be communicating with them and/or what to expect from you.

You don’t have to try and fit this into a single 160 character text, use the concatenated message feature up to 450 characters.


2. Lead with value

Don’t’ be a pest. Only contact them with something valuable so they’re always looking out for your SMS’s. This is where group segmentation  comes in handy – by sending only relevant information or offers to specific groups of people your messages will always be welcomed.


3. Personalize

It’s not always necessary to include the person’s name, I mean, do you message your friends beginning with their first name?

If you look at your message inbox the messages in there are really just a continuation of an ongoing conversation, right?

Think in the same terms – create an ongoing conversation.

I do recommend that early in the relationship that you use their name but then just assume the relationship.


4. Have A Clear Unsubscribe Option

Never be afraid to end the relationship, keep your list full with only buyers and qualified leads – lose the rest. Always make it easy for non-buyers to exit your list by telling them how they can opt-out for example:

“STOP” to op-out


5. Clear Call To Action

At the conclusion of your message…tell them exactly what you want them to do next.


6. Mobile Friendly Pages

Make sure your landing pages are mobile friendly and load fast (less than 3 seconds).


7. Urgency

Use urgency where necessary, the goal is to get the recipient to take an action so if it makes sense to apply pressure then do so.


8. Track Performance

You need to know what’s working so make sure you’re tracking the performance of each campaign.


9. Segment Your Lists

It’s worth mentioning again how important segmentation is – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” in marketing, especially with SMS.


Sending Your SMS Campaign


Log in to your SMS portal:

Click on your “contacts”

Select your contact group


Select the recipients you want to send the SMS campaign to and click “put selected contacts as recipients”


Type out your message (or use a template)

Click “Send SMS” or if you want to schedule for later the click on the “please send my SMS another time” and it will open up a calendar for you to schedule your campaign.

Within the next few minutes everyone will receive your SMS message.


Measuring The Performance Of Your Campaigns

Now that your SMS marketing campaign has been sent it’s important to create good habits, that is, tracking your numbers.

This may not seem exciting but it is essential to growth.

By carefully tracking data, you’ll spot trends that you can use to generate more sales, reduce unsubscribes, grow your opt-ins etc.

Here are 10 metrics that you may want to track:

  1. List growth rate (subscription rate): How many people are joining your lists daily, weekly, monthly, annually?
  2. Unsubscribe Rate: How many unsubscribes do you get daily, weekly, monthly, annually? Know what your base line numbers are here so you can see how different campaigns affect those numbers.
  3. Join/Unsubscribe Ratio: Ratios are a great way to see what is happening at a glance. During the month of January how many people joined X list vs. how many people unsubscribed?
  4. Attribution: What marketing channels are contributing to your list growth? Also, if possible, uncover which marketing channels are delivering you the best quality opt-ins.
  5. List Size: Is your list size growing, shrinking or staying the same?
  6. List value: Knowing what your list is worth to your company is essential, it could be an invaluable asset worth $1,000’s or $10,000’s per year or more.
  7. Revenue Per Subscriber: Another good metric to be aware of is your revenue per subscriber. If the revenue value of each subscriber is dropping then it could mean you have too many unresponsive subscribers on your list and that you need to do some house cleaning (removing people who are unresponsive to your SMS’s)
  8. Conversion rate: Always a good metric to know. Of the people who responded to your SMS message how many of them converted into a sale?
  9. Response rate: How many people are responding to your offers?
  10. SMS Lifecycle: How long do people stay on your list before unsubscribing? Is it worth finding ways to extend the offer? If you sell baby products, do you then find ‘toddler’ products or services to sell (e.g. affiliate sales for another company who sells to that age group?) and create a list around that?



When it comes to SMS marketing there are 4 main areas that you need to master:

  1. List Building: The money is in the list
  2. Revenue Generation: Send irresistible offers to build lists quickly
  3. Housekeeping: Keep your list clean from non-buyers to increase ROI
  4. Metrics: Track your numbers for continuous growth

Want to see more tips on SMS marketing? Read our “16 Pro Tips For SMS Marketing” article.




7 Ways Schools Can Use SMS Services

February 2nd, 2018

SMSHow schools benefit from SMS services.

SMS messaging is one of the key methods schools use to keep parents and students updated on what’s going on either with a particular child or school related activities.

What makes SMS such a powerful communication tool?

  1. Reach: you can send a single SMS or a thousand.
  2. Open rate: people open their text messages.
  3. Speed: from the moment a text is sent to that message being delivered is literally seconds.

