SMS Gateway Costs

The cost of an SMS Gateway varies based on the number of SMS messages sent. When purchased in advance as a bulk order, it can be one of the most affordable forms of SMS messaging. 

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Those looking for the cheapest SMS gateway option should examine’s offerings. We provide messaging in nearly every country at the lowest possible rates. Here is a breakdown of the typical cost structure of SMS gateways and messaging:

Understanding SMS Pricing

The cost of the SMS message changes based on where in the world it is going. Local SMS messages sent within the country are charged at one flat rate. Once a message is sent overseas, pricing becomes slightly more complex. 

Each network along the way adds small surcharges for using their network. By the time the SMS message reaches its destination, it can cost several times the original cost, depending on the distance and networks crossed. 

So, how do we lower that cost?

Buying in Bulk

Messages purchased in the hundreds or thousands can be much cheaper than pay-as-you-go models. They also provide much lower rates on international messaging. 

Bulk purchases don’t just benefit businesses with predictable monthly messaging needs–they also work well with seasonal businesses that need to send out huge volumes of messages in a short period. The same applies to event-based companies that need to send out reminders to both attendees and vendors. 

Bulk purchases also help to protect against future price increases. Messages purchased are locked in at that price, so if the price increases, whoever placed the bulk order could still send messages at the original rate. 

Getting Your Money’s Worth

To make the most of SMS Gateway services, sending messages only as often as necessary is important. Bombarding people’s phones with unwanted messages is a quick way to get blocked. 

However, many people sign up for text message alerts for a variety of reasons. Payment alerts from banks and appointment reminders from doctors are messages people want to receive.

Adding services like an SMS gateway API means businesses can connect their customer databases directly to the SMS gateway. With this feature, the time saved is immense compared to traditional text-based messaging from phones.

Adding personalised greetings also helps; someone who believes a company cares about them is more likely to be loyal. Loyalty pays dividends through word of mouth to other potential customers. 

SMS Versus Online Advertising Costs

For advertising, response rates of SMS messages are surprisingly good. People reflexively reach for their phones when they get a notification, and this nearly guarantees recipients will see messages. 

Response rates for online advertising, on the other hand, are completely hit or miss. This is compounded by the fact that costs can vary greatly based on demographics and keywords. Choose the wrong keyword or demographic, and your cost-per-view can quickly get out of hand. 

The predictable cost of SMS messaging combined with its response rates makes it a superior alternative. While it won’t ever overtake online advertising, it is a potent tool if wielded correctly. 

The Best Rates Worldwide

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