International SMS Gateway APIs

An international SMS Gateway API (Application Programming Interface) is a feature that allows companies to integrate their apps with an SMS gateway provider. An example would be linking Microsoft Outlook email or a business’s customer database to send SMS messages globally.

For enterprises looking for an SMS gateway with international reach, provides SMS messaging services around the world at economical prices. How does it all work? Read on to learn more. 

international sms gateway

How Does an API Work?

In short, an API allows an app on your computer or phone to communicate autonomously with another application, often in the cloud. While programming is part of the acronym’s name, it doesn’t necessarily require a programmer to use it. Examples of an API at work are auto-importing contact lists from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database into a third-party app. 

SMS APIs are programmable for advanced features. APIs allow advanced users to set specific tasks and custom parameters. For instance, programmers can use an SMS gateway API to send messages automatically based on many factors. This level of precise control is what makes APIs so valuable. 

Ultimately, the API makes seamless integration between two apps possible while providing programmers the flexibility to add features as they see fit. 

Do SMS APIs Work Internationally?

Sending messages internationally is where the cost of an SMS gateway truly shines. Emails might be free, but it’s difficult to make sure they’re seen. Voice over IP (VoIP) calls can be expensive. SMS messages always get delivered, are much more likely to be seen, and are cost-effective. 

With global SMS messaging, businesses can save vast amounts of money vs traditional communication methods. When paired with an API, the reach and scalability are nearly unlimited. 

Imagine sending 1,000 SMS messages anywhere on the globe within seconds based on a single search criteria in your CRM database, such as ‘women over thirty-five.’ This is the power that an API offers. 

With an API, companies can eliminate the need for multiple messaging apps, allowing the process to become more streamlined. Furthermore, the API allows the company to tweak the settings for messages in seconds. Is a seasonal marketing campaign coming to an end? No problem–simply turn it off and begin another one for the next season. 

Customizability is a key feature to look for in a bulk SMS gateway. The ability for tailoring and scheduling is unmatched when APIs are properly implemented. SMS messages can be set to automatically include the customer’s name, an option to reply, and more. 

Common Uses for SMS Gateway APIs

Average consumers may not know it, but many are already receiving SMS messages, thanks to APIs. Here are some typical messages that businesses send out automatically thanks to APIs:

  • Transaction alerts 
  • Flight status updates 
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Shipping notifications
  • Hotel booking confirmations
  • Event reminders
  • Vehicle service reminders
  • Job application status updates
  • Class cancellation notices

Without an API, none of this would be possible. The time savings offered by connecting apps via API cannot be understated. 

Reminders and status updates aren’t the only things SMS gateway messages are useful for. Here are several types of messages from a marketing perspective:

  • Flash sale announcements
  • New product launch notifications
  • Loyalty program rewards updates
  • Special event invitations
  • Seasonal promotion alerts

By leveraging international SMS messaging for marketing messages, businesses can reach their customers no matter where they are. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

At, we offer SMS messaging packages in sizes to fit every business’ needs. From local campaigns to large international operations, our API offers scalability for our customers. 

We also take security seriously. Our physical data centres are located inside Australian territory rather than internationally in the cloud, so our clients can rest easy knowing that their data and their customers’ data is safely encrypted. 

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