SMS has also become a lot more advanced making it similar to email but more powerful because of how it’s delivered to the recipient.

Below are 7 ways schools can use the power SMS services to optimise their communication channels:1. Weather and emergency alerts

1. Weather and emergency alerts

SMS weather alerts are especially good in climates where the roads can ice or snow over leading to cancellations or a change in transportation times tables. Fast communication is essential in an emergency and SMS plays a critical role here too.

2. Parent-teacher meetings

Letters and email are often times too slow a medium to updates parents or teachers on a change of time. SMS not only allows a faster response time it can also be scheduled to a specific time and date to remind parents of the meeting – this automation also, frees the teacher up to focus on other activities.

3. Exam reminders and updates

Exam information can easily be sent to students updating them on location, date, time and extra course materials needed for that day.

4. New student recruitment

SMS can be an effective enrolment tool to help students quickly orientate themselves into their new surroundings.

Using the scheduling and automation features you can send pre-programmed pieces of information letting them know the location of important areas, where to find information on classes, who is teaching those classes, extra materials, transportation to and from school etc.

5. Urgent updates and messages

Whenever there is an urgent update or emergency SMS really shines because it’s the most efficient and effective way to update an almost unlimited number of people simultaneously.

6. Staff updates

Internal communications benefit greatly with SMS it’s easy for teachers to stay in the loop with updates regarding student absenteeism, changes in class materials or recent events that may require internal process change.

Begin a Free Trial and see how easy it is!


How Restaurants Can Create Customers On Demand With SMS Marketing

February 1st, 2018

Empty Restaurant?

The competition among restaurants is incredibly high, not just between each other but with the consumer as well.

After a long day at work most people just want to get home, switch on some bad reality TV show and heat up last nights dinner.

When I was learning about marketing I was told to never underestimate how hard it is to get people to travel outside their cave.

In this post I’m going to share how SMS can be used to (quite literally) generate customers on demand.


Seizing the attention of the customer

Before you can get a customer, you must first capture their attention.

How do most restaurants go about capturing attention?



In a recent post by Digiday they had a headline that read:

‘Organic reach on Facebook is dead’:
Advertisers expect price hikes after Facebook’s feed purge

That’s grim.

They went on to say that Facebook organic reach has been as low as 2%!

That means when you throw up a post on FB to 1,000 followers 20 people will see it.

For that strategy to start making sense, you’ll need to get 5k to 10k followers to allow for 98% of your followers to completely miss your post.


Sandwich board

I like sandwich boards but the problem is you have to rely on customers remembering your message during their busy and stressful work day.



In order for a website to work you have to bank on your potential customer to:

  1. Decide that they want to eat out
  2. Decide on what cuisine they feel like
  3. See you on the first page of Google search
  4. See what the other 9 guys on that page have got
  5. Hopefully you’ve got good reviews
  6. Call in to book
  7. Sit in traffic
  8. Drive around looking for a park

Have you ever thought about the tortured process a person must go through before they sit down at a restaurant? Well they think about it.

Later on in this post I mention how important it is to put together an irresistible offer not just to remove the competitive threat but to move the customer to want to come and see you.


Why SMS is a power tool for restaurant owners

Imagine being able to talk to people who have either:

  1. Already eaten at your restaurant
  2. Have shown an interest in eating at your restaurant

Sound good?

  • Unlike Facebook you will reach every single person on your list.
  • Unlike sandwich boards you will be able to remind them of your offer at any point in the day.
  • Unlike your website you use a preemptive strategy, that is you don’t wait for them to start searching, you reach out to them first!


SMS Marketing For Restaurants

First thing is first you have to build a list of customers – much you may have done with building a Facebook following.

Some people think that this is hassle but that’s only because they miss the bigger picture which is, you’re not “building a following” you’re building a business asset that will drive revenue straight into your restaurant whenever you need.

Step 1: Choose a reliable SMS provider.

Step 2: Decide on an irresistible offer that people will love!

Step 3: Choose a special keyword (you may want to tie it to the offer) and short code (ask your provider for both of these things) for example:

Text “gimme20” (this is your special keyword)
to 12345 (this is your short code)
and receive 20% of your total bill.

Step 4: Create a contact group (acts exactly like a contact group on your mobile phone) to place these people into.

Now that you have these elements in place, whenever someone texts your special code to your short code number they will automatically be added to your contact list for you to text later!


Aggressive Promotion

This part is crucial.

It’s time to promote your SMS list everywhere you can so that you can quickly fill up your list with potential customers, for example:

  • Facebook & other social media channels
  • Website
  • Sandwich board
  • Flyers
  • POS
  • Customers who are already in your restaurant etc.

Everywhere you can you’ll want to promote this channel.

As your list grows you will be able to send more customers your way.


Customers Respond Fast To SMS

Due to the nature of SMS when someone receives a text message they tend to look at who texted them very quickly and people will often respond to SMS messages rather quickly, 90 seconds.

What this means is that you can expect to start receiving table bookings not long after the recipient has read your message.

Below are a few tips on how to get the most from SMS marketing, if you want to see a more in depth guide then read our 2018 Guide To SMS Marketing or our 16 Power SMS Marketing Tips post


5 SMS Marketing Tips For Restaurants

1. Use your restaurant name in the SMS message.

Do not leave this out.

Lead with your offer; tell them who you are and how to redeem and where to find you.

Better yet use your brand name instead of your phone number so you don’t use up valuable character space inside your message.


2. Strong offer

Don’t come with something weak like 10% off your main – that’s boring and will get ignored.

Your customer receives offers from all angles all day long from other businesses.

If you’re going to make an offer – make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.

If it is dinner time roll out the red carpet and give them a starter + main + dessert or cheeseboard for 30% off or make one of those dishes free.

The offer must be good to snap them out of their daily fog.

In marketing circles, this is often referred to as a “lead magnet”.

The goal of the lead magnet is to get people into your sales funnel (in this case your restaurant) so you can convert and upsell.


3. Urgency

If you’ve got the right target audience and the right offer, urgency will motivate them to pick up the phone to book a table.

Place a strict limit on availability, or specials etc.



4. Make the customer the hero (and collect more mobile numbers)

People rarely eat alone, if you’re putting on an amazing special they’re going to want to bring at least one other person or maybe a battalion of eager foodies.


• People love to socialise over food, and;
• They also enjoy a little kudos from their peers for selecting a good restaurant.

The next step is where most amateur restauranteurs drop the ball.

Your service must be excellent.

You’ve invested money to get them into your establishment so you must create an environment that is conducive to making sales.

When people are treated well and are having a good time they will spend more.

Not only that but if you ask them for a small favour, whether it be to leave a review or share with friends on social media they will be more likely to comply with those requests.

Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence” called this the law of reciprocity.

When you do a good deed for someone, they will return the favour often times by multiples of what you initially gave them.

You already gave the table a strong discount and treated them with excellent service.

Now you want to ask them for their mobile numbers so you can place them on your VIP members list.

If asking makes you uncomfortable, have a table piece that promotes your mobile only VIP member offer.

The reason you sent out the offer wasn’t just to fill up tables, it was to get more people onto your mobile list.

If each person brings in 2 other people on average you have an opportunity to double to triple your list.


5. The ‘Thank You’ SMS

Send your customer a simple “thank you” text and include another offer if you like.


Final Takeaways

  • The money is in the list! By having a list of interested potentials and existing customers you don’t need to rely on hope and pray style marketing to drive business – all you need to do is write a message and send it out, within a few minutes to an hour you’ll start filling up those empty tables.
  • SMS is an incredibly direct advertising medium as it goes right to the intended person but it also has an incredibly high open and read rate.
  • Sending out offers on Facebook? Facebook has recently changed its approach making Facebook more family-friendly and less business-friendly before only 1% of people would see your posts who knows what that will be now.
  • Send out offers via email? That’s good too but with an open rate of 20% to 30%, and a click-through rate of 3-7% you’re still leaving an enormous amount of opportunity on the table.
  • SMS has a whopping 98% open rate and around 37% click-through rate making it (currently) the strongest advertising platform.
  • Treat these customers with excellent service to reduce unsubscribes and to drive more people onto your SMS list.


160.com.au can help your restaurant drive new customers by letting you grow your own V.I.P SMS list with our feature-packed SMS solutions.

• Create custom lists (i.e. fine dining, corporate, cooking classes, special events etc.)

• Use special sign-up codes to automate customer segments: E.g. a person interested in a wine tasting event texts 888 to ‘winetaste’ and is automatically added to the wine tasting SMS list. When the event comes around you send out your SMS to that list only.

• Schedule SMS’s to go out based on special promotions – schedule your SMS’s and watch the bookings come in!

• Cloud-based service. No need to install software, just log in to our website using any device type out your message, select the group that will receive your SMS and hit send.

• Get replies from customers with 2-Way SMS.

• Send SMS’s from your email software or any business software that has email capabilities.

• Built-in opt-out feature for those who want to unsubscribe from your list.

Plus more…

Want to see how it all works?

Begin your Free Trial and have a go at sending SMS messages.

Is SMS Marketing The New Email Marketing?

January 4th, 2018

Is email marketing dead?

And is SMS marketing going to take its place?

Let’s face it.

Email campaigns are a headache to put together.

I remember when I was an EDM specialist in retail sending out emails would require a shed-load of effort not just from myself, but also the team.

Here is a short list of what goes into preparing an email broadcast:

1. Select the product you want to promote or if it’s a newsletter, decide which subject matters to cover.
2. Write your first draft
3. Get those drafts proofed by the editorial team (this could go back and forth a few times)
4. Get designers and photographers involved to produce the right product shots or if it’s a newsletter go and find stock images that don’t look like stock images.5. Write the new version with everyone’s feedback
6. Check links and landing pages are working
7. Make sure your subject line is compelling
8. Send a test version out to select people in your company for a final green light
9. Once approved you can now select the segment of people to send the email to
10. Schedule and hot the go button

Here are some other issues with email:

Spam detectors – it’s like your email is travelling internationally and has to go through a border security check and if it gets flagged, your email is instantly jailed without a fair hearing.


Getting opened – if you email gets to the recipient will it even get opened after all of that work? People receive so many emails so you need to work harder to get it opened.

Platform friendly – Will your email stay together once it is opened on the other side? You have to check to make sure that you email looks great across all email clients.

Sender Reputation – your email performance is being closely monitored by your email service provider – earn a bad sender reputation and watch your emails go straight to spam and even get completely blocked by your ESP.

There are seemingly endless things to consider when constructing an email campaign including obstacles and hurdles to overcome.

And even if you manage to deal with all of this, you can expect to see results like these:

• 10% – 30% open rate (40% if you have a highly responsive list)
• 6%-7% click-through rate


Let’s take a quick look at SMS marketing.

Here’s the process:

1. Decide on an offer
2. Type out the offer
3. Select the list segment you want to send the offer to
4. Prepare landing page on website (if necessary)
5. Hit send.

No email border security checks to worry about.

No need to worry about open rates because people almost always click on their SMS messages AND there’s next to no competition in their SMS inbox.

No need to worry about your text message being ‘platform compliant’.

It’s beautifully simple.

And for this you can expect the following results:

• 98%+ open rates
• 36%+ click-through rate
• 83% opened within the first 3 minutes

SMS goes straight to its intended target like a guided missile; nothing stops it apart from the phone being off or the person being out of range.

A lot of us are ‘addicted’ to our mobile devices and always have them close by.

When people want information they turn to their mobile device.

When people are bored they pick up their device.

This presents a magical opportunity for businesses that are thinking about using SMS marketing.

I’ve found few strategies quite as effective as SMS when it comes to getting the phone to ring with customers or driving people to an offer.

It just works.

It’s cheap too, for pennies per SMS you’re getting maximum engagement.

Is email marketing dead?


Email is still a strong channel and will not go anywhere soon but here’s how I like to think of email vs SMS:

Email is like general mail, it gets delivered to the customer’s home or office in amongst dozens of other envelopes.

Your customer (or their assistant) starts sorting through that pile of mail throwing out the ones that don’t immediately get their attention straight into the bin.

SMS is like a Priority Courier package.

When you get a courier package what is your first reaction?

Generally excitement and curiosity.

You want to see what’s inside.

It costs a few cents to deliver, but this buys you a first class ticket past all of the envelopes getting thrown into the bin and lands directly to the recipient where they feel compelled to tear the package open to see what’s inside.

When a person receives an SMS their attention shifts immediately to their phone.

Getting instant attention and getting your message opened and read is
what makes SMS marketing so powerful.

That maximum reach and engagement come with a caveat.

You can’t treat SMS like email – unfortunately, most people make this mistake.

A person’s mobile device is incredibly personal and for this reason, needs to be treated delicately.

SMS is not a brute force marketing channel (like email) where you can send out messages every day until your customers plead for mercy.

Use it intelligently.

Want a few tips on how to use SMS correctly?

16 Tips That’ll Set Your SMS Marketing On Fire








16 Pro Tips For SMS Marketing [UPDATED]

December 28th, 2017


Here is what Smart Insights had to say about the power of SMS:

Over 97% of text messages are read within the first four minutes.
• 19% of people will click a link in a SMS campaign rather than just 4.2% for emails.
• SMS campaigns receive average response rates of 19%, compared to 4% for emails.

Don’t get me wrong when used correctly email, PPC, social media marketing etc. can be a fantastic tool but when you absolutely need to get the attention of someone it is hard to beat SMS marketing.

In this article I’m going to share some of our best tips to help your improve your SMS marketing campaigns.


16 SMS Marketing Tips & Best Practices


1: Build Your List Organically

The big advantage text message marketing has over a lot of other channels is that it is permission-based.

This means that a person has given you explicit permission to send marketing messages to them.

While you could just buy a big ole’ list of mobile phone numbers and push out a bulk SMS marketing message campaign (which would deliver results) the legal hellfire that could land squarely on front doorstep makes this “strategy” not even worth the risk.

Instead, you want to grow your SMS marketing list naturally, this ensures that you have a high-quality list of potential customers.

Set expectations of how the relationship will work either on the promotion piece or inside your welcome SMS message.

For example…

When someone subscribes to your SMS list you may want to include things like:

• How often you’ll be texting them
• The time of day you will contact them (example: if you own a restaurant and have weekly lunch specials)
• Content type: The type of texts they can expect to from you i.e. receive offers, updates, reminders etc.
• How to opt out from your list


2: Create And Nurture Positive Expectancy

Did you ever know someone who would come around to your house uninvited and it annoyed you to see them? I.e. a pest.

On the other hand, do you have a friend or family member that you really enjoy coming over to spend time with you?

A person’s mobile phone is incredibly personal so you always want to be the person that they love to hear from.

Quick story:

Recently I received a text from Commbank asking me about a strange transaction on my money card.

I called them to find out what had happened and apparently, someone had skimmed my money card electronically and tried to withdraw funds, Commbank had frozen my account so thankfully no money had actually come out.

Obviously, I was grateful that they sent me that text and took action.

Naturally, whenever they text (which is rare anyway) I welcome their text messages like when that good friend comes around.

This is what I call positive expectancy.

There are a handful of companies that I enjoy contacting me because they always deliver value when they come around so think about what your customer avatar values and then build out SMS campaigns around that > see our post are you making these 13 SMS marketing mistakes to learn more about what a customer avatar is and how to build one.

This will help with your conversions and reduce unsubscribes.


3: Be Clear

You’re only dealing with 160 characters which most will say isn’t a lot.

Personally, I think it’s plenty, if there is a situation where you need to explain something that requires more than 160 characters then simply use the SMS message as a teaser to entice the reader to go to a web page where you can fully explain what you have to offer.

You don’t need to use up every single character if you’ve got a special offer: Kelly! 50% off. Online only. Ends midnight, Jim.


Here are a few other tips:

1. Lose the jargon

Lose the industry talk – use your reader’s words where possible.

2. Bring them to your place

You’re only working with a few characters, sometimes it’s not helpful to hang on the phone, instead, take the reader to another location so you can expand on what you want to say – typically your website.

3. Lead with your best stuff

Lead the message with your big benefit, curiosity phrase or offer. Before a person opens a text they can get a glimpse of what the message is about so make it count – you could think of this as the headline for an ad or the subject line for an email designed to tempt them to open the message.


4: Write 1-to-1 And Make It Personal

Personalisation works. Period.

Here are 6 ways to personalise your SMS messages:

1. Write to them like you’re talking with them one-on-one

One tactic in copywriting is to write one-to-one, that is, speaking directly to them as if you’re there – one person talking to another.

It helps to think of your subscriber while you write the text message to help you make it more personal.


2. Use the subscriber’s name

Some SMS marketers will say that you should always include the person’s first name but I don’t think this is necessary.

Before you text a friend do you start the message with their name?

This depends on the relationship you have with your subscribers but just know that it’s not a hard rule to follow.


3. Use your name

Hey Jennie, I see that you added the Cleveland boots to your cart but didn’t end up buying. Get 10% off for the next 24 hours. Jessica. To opt-out, reply STOP.


4. Communicate to subscribers based on location

If you move around a bit then you can send SMS messages to people in specific locations “Hey Tammie, the Gourmet Food Truck is in Fernwood tonight! Click here to see the Fernwood Menu…”


5. Targeting an offer specifically for that person

This would most likely be used for triggered event for example an ecommerce store where shoppers who added an item to their shopping cart but didn’t end up buying.

I know this really annoys ecom marketers!

As soon as some abandons their cart, an SMS alert is sent out to the shopper to remind them that they still have an item in their cart and that they can continue shopping by following the link in the SMS.

NOTE: On the 1st tip I mentioned how important it is to get permission to send text messages to people – in this instance you will be fine sending this out to them (because it’s positioned as a helpful service) but you will NOT have permission to send marketing offers unless they ticked a box saying that it was ok to do so.


6. Targeting specific interests

This is incredibly powerful and is only possible if you have segmented your lists.

When you have segmented lists (contact groups that have people with similar interests inside them) you can send highly targeted offers and messaging which will often result in higher open and response rates.

For example:

If you run a pet store you might create a “Pug” contact group which allows you to send pug related tips, reminders and offers that pug owners would benefit from.

Mobile is very much a one-to-one channel so look to use personalisation often.

Customer Avatars are incredibly powerful for going deep into personalising your messaging.


5: Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Are you sending people from their phone to your site?

You better make sure that when they arrive at your ‘home’ everything is tidy.

Make sure that your page:

1. Loads quickly
2. Looks great on a mobile screen
3. Uses the same words from your SMS on the landing page
4. Makes it easy to find what they’re looking for is easy to find
5. Has no or very few distractions
6. Carries on the conversation from the SMS message (seamless communication)
7. Has clear calls to action (make it easy to move them through your funnel)
8. Is designed to lead them to the single action you want them to take.


6: Frequency and Timing

How often do you plan to contact the people on your SMS list?

If the frequency is too high, they’ll unsubscribe.

If the frequency is too low, and they may forget subscribing to your list and unsubscribe.

This needs a bit of forethought and can be covered in your pre-framing SMS or opt-in page from ‘Tip 1’

How often you text will largely depend on the type of relationship you have.

• If you’re a personal trainer then clients will welcome daily reminders and updates.
• If you’re an eCommerce or physical store and you want to send offers then once a week may be perfect.
• If you’re launching a product then slow to more rapid SMS messaging as the launch gets closer will be required.

Either way, let your list know how often you’ll be contacting them.


7: Show Them Where The ‘Break Up’ Button Is

Place an unsubscribe option on every SMS.

This gives your subscriber or customer peace of mind knowing that they can opt-out whenever they want – kind of like a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you’re doing a good job at SMS then you won’t have to worry about a mass exodus from your list.

SMS marketing laws are different in every country so it is advised that you read through your country’s spam laws so you avoid legal headaches.


8: Drive Action With Urgency

It is often said that ‘deadlines’ were man’s greatest invention.

The thought of an impending deadline where a person can lose something is often times enough to push a person forward.

If you care about subscribers taking action then urgency should be a common theme.
“Sale ends at midnight tonight” creates urgency.

If you send them through to a web page with a countdown timer mercilessly counting down every second, minute and hour to midnight this reinforces that sense of urgency.

Never underestimate how hard it is to get a person to take action, whether that be to:

• Click on a link in your SMS
• Go to your website
• Find the product
• Read all of the information (description, money back guarantee etc.)
• Go through the cart process (entering information into all of those fields if they aren’t a member of your site)
• Entering in their credit card details (the BIG one)

The bigger the action you want the person to take the more effort you will need to get them to complete the action.


9: Smooth Out Resistance Points

Remember that scene in “The Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio where he was inspecting his new plane which included running his fingers across the rivets to ensure none of them stuck out.

He understood that even rivets would create drag and resistance which could mean failing to break the record for the world’s fastest plane.

Whenever you want an action from a customer, there is often resistance from the customer that precedes that action.

If you’re surprised at no one buying your product even though you have a lot of people clicking on your link it could mean the the landing page is not mobile friendly, the offer is different, the cart is broken etc.

Step through the process from start to finish as a customer, ask yourself at each step whether you are creating friction-points and if so, how can you smooth it out?


10: Use SMS To Boost The Performance Of Other Channels

Got an event coming up that is important to lead generation or direct sales?

Then how could you be using SMS to make sure that you’re squeezing the most from that moment?

Boost webinar attendance rates with a quick SMS: “Hi Jack, don’t forget our webinar is on in 5 minutes – here’s the link > http://www.webinar.com. See you there!” watch your attendance rate go up.

Increase open rates on emails. Smart Insights said that sending out an SMS right after an email improved email open rates by 20-30% – that’s a huge uplift in response.

According to a 2017 study from Deloitte Australia:

“Thirty-five percent of us check our phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning, with 70 percent using phones during mealtimes with family and friends.”

People don’t check their emails every 10 minutes, but they will be checking their phones.


11: Leverage Exclusivity

Clubs are popular because it means exclusion.

A great way to increase value (and perhaps reduce unsubscribes) is to make offers that exist only inside the SMS channel which are not accessible elsewhere.

• Early or Alpha Access to a product before the rest of the world knows about it
• Special bonuses just for VIP SMS clients
• Free vouchers
• Faster shipping times


12: Track Performance

If you don’t track then it is almost impossible to improve so like any other of your marketing activities make sure you’re able to determine the impact of each  SMS campaign.

Track your CTR and conversions, inbound calls, unsubscribes etc.


13: Segmentation

Not all customers are the same and not all prospects are the same but they do share common traits (needs, wants, desires and outcomes) and it’s important to separate these needs into different groups.

Paper Style used to use a blast & pray approach to email marketing but when they switched to segmentation they increased their open rates by 244% and increased their click-through-rate by 161%.

Once you have segmented lists, it’s far easier to create targeted offers and improve conversions.


14: Increase Sales

An easy way to increase sales that most businesses overlook is simply helping customers complete their purchase.

A typical strategy used by online retailers is to send out an SMS to buyers who added products to their cart but failed to complete the order – called an abandoned cart SMS reminder.

When someone adds a product to cart, that is a strong buying indicator so using a direct messaging method like SMS to let them know that they have left items in their cart is a great way to recover potentially lost purchases.

Another way to help customers complete a purchase is to give them a way to contact you during the decision making process.

Bohemian Guitars increase their sales by 98% in a single month just by giving customers a chance to interact with them via SMS. When customers are close to a buying decision they may have one or two specific questions that are not available on your site – this simple little tactic will help you increase sales.

Another simple way is to use bundled offers, a popular version of this is the “spend this, get that” style campaign that eCommerce stores use to increase their AOV (Average Order Value) goals.

You can offer: free shipping, a free complimentary product or more of the same for a discount.

There are countless ways to increase sales using SMS.


15: Consistency

It is generally good practice to maintain a schedule when it comes to broadcast style SMS messages since most humans are conditioned for routine TV shows being a good example.

Determine how often you will contact your list and stick to it.


16: ABT (Always Be Testing)

It’s tough to improve if you never adapt and the marketplace is always moving and shifting gears.

Testing allows you to flip over rocks and uncover mysteries that would otherwise be hidden.

The businesses that lead the way are able to do this because they test constantly and are able to discover new ‘wins’ leaving their competitors to always follow behind.

1. Come up with a hypothesis
2. Test that hypothesis with real customers and prospects
3. Record your findings
4. Endlessly Repeat

It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

• Test time of day
• Test offer A with offer B
• Test different parts of the buying process
• Test offer in message vs teaser copy with offer on landing page
• Test males vs. females
• Segments (some will be more profitable than others)

Want to learn more about SMS Marketing see our SMS Marketing Guide.


Ready To Try SMS marketing?

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Send Texts From Email With Email To SMS

December 13th, 2017

Combining the ease of email and the speed of SMS, Email To SMS gives you another smart way to engage customers on their mobile phones.

The email to SMS feature is great for:

  • Customer announcements & broadcasts
  • Updates to teams
  • Sales & Marketing activities

You can send one-way messages, 2-way messages (where customers can reply) and also use your brand name instead of your mobile number so people can instantly recognise you and respond if need be.

How do you send SMS from your email address?

Make sure you have an account with 160.com.au (if you don’t yet have one you can get started at the bottom of this article)

Enter the mobile number of the person you wish to contact in the ‘To’ field followed by our gateway “160.com.au”.

Next, include your phone number including the country code (in this case Australia’s ‘61’ code) followed by your password which is assigned to your account.

Type in your message and click ‘send’.

This is how it would look:

To: 0412345678@160.com.au
Subject: 61412345678@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.










Get Replies Sent Back To Your Email Address

If you would like replies sent back to email enter “!” on the subject line.

To: 0412345678@160.com.au
Subject: !61412345678@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.












Use Your Business Name Instead Of Your Phone Number

To do this using our Email2SMS service insert a Sender ID that is less than 11 characters in brackets after your phone number in the subject.

For example:

To: 0412345678@160.com.au
Subject: 61412345678(A1 Car Repair)@secret123
Message: Your delivery will arrive at 2pm today.











Email to SMS is a great tool when you’re on the move, no need to log into our web platform, just open up your email client, type out your message and send.












Use The ‘3R’ Method To Improve Your SMS Marketing In 2018

December 5th, 2017

SMS MarketingWith open rates as high as 700%, click-through rates up to 36% and higher and the fact that people are always on their phones this should improve your marketing results, right?

Often times I’ll hear my mates complain about receiving SMS marketing quickly texting back ‘STOP’ ‘OPT OUT’ and ‘Remove my number!!!’

Before you say “hey, nobody likes receiving marketing” let me spin this around so that we’re addressing the core problem.

People don’t hate marketing.

People hate marketing (or anything) that is unwelcome.

Direct response copywriter Dan Kennedy likens most marketing to being an unwelcome pest.

Let me explain…

The Unwelcome Pest

If a plumber called you out of the blue during dinner time while your favourite show was on asking to see if you require any plumbing you would not be interested and even annoyed that he had the nerve to call!

The Welcome Guest

But let’s imagine for a moment that you’re having dinner, watching your favourite show and all of a sudden water starting pouring from the ceiling all over your wooden floorboards due to a burst pipe and that same plumber called, your reaction would be a lot different, I’m sure he would be welcomed with open arms “when can you get here!”

What changed?

  1. You instantly became the perfect candidate for plumbing services
  2. The timing was perfect
  3. The offer was spot on

I’m going to share with you a simple 3-stage framework to help you go from an unwelcome pest to welcomed guest.

Introducing the 3 R’s

When aiming for high ROI on your SMS marketing make sure that you target the right person at the right time and with the right offer.

The Right Person

The reason this sits at the top of the 3 R’s is that it is the most important when it comes to marketing in general not just SMS marketing.

To make sure you target the right person you must be using segmentation.

Sending email campaigns without segmentation guarantees higher unsubscribes, lower open rates and reduced conversions.

What is segmentation?

Think of segmentation as common traits shared by various groups of people.
Each group may share a specific language (as it relates to their needs), tastes, worldview, buying habits etc.
Segmentation allows you to group people together in meaningful ways so that when you send an offer or message out to them it feels like you wrote it specifically for them.

If I’m selling wine, at the very least, I want to know who:

1. Drinks red wine
2. Drinks white wine

Ideally, I would want to drill down deeper and know who have shown interest either by opting into my list OR even better purchasing:

• Chardonnay
• Pinot Gris
• Sauvignon Blanc etc.

This means when I plan my Chardonnay offer only my Chardonnay list will receive it.

You can drill down as far as you like: Chardonnay drinkers who wear pink gumboots on Tuesday’s.

If you haven’t segmented your list yet, an easy place to start is grouping customers together into themes like in the example above.

With 160.com.au you can not only create specific segments but you can automate it so that when people see one of your advertisements and they can respond to it they can be automatically added to a specific segment for you to market to later.

The Right Timing

Often times getting a sale, generating a lead, getting your list to take a specific action comes down to timing.

Your customers and clients are always shifting between moments.

Things that influence these shifts could be:

1. Trends
2. News – When Donald trump called North Korea’s President “Rocket Man” this kicked off a popular range of rocket man t-shirts.
3. Seasons – Christmas etc.
4. Personal events – Pregnancy, divorce etc.
5. Awareness shift – Meat eaters are now switching to veganism due to viral information spread about the dangers of animal-based foods.
6. Recency – The best person to send an SMS offer to is a buyer, an even better person to send an SMS to is a buyer who bought from you recently.

The path to purchase is a critical timing factor.

When a person is looking to buy your solution, they will start researching, then reassess their needs, reduce options down to 1 or 2, get social feedback/reviews and finally make a decision.

Whatever business you’re in it helps to know what specific events have an impact on your customer’s world or what stage of the buying process your prospect is currently living in.

Each stage of this process represents an opportunity to guide them towards your solution.
Understanding what’s going on with your list is useful and sending out well-timed SMS messages will have large payoffs.

The Right Offer

Now that you’ve got the right person…and you’re sending your SMS offer at the right time, your campaign will be more welcomed.

In terms of creating an offer, make it compelling and constantly test as most offers bomb.

Unless you’re getting 100% conversion with your offers you should always be looking to improve them.

The 3 R’s stack on top of one another in order of importance for example: 70% off hearing aids (great offer) to a person that has perfect hearing (wrong person) = fail.

Always think of the right person first and then craft the compelling offer.

Side note: an “offer” doesn’t need to be a special discount, and offer just needs to target the specific desire of the person you’re trying to convert.

If you run a weight loss clinic and your prospective buyer needs to lose 10 kilos your offer could simply be enrolling them into your “lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks system”. No special discount, but the offer speaks to the exact need of the prospect.

160.com.au is a cloud-based SMS messaging platform which helps businesses and agencies reach new and existing customers.

• Build segmented lists of people interested in your product or service
• Create 2-way conversations
• Send SMS via your favourite email platform
• Get replies sent to your email inbox
• Automate SMS marketing to go out on specific dates and times
• Easy to use platform

